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Sumo Energy: Offers, Contact Information, Reviews

Sumo, Australian-owned energy and telecom provider in Victoria and New South Wales, is one of the few companies in Australia to offer energy and telecom bundles for maximum savings. Continue reading this guide for more information about Sumo Energy and decide which Australian energy provider is best for you. 

Overview of Sumo

Sumo, energy and telecom provider, first came to the Australian energy market in 2016, with services starting in Victoria where they provided electricity to customers in the region.

In 2018, Sumo opened up service in New South Wales and in 2019 began offering gas to customers in Victoria. In addition to their electricity and gas services, Sumo also provides NBN broadband services to all states across Australia and, for customers in Victoria and New South Wales, bundles of these services can give customers steep discounts and additional credit.

Sumo Energy Electricity and Solar Offers

What makes Sumo different from the rest are their bundled energy + telecom services available in Victoria and New South Wales. Customers in New South Wales can bundle their electricity and broadband, while customers in Victoria have the option of bundling electricity, gas, and broadband all in one plan.

Energy + Bundles with Sumo Energy

Sumo offers energy and broadband bundles to customers in New South Wales and Victoria. While the plans are generally the same, residents of Victoria get to enjoy the added benefit of natural gas as well.

 Sumo Saver is their all-in-one bundle of electricity, broadband, and natural gas for customers in Victoria. Customers not only receive discounts off the reference price, but also get credits added to their account when they pay on time, and additional credits for every utility bundled together. Exact savings and credits vary depending on location, and you can find exact savings for your postal code online.

 Sumo Lite is a set-and-forget plan. With Sumo Lite you can still bundle all your services into one, but have the added benefit of fixed rates for 12 months, and customers in New South Wales may be eligible for discounts off the reference price.

Solar With Sumo Energy

Sumo offers a variety of products for solar power systems, which are customizable to suit the customer’s budget and needs, including panels and inverters at various price points, and two solar battery storage options.

Solar Panels and Inverters Available
  Value Premium Elite
Solar Panels
  • Jinko 275W
  • Jinko Eagle Perc 300W
  • Jinko Cheetah Perc 315W
  • Q Cells
    Q.Power 275W
  • Q Cells
    Q.Peak 310W
  • Q Cells
    Q.Peak Duo 325W
  • LG Neon 2 330W
  • LG Neon R 350W,
    360W, & 365W
  • Sunpower E20 327W
  • Zeversolar
  • Huawei
  • Fronius
  • SMA
  • ABB
  • Enphase
  • Solaredge
  • Clean energy
    council approved
  • Basic warranties
  • Wi-fi monitoring
  • Flexible system design
  • Longer warranties
  • European made inverters
  • Micro inverters and
    optimised systems
  • Highest efficiency
  • Stylish designs add
    to home value
Solar Battery Storage Options
Battery Name LG Resu10 Tesla Powerwall 2
  • 9.3kWh capacity
  • 5kW maximum output
  • 10 year warranty
  • No internal inverters
  • 13.5kWh capacity
  • 5kW - 7kW maximum output
  • 10 year warranty
  • Yes internal inverters

Contact Sumo Energy

Customers can contact Sumo either by phone or by email. To speak with someone from Sumo Energy, customers can dial 13 88 60.

General customer support is available weekdays from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, and telecom tech support is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 8:30pm, in addition to Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

All email enquiries can be sent to

Mail correspondence may be sent to:

South Melbourne Market Street
PO Box 5329
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

How to Subscribe, Move, or Cancel Your Sumo Energy Plan

Customers looking to subscribe to Sumo can do so online with their postal address and valid identification. If you have any questions about signing up to a Sumo energy plan, you can call Sumo customer support at 13 88 60

10-Day Cooling Off Period After signing up to a new energy plan, Australian residents are entitled to a 10-business-day cooling off period. During these 10 days, customers can cancel their new service, for whatever reason, without penalty.

Customers who are looking to move house with Sumo, or cancel their current energy plan, can call Sumo customer support at 13 88 60 or send an email to

How to Pay Sumo Energy Bill

Customers can pay their Sumo bills online, over the phone, or with direct debit.

Customers who may be experiencing financial hardship can contact Sumo Energy by dialling 13 88 60 to speak with someone about setting up a payment plan, working to lower your energy bill, or putting a payment on hold.

Sumo Bill Payment Method
Method of Payment Where to Pay What You Need in order to Pay
Quick Pay Online Pay here Pay by Visa, Mastercard, or Amex
Direct Debit Set up direct debit here Set up direct debit online
BPAY Contact your personal financial institution Biller code for VIC Energy: 240721
Biller code for NSW Energy: 285973
Biller code for ALL telecom: 275784
Telephone Payment Dial: 1300 885 175 Biller code for Energy: 206904
Biller code for Telco: 246736

Reviews of Sumo Energy

Like all energy companies in Australia, customer reviews for Sumo are generally mixed. While Sumo’s Australian-based customer service frequently gets praised, customers don’t like the price hikes they’ve received after signing up.

  • Good customer service - Customers cite prompt resolutions to any problems they have when they call customer service
  • Unannounced price hikes - Some customers have experienced unannounced price hikes, often within two months of signing up for a service