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Moving House and Mail Redirection Services in Australia

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Mail redirection is an invaluable service offered by Australian Post, which allows you to have your mail redirected to your new address either in Australia or abroad for up to 12 months, giving you ample time to change your mailing address. Find out everything about mail redirection with the Australian Post, to make organising your move a little easier, by reading below.

What does AusPost mail redirection do?

Mail redirection is a service offered by the Australian Post, which will forward any mail addressed to your old home to your new home or chosen address. You can choose from one month of redirection up to twelve months, either nationally or internationally, and include up to six names on the application. 

AusPost mail redirection rates

Mail redirection rates depend on the length of time you want your mail redirection service to go for, whether it’s a national redirection or international redirection, and if you have a concession card or not. Personal mail redirection, not associated with a home office or business, starts at $33 for one month of national redirection or $19.80 for concession card holders, up to $330 for 12 months of international redirection.

AusPost mail redirection rates
  Personal national Personal international Concession national Concession international
Up to 1 month $33 $66 $19.80 $39.60
Up to 3 months $66 $132 $39.60 $79.20
Up to 6 months $99 $198 $59.40 $118.80
Up to 12 months $165 $330 $99 $198

AusPost mail redirection is available, free of charge, if you fall under one of the following categories, which are:

 Victims of natural disasters that impact your mail delivery. If you’re in an area affected by natural disaster, AusPost will tell you if mail redirection is available to you

 Caretakers of deceased estates, such as executor or administrator, or a family member of the deceased if these roles were not formally appointed

 Victims of domestic violence, which also includes a one-off option for a free PO Box for 22 months.

How to apply for mail redirection with AusPost

To redirect mail internationally, from Australia to an overseas address, you will need to apply in person at any Australian Post Office.

Applying for mail redirection is a relatively simple process, you can apply either online or in any Australian Post Office. In order to apply for AusPost mail redirection, you just need to give some information and prove your identity.

 Your old address and the address you want your mail redirected to. If you’re applying in the post office, you will need a document with your name and Australian residential address such as a utility bill.

 A valid ID such as an Australian drivers’ license, Australian passport or foreign passport with a valid Australian visa, an Australian birth certificate or citizenship certificate, an ImmiCard, or Digital iD. You’ll also need to bring a document with your signature if applying in the Post Office such as a Keypass or Statutory Declaration.

 Up to six names you want included in the mail redirection. This should include your name, any alias or nicknames, variations to names (such as name changes due to marriage), or other people in your household who are moving with you such as spouses or kids.

Mail redirection with a concession card

If you want to apply for mail redirection and have a concession card, the type of concession card you have will affect how you can apply. Make sure to have your concession card with you, as well as the rest of the documents stated above when submitting a mail redirection request.

Mail redirection for concession card holders
Apply online or at the post office Apply at the post office
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Health Care Card (all types)
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Card
  • MyPost Concession Card
  • Norfolk Island Social Services Card
  • Veterans' Repatriation Health Card

What other services can I get with AusPost mail redirection?

In addition to forwarding your mail to your new address, you can also choose to allow AusPost to contact selected home utility providers, such as insurers, government agencies, energy providers, and telcos, of your new address. Some providers might need additional information, and not all providers can be contacted by AusPost, in which case you will need to get in touch with them yourselves.

AusPost mail redirection FAQ

Can I change or cancel my mail redirection?

To change or cancel your mail redirection, you will need to do so in person at any Australian Post Office by filling out and bringing a Mail Redirection Alter or Cancel Form and valid ID. If you are unable to go to the post office yourself, you can have someone do so on your behalf, so long as they provide ID and written authority from you (or the original applicant listed) which includes:

  • The date
  • Customer reference number found on the original application
  • Reason for the authority (for example you are overseas)
  • Name and signature of both the original applicant (yoy) and the person submitting on your behalf
If you want to change the address your mail is being redirected to, you will need to complete the same alter or cancel form, to cancel your existing redirection service and bring it in person to an Australian Post Office. After, you will need to submit a new application with the changed redirection address.

If you want to simply add or remove names, you can also call 13 POST (13 76 78)

I made a mistake with my redirection address

Once you’ve submitted an application, you’ll be sent a confirmation letter with the details of your service. If there is a mistake, you can either call Australian Post customer service at 13 13 18 to update your details over the form or correct the details via the form included in your letter and return it with the supplied paid postage. In addition, you can submit an Alter or Cancel form and bring it in person to your post office.

How do I extend my service?

If you need more time with your mail redirection service, you can choose to extend it online or at any post office. In addition, you can call 1300 739 826 if you prefer to extend your mail redirection over the phone. In order to extend your service you will need to provide your Customer Reference Number which is a 9-digit number found on the original application, confirmation letter, and extension letter.

If you’re overseas and need to extend your service you can also do so online, by calling +613 9847 6098, or have someone go to any Australian Post Office on your behalf.

What if my mail is still being sent to my previous address?

Sometimes, there might be a problem with redirecting mail. This could be for reasons such as:

  • A technical glitch or humor error
  • Your mail was loaded onto the delivery truck before the redirection request was processed
  • Your details are not correct on the redirection application
  • Your application did not include a variation of your name which was used on the package (such as alternative names, spelling, or middle names)
If all the information is correct, and your redirection service is still active, contact the Australian Post directly.

What mail cannot be redirected?

Some mail cannot be redirected, this includes:

  • Mail endorsed by the sender as “Do not redirect” which could include vehicle registrations or other correspondence relating to drivers licenses. This mail will be returned to the sender.
  • Mail where it isn’t clear if the redirection should apply, for example if the mail is addressed to multiple recipients not all covered by the redirection
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