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Organising Removalists for Your Move


Moving house is stressful, but hiring a quality removal company to help you pack up and move your things on moving day can make a massive difference. If you’re considering hiring removalists, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around for the best company at the best price, so to find out more about organising your move with removalists, keep reading below.

What do removalists do?

Unless you manage to convince friends and family, you will probably need to hire removalists to help you when you’re moving house. Removalists are professional removal companies, who are there to remove all your things from your old home and bring them to your new home.

Most removal companies offer similar services for a standard removal job, which includes:

  1. Loading your packed belongings onto the truck
  2. Transporting your belongings from your old address to the new address
  3. Unloading your belongings at the new address
  4. Carrying your belongings into the new house, where you want them

Why should I hire a removalist?

Removalists offer a range of services to make your move as easy as possible, at a price that works best for you. In addition to the standard services removalists will help you with during your move, they often offer help by:

  • Providing packing materials such as packing boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape
  • Packing and unpacking your belongings
  • Disassembling and reassembling your furniture
  • Connecting large appliances and whitegoods
  • Clean your old home
  • Interstate moving

Professional removalists are professionals for a reason. They know how best to pack, transport, and unpack your belongings from the truck in a way that minimises the chance of anything being damaged, and they can lift and carry your heavy things so you don’t risk injury. Oftentimes you can even insure your belongings, so if anything does go wrong you don’t need to worry about paying out of pocket.

How much do removalists cost?

Most removalists charge by the hour, but the rates (which can vary depending on some factors) and amount of time needed for your move all affect the final cost which can make it tricky to budget for your move. Most removalists will charge anywhere from around $100 per hour, up to $300 per hour, however according to All Purpose Removals the average removalist cost is somewhere between $129 and $179 per hour. If you’re looking to hire a removal company for your move, they will consider many different things when coming up with your quote, such as:

The size of the home you’re moving from

Oftentimes, the size of the house you're moving from is a good indicator of the volume of items and belongings that will need to be moved, and therefore the cost of hiring removalists. Bigger houses tend to have more things, which in turn usually means hiring more men to remove everything, more time is needed to pack and unpack everything, and a larger truck is needed to carry it all, which all adds up.

If you’re someone who lives a minimalist lifestyle, or you live in a very large home, it might be a good idea to get an in-person quote from removalists before hiring any one service. This is when the removalist comes to your home and inspects all of your things, which means a more accurate quote for moving day.

Distance needed to travel

If you’re moving across town, it will cost you a lot less than moving interstate. Removalists will charge you more or less depending on how far they need to travel to bring your things to the new address. While the average move within one city might cost between $100 to $300 per hour, an interstate move can cost several thousand.

Day and time of the move

The hourly cost of removalists will usually depend on the day and time of your move. Factors that might make your move more expensive can include:

  • Moving on the weekend rather than during the weekday
  • Moving at the start or end of the month
  • Moving during the summer
  • Moving during peak traffic hours

Difficulty of the move

Removalists might add to the cost of your job if they experience any difficulties during the moving process. Some potential difficulties might include:

  • Stairs or narrow elevators
  • Narrow hallways or doorways
  • Limited parking, including ease of access from the property to the moving truck
  • Large, cumbersome, or fragile furniture
  • Traffic between homes

Additional services

As stated above, removalists can often be hired for additional services which will all affect the total cost of your move. Outside of the standard removal, which includes packing up the truck, transporting your goods, and then unpacking them at your new home, removalists can also:

  • Provide packing materials
  • Pack and unpack your boxes
  • Set up your furniture and appliances
  • Store your belongings for a period of time
  • Offer home-cleaning services /li>

How can I reduce the cost of removalists?

While there are many factors and services that may increase the cost of hiring removalists for your move, there are also ways you can reduce that cost of removalists if you’re on a budget.

  • Find your own packing materials rather than purchase through the removal company
  • Pack and unpack your own boxes, take apart and put together your own furniture, and hook up your own appliances in your new home
  • Move smaller items yourself before the removalists and leave the heavier items for them
  • Declutter beforehand and either throw away, donate, or sell things you no longer need
  • Prepare as much as possible beforehand such as disconnecting your appliances beforehand, and clearly labelling all your boxes
  • Move during off-peak times such as midday, midweek, and mid-month when the hourly rates might be cheaper
  • Make sure there is adequate parking close by

How to hire removalists

Hiring a removalist is relatively easy and you can often get a quote online. The most important step is to get multiple quotes from different, reputable, removal companies to find the best price for the best service. When looking for reputable removal companies, remember the three Rs:

 Research: Compare the services provided, and costs of, different removal companies online. Make a list of removalists you might want to hire, and call them directly for more accurate quotes.

 Reviews: Read reviews left by others online. Did the removal company treat all the belongings with care? Was anything damaged? Were they efficient without being careless?

 Referrals: Ask friends and family who recently moved what removalists they hired so you can get a trustworthy referral from someone you know.

Once you have a couple different removal companies in mind, make sure to get quotes from each. This way, you can compare the different companies and quotes to get the best price. If you have a particularly large house, or there are any circumstances where your move might be considered “abnormal”, you can usually request an in-person quote. This is where someone from the removal company comes to your home beforehand, to inspect your belongings and home, and give you a more accurate quote based on what they see.

Tips and tricks when working with removalists

If you’ve hired removalists, there are some tips and tricks, and things you should do during moving day to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

 Greet your removalists and give them a tour of your old home. Show them where the bathroom is, break down what is in each room, and make sure to point out anything fragile or that needs to be handled with care.

 Stay at your old house while they remove everything. If they have any questions about how you want something packed, you’ll be there to answer them, and you can make sure the truck is packed how you would like.

 Offer your removalists water, and maybe some snacks while they are packing up the truck, and while they’re unpacking at your new home.

 Keep in contact with your removalists when you go to your new house, as there might be traffic, a lunch break, or other circumstances that might affect when you (or they) get to the new address.

 Give them a tour of the new home, and point out where you want different boxes to go. Show them what each room will be, if it isn’t clear, to ensure all the correct boxes and furniture end up in the correct room.

 Once the service is completed, tip each removalist separately to show each of them you appreciate their work.

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