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Looking for the cheapest electricity in NSW? We've got you covered. In this guide, we'll look at a list of the cheapest electricity plans in NSW to help you find the cheapest energy provider possible for your next energy contract. We also compare energy plans in NSW based on the following categories: Cheap energy plans, 100% carbon-neutral plans, wholesale electricity plans, solar feed-in tariffs, and more. Read on to see the full list of cheap energy providers, and additional information about the energy market in NSW.

Electricity Plans in NSW

If you’re looking for the cheapest electricity prices in New South Wales, you may need to switch suppliers. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the cheapest electricity providers in the city by reading more below.

Here is a list of the electricity plans in NSW:

Selectra's Recommendation: Electricity Plans in New South Wales, 2024


Energy Provider + Plan

Estimated Yearly Price

Additional Information


Dodo Residential Market

$1,100 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & GreenPower
Daily Supply Charge:

SUMO Switch

$1,220 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & Smart Meter Compatible
Daily Supply Charge:

AGL Value Saver

$1,298 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & GreenPower
Daily Supply Charge:

Origin Advantage Variable

$1,298 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In, GreenPower & Smart Meter Compatible
Daily Supply Charge:

EnergyAustralia Balance Plan

$1,298 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & GreenPower
Daily Supply Charge:

Powershop Power House

$1,424 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & GreenPower
Daily Supply Charge:

Ovo Energy The One Plan

$1,450 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & GreenPower
Daily Supply Charge:

Alinta Energy
Alinta Energy Select Saver

$1,516 / yearBenefits:
Solar Feed-In & GreenPower
Daily Supply Charge:

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only and don't compare all products, providers, plan features, offers, or rates. Products are compared like-for-like and any distinctions between products are clearly marked. Not all offers may be available in all locations or distribution networks. Rates based on electricity distributor for Sydney (2000) with a medium usage of 15.0kWh/day. Calculations are based on the reference price for this area. Any offers or estimated costs compared are for example purposes only and may change based on your individual circumstances or habits. Selectra advises you to do your own research at before determining if you should sign up for a new energy plan. Offers and availability are subject to change. Read more about Basic Plan Information here. Last Updated May 2024.

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Now that you’ve seen the cheapest electricity plans in NSW, and understand what to look for when comparing cheap electricity plans, let's talk about some of the providers that offer the best electricity in NSW.

New South Wales has the greatest choice for energy providers, with over 30 retailers consumers can choose from.

This is great news for those living in the state, as people in NSW pay some of the highest energy bills within the NEM. With a little information, customers can better understand the energy market in New South Wales and thus make better and more informed decisions on their energy provider and usage to help them save money and reduce their energy consumption.

See all Energy Providers in New South Wales

Below we outline some of the energy providers in the state below, along with their best plan and the percentage discount offered.

Energy Providers in New South Wales
Type of PlanProvider + Plan NameLowest Average Annual Cost*Percentage Off the Reference Price
Green Energy ProviderPowershop
100% Carbon Neutral
$1,760 / year**3% discount off the reference price
Community-Driven InitiativesEnergy Locals
Online Member
$1,610 / yearConditional Discount:
4% pay on time discount
Biggest DiscountGloBird Energy
BOOST Residential
$1,250 / year31% discount off the reference price
Wholesale EnergyAmber Electric
Wholesale plan
$1,670 / year8% average discount off the reference price
Big ThreeOrigin
Go Variable
$1,640 / year10% discount off the reference price

*Rates based on postcode 2000 within Ausgrid distribution zone for a single-rate tariff. Rates subject to change and may vary based on distributor.
**Powershop savings depend on Powerpacks purchased and used

Bear in mind that if you are part of the Distributed Energy Resources Register, meaning you have solar panels in your home, there are many green suppliers that work with a feed-in tariff to help you sell energy back to the grid. However, you may need a smart meter to manage your energy consumption and exporting.

How to Compare Energy Plans in NSW

There is several way to compare Energy plans in NSW. If you want to find cheapest electricity plans, you need to know Default Market Offer (DMO).

What is Default Market Offer (DMO) in NSW?

Default Market Offer (DMO) is the reference price which is set by government to protect and inform consumers. And this DMO has two main functions:

  1. To protect consumers from exponential energy prices if they choose not to engage with the energy market and instead remain on the Standing Offer. While the Standing Offer doesn’t necessarily offer the cheapest energy rates on the market it does prevent energy providers from charging you more if you don’t qualify for, or choose not to subscribe to, a discounted Market Offer.
  2. To inform consumers about energy plan prices and how much less (or in some instances more) expensive an energy retailers market offer is, compared to the standard offer. This is often shown as “X% off the Reference Price” in the details about an energy providers electricity plan.

Here is the Default Market Offer (DMO) by Distribution Network.

Residential Default Market Offer NSW
Distribution NetworkAnnual estimated usageDMO on a Flat-Rate tariff
Ausgrid3,900kWh / year$1,827 / year
Endeavour4,912kWh / year$2,228 / year
Essential4,613kWh / year$2,527 / year

*Source: AER - Default Market Offer - Price determination 2022-23 Final Determination. Valid June 2024.

If I switch electricity providers, how much less will my electricity bill be below the Default Market Offer (DMO)?

It depends on energy provider and plans you will switch to. For example, SUMO Assure offers the price 15% less than Default Market Offer (DMO).

Energy Distributors in NSW

NSW is covered by three gas and three electricity distributors, who not only supply energy to your home but also maintain and repair the electrical grid and gas pipelines.

Call your energy distributor’s emergency number if you have a power outage, gas leek or electrical emergency.

Electricity Distributors in NSW & ACT
DistributorService DistrictEmergency NumberGeneral Number
Endeavour EnergySouthern & western metropolitan Sydney131 003131 718
Essential EnergyCountry & regional NSW & some ACT132 080132 391
AusgridInner, northern & eastern metropolitan Sydney and surrounds131 388131 535
EvoenergyACT131 093132 386
Gas Distributors in NSW & ACT
DistributorService DistrictEmergency NumberGeneral Number
Central Ranges PipelineTamworth1800 676 300
132 771
131 909
(02) 6761 5522
Jemena Gas Networks (NSW)Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and parts of country NSW131 9091300 137 078
Wagga Wagga Gas Distribution Network (Australia Gas Networks)Wagga WaggaGas leak:1800 GAS LEAK
Fault1800 898 220
1300 001 001
EvoenergyACT131 909132 386

Average Electricity Costs NSW

After South Australia, NSW has the second highest energy costs in Australia. Households spend an average of $1,627 per year for on energy for homes without a pool.

These numbers might look scary but the best way to combat these rising costs is to utilize energy-saving measures, from small tips and tricks such as unplugging appliances you aren’t using, to larger total-home renovations to increase your total energy efficiency.

Energy Rebates & Concessions in NSW

The government of New South Wales offers multiple energy rebates and concessions to eligible residents in the state. If you’re struggling with your energy bills, or have been hit with sudden economic hardship, these rebates and concessions in NSW can help make sure you stay on top of your bills and keep the lights on.

  • Family Energy Rebate: Up to $180 per year
  • Gas Rebate NSW: Up to $110 per year
  • Low Income Household Rebate: Up to $285/year
  • Senior Energy Rebate: Up to $200/year
  • Pension Supplement NSW: Combines multiple concessions including the utilities concession
  • Life Support Rebate NSW

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