Meet the Selectra Team

  • Sarah Sheedy Sarah Sheedy

    Sarah Sheedy

    Energy Specialist

    Sarah Sheedy has recently joined the team for Selectra Australia as the new SEO Project Manager. She is from California, has studied and worked in the Netherlands for the past few years, and currently lives in France. With years of experience in content writing, online marketing, advertisement, and website design, Sarah works to improve our content to provide our customers with the most valuable and recent information.

  • Trevor Kew Trevor Kew

    Trevor Kew

    Moving Specialist

    Trevor Kew is a novelist, writer, and Japanese-to-English translator who has spent many years living in Japan and traveling around the country. He joined the Selectra team in July 2022 to write articles that help members of the international community navigate the practical challenges of life in Japan (he wishes such articles had been more available when he first arrived in the country!).