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Comparing two NBN plans

Are you looking to compare NBN plans? Stuck on exactly what you should be comparing? We're here to help! In this guide, we explain how to compare NBN plans and what you should look out for. We detail Australia's best cheap NBN plans, which companies have the fastest NBN plans, and finally, we compare NBN plans based on their speed category to help you find the one that's right for you. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest, fastest, or best NBN plans in Australia, you'll find them below.

How Do I Compare NBN Plans?

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With most of Australia now connected to the NBN, it's high time you compare NBN plans if you haven’t yet switched over from your old broadband connection.

When people compare NBN plans, they often make the mistake of going for the cheap NBN plans when in actuality, spending a bit more and choosing wisely can make a world of difference.

Think of your NBN plan as if it were a new mattress. Your internet is something you will use everyday, and therefore it's best to choose the right plan.

However, we are well aware that there is a lot to consider when comparing broadband offers. To help you with this, we have broken down the factors you need to consider when you find an NBN plan.

Comparing NBN Plans


Price It’s equally important to consider not just the monthly cost of your NBN service, but also any additional fees, costs, or charges you might need to pay. Often times, cheap NBN plans will include extra fees and recurring costs such as the cost of a phone line (if you choose to get a home phone) or entertainment bundles like Fetch TV. Sometimes if you go for a more expensive plan these charges will be waived. You also need to consider the upfront costs like whether you need to purchase a modem or can bring your own, or any setup or activation fees.


Speed The NBN is divided into different speed tiers. While NBN12 might be suitable for a one-person household with someone who doesn't use the internet a lot, a household of five heavy internet users might need to consider NBN50 or NBN100 plans to ensure everyone can access the internet across multiple devices.


Data Most plans these days come with unlimited data, and choosing a capped-data plan usually wont cost that much less than an NBN plan with unlimited data. However, some providers offer budget-friendly NBN plans with reduced data caps for under $50 per month.


Contract There are plenty of no-contract NBN plans, which are great for renters or if you’re just not sure whether you’ll be happy with your new ISP. However, no contract broadband plans sometimes come with higher upfront fees, which would otherwise be waived if you opt for a 12-month contract or longer.


Connection With the NBN now rolled out across the country, most households are able to connect to some form of the National BNetworkroadband. The NBN isn't your only choice, however. Home wireless broadband can be a great NBN alternative, particularly for those who live in an area with 5G network coverage

Providers With The Fastest NBN Plans in Australia

In general, all NBN plans are categorized by their maximum achievable download speeds (see NBN plans by speed levels). This is a good rule of thumb to remember when you are looking to compare NBN plans.

Its important to note, however, that these speed tiers only outline the maximum potential speeds a plan can reach. The actual download speed you receive at your house depends on several factors.

For example, when there is increased demand on the National Broadband Network, this can cause a decrease in download speeds for users. For this reason, Internet providers advertise their plans at average evening speeds, which are the average speeds their plans can reach during the hours of peak demand (7pm - 11pm).

Below you will find a table which shows percentage of maximum achievable download speed each NBN providers' plans can reach during normal hours and off peak hours.

NBN Comparison of Percentage of Maximum Speed Reached

NBN Provider

Percentage of Advertised Speed Reached

Percentage of Speed Reached at Peak Hours







Aussie Broadband97.0%101.1%
Dodo & iPrimus93.0%100.1%

Source: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission December 2023 Measuring Broadband Australia, Figure 18

Based on the table above, we can see which providers have more reliable speed connections (in green).

Therefore, when choosing an NBN plan based on its speed, its better to go with a provider that has a higher percentage of maximum speed at all hours of the day. This will allow you to stream television shows and play some online games comfortably during the evening when demand on the National Broadband Network is at its peak.

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Looking for a New Internet Plan for Your Home?

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Different NBN Plan Speeds 

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However, now that we know which providers actually support high speed internet (and do it well), it's time to take a look at which plans are the best based on each speed category. To make it easier for you to compare NBN plans, we have broken them down into categories based on their maximum speeds.

The speed tiers are as follows:

NBN Speed Tiers Explained
NBN Speed Tier
Download/Upload Speeds
Household SizeWhat Are These Speeds Good For?
NBN 12
1-2 People
  • Low internet users
  • One connected device
  • Browsing the web or social media
NBN 25
1-3 People
  • Low-to-medium internet users
  • Connecting a couple of devices
  • Streaming in standard definition
NBN 50
2-4 People
  • Moderate internet users
  • Streaming, casual gaming
  • Uploading larger files
NBN 100
4+ People
  • Heavy internet users
  • Streaming and gaming in HD
  • Video conferencing
  • Uploading large files
NBN Superfast
Large Households
  • Heavy internet users and professional gamers
  • Working and studying from home
  • Downloading large files
NBN Ultrafast
Large Households
  • Professional gamers and in-home small businesses
  • Reliable internet connection 24/7
  • The fastest NBN speed available

Now we have finally come to the good part! Now that you have an idea of what each speed is good for, below you can now begin to compare NBN plans using our complete list of plans in each speed category:

Below you can compare NBN plans at each speed tier:

NBN 25 Plans

NBN 25 is a bit faster than NBN 12 meaning that its a good option to consider if you are looking for a cheaper internet deal, but need a bit more bandwidth.

NBN 25 plans have maximum download speeds of 25Mbps and are suitable for those who want to stream standard quality videos, browse the internet, and check social media. NBN25, or NBN Standard, is enough speed for an average household of 1-3 low or moderate internet users.

Below we have created a table to help you compare NBN plans for NBN 25 in Australia:

Selectras Recommendation: NBN 25 Plans

Best Price

Mate Crikey Plan

Tangerine Value Plan

Sumo Simple 25 Plan

Southern Phone NBN Basic Plan

Skymesh NBN 25 Plan

Kogan Bronze Plan

Vodafone NBN 25 Plan

TeleChoice Essential Plan

More Telecom Value Plan

Compare NBN 50 Plans

If you are looking for a plan that is suitable for a whole family where everyone can use the internet freely, its best to compare NBN plans in the NBN 50 range and up.

While saying NBN 50 is suitable for an "average family" with "normal internet use" may not be the most accurate way of putting it, NBN 50 offers enough bandwidth to do most of the tasks that we use the internet for nowadays, and still leave some left over for other users.

In other words, NBN 50 (Standard Plus) is suitable for households with 2-4 frequent internet users who like to stream HD videos on youtube or Netflix, browse social media, and do some light online gaming in standard definition.

Below we have created a table with all the NBN 50 plans in Australia in order to help you better compare NBN plans:

Selectras Recommendation: NBN 50 Plans

Best Price

Tangerine Value Plan

Kogan Silver Plan

Sumo Savvy 50 Plan

Vodafone NBN 50 Plan

Southern Phone NBN Standard Plan

Mate Ripper Plan

Skymesh NBN 50 Plan

TeleChoice Fast Plan

More Telecom Value Plus Plan

Compare NBN 100 Plans

NBN Premium plans have download speeds of 100Mbps and are best for large households with high-internet users who enjoy HD online gaming, own multiple devices, and frequently have multiple people gaming, streaming videos, and on video-chat all at the same time.

Selectras Recommendation: NBN 100 Plans

Best Price

Tangerine Speedy Plan

Southern Phone NBN Fast Plan

Mate No Worries Plan

Kogan Gold Plan

Vodafone Home Fast Plan

TeleChoice Very Fast Plan

Sumo Premium 100 Plan

More Telecom Fast Plan

Skymesh NBN Fast Plan

NBN Superfast Plans

NBN Superfast is only available for certain types of NBN connections, but is one of the fastest NBN plans on the market with maximum speeds of 250Mbps.

Professional gamers and other high-internet users will find there is little wait when it comes to downloading content.

To help you choose the best NBN superfast plan we have created the following list:

Selectras Recommendation: NBN Superfast Plans

Mate You Beaut Plan

Best Price

Tangerine Super Speedy Plan

Southern Phone Superfast Plan

Vodafone Home Superfast Plan

TeleChoice Superfast Plan

More Telecom Superfast Plan

Kogan Platinum Plan

NBN Ultrafast Plans

Finally, NBN ultrafast is the fastest connection around and reaches speeds of up to1000Mbps. That's an entire gigabite, which is one reasone NBN Ultrafast is only available in some locations as it continues to be rolled out across Australia.

Apart from fast download speeds, NBN ultrafast also has the fastest upload speeds which makes it a great option for professional stremers and gamers.

To help you compare internet plans with Ultrafast speeds, we have created the following comparison table:

Selectras Recommendation: NBN Ultrafast Plans

Best Price

Mate Fair Dinkum Plan

Tangerine Ultra Speedy Plan

Vodafone Home Ultrafast Plan

More Telecom Ultrafast Plan

Kogan Diamond Plan


Who is the Best NBN Provider in Australia?

The best internet provider in Australia depends on what kind of internet you are interested in, whether it's an NBN plan or a home wireless plan. It’s important to consider your internet needs, so you’re not stuck with an internet plan that leaves you feeling frustrated. When comparing the best internet providers, it’s important to also consider factors such as customer service, discounts, contracts, and price. The most popular providers in Australia are Aussie Broadband, Telstra, Optus, Tangerine, Mate, Kogan, Skymesh, Southern Phone and Vodafone. It is recommended to research and read reviews from other customers to make an informed decision before signing up for a new internet plan. The goal is to find the right balance between price and quality that works best for your needs.

What is the Fastest NBN Plan?

If you are looking for the fastest internet plan, you are better off choosing one of the providers who have the highest percentage of speed reached. This will ensure you are getting the speeds you pay for. NBN 1000, or NBN Ultrafast, is the fastest available NBN speed tier and is one of the newest technologies on the market.

While NBN Ultrafast has maximum potential speeds of up to 1000Mbps, due to its novelty, most connections can’t handle these speeds yet. However, the rollout is in progress, and for households who need such broadband speeds, more NBN 1000 plans regularly come available. For now, NBN Ultrafast is the best choice for the fastest internet plans. We have ranked Superloop as the best ultrafast NBN option in our list of the best NBN plans, with average evening speeds reaching up to 600Mbps.

Which NBN Provider is Best for Superfast?

We recommend choosing what is best for you, but the best NBN plan for an NBN superfast connection is with Vodafone if you have your own modem.

Vodafone is known to run between 95.7% and 99.3% speed accuracy. The Vodafone Home superfast NBN plan clocks in at around 450mbps and starts at $100 per month for the first 12 months (only for customers with an existing phone plan), then it increases to $110 / month. Customers without an existing Vodafone plan can expect to pay $115 per month for 12 months, then $125 per month. This price is higher than some of the others on the list. However, with Vodafone, you also get around 200mbps more than with the other providers.

Which is the Best NBN Plan for Families?

Choosing the best NBN plan for a family is relatively straightforward. Households of 3 or more, with kids who probably like to stream Netflix or YouTube, play games online, and maybe even study and go to school online, with parents who might be working from home too, often need faster NBN than smaller households who might not use the internet as much.

When choosing the best family NBN plan, it's especially important to consider:

  1. Speed: For families of 3, 4, 5, or more, choosing a fast and reliable broadband service is a must. Consider an NBN 50 or NBN 100 plan to ensure all devices can access the same fast download speeds.
  2. Bundles: Bundling your NBN plan with an entertainment package such as Foxtel or Fetch can keep the whole family entertained.

Which NBN Speed Do I Need?

Most average families can get by with a broadband plan of 50Mbps download speeds / 5Mbps upload speeds. However, larger households, particularly those with gamers, those who might stream multiple videos online at once, or those who might have more than one person video conferencing or working from home, will need a faster broadband speed. Depending on your household’s needs, one NBN speed tier might be better than the other. While single-person households might do well with NBN 12, bigger households should consider NBN 50 or NBN 100 to ensure enough bandwidth for every device.