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In this guide to OVO Energy Australia, we take a look at Ovo's simple carbon-neutral electricity plan called the One plan. We'll show you how OVO Energy stacks up to the competition, what customers have to say, and explain how you can sign up for a plan with OVO. Read on for this and more.

What is OVO Energy?

OVO Energy Australia has been a popular UK energy provider for quite a while, growing its collection of energy companies in the country since 2009.

In late 2019 Ovo expanded into the Australian energy market as one of the newest energy providers looking to shake up the NEM by selling a single and simple energy plan (called The One Plan) in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

Ovo Energy Australia offers carbon neutral and renewable energy as part of their "Plan Zero".

Plan Zero is OVO’s mission to drive human progress toward zero-carbon living through the transformation of the energy system and the people who benefit from it.

OVO Energy Plans: The One Plan

Unlike in other country, OVO Energy Australia only sells one energy plan, and for this reason, it's aptly named "The One Plan".

The One Plan offers 100% carbon-neutral energy and includes 10% Green Power which is able to be increased for an extra monthly fee.

Below you have an example of OVO Energy prices in each state:

OVO Energy Rates
Discount off the reference price 23% discount 20% discount 17% discount 18% discount
Daily supply charge 67.65c / day 75.35c / day 84.7c / day 84.7c / day
Usage rates 21.34c / kWh 19.25c / kWh 19.47c / kWh 27.5c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,044 / year $984 / year $1,032 / year $1,344 / year

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only and don't compare all products, providers, plan features, offers, or rates. Products are compared like-for-like and any distinctions between products are clearly marked. Not all offers may be available in all locations or distribution networks. OVO Energy Rates based on electricity distributor for each capital city (2000, 2600, 3000, 4000, 5000 postcodes respectively). Calculations are based on the reference price for each area. Any offers or estimated costs compared are for example purposes only and may change based on your individual circumstances or habits. Offers and availability are subject to change. Read more about Basic Plan Information here. Valid February 2022.

See important information close

With The One Plan, there are no confusing benefit periods, discounts, or incentives.

However, you will find a generous discount off the reference price. Click the button below to see more and get a discount code added to your offer.

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OVO Energy Solar Feed-in Tariff

If you are looking for a solar feed-in tariff, Ovo has got you covered.

Below you can find OVO Energy's solar feed-in-tariff rates for The One Plan.

OVO Energy Solar Feed-in Tariff*
State Tariff Rate
VIC 10.2c / kWh
QLD 8c / kWh
SA 8c / kWh

*Solar FiT excludes GST

If you’ve invested in a solar energy system for your house or are looking to add solar panels, it may be better to look at other energy companies depending on what you are looking for.

The drawback of the feed-in tariff available through OVO Energy Australia is that the rate of return is very low for exporters. Also, Ovo's feed-in tariff is not available in New South Wales.

Despite the fact that OVO Energy's feed-in tariff is low, they do offer a very big discount off the reference price.

This is uncommon for solar feed-in tariffs because many energy providers with high FiTs often offer a smaller discount off the reference price. The logic is that you will make enough money through exporting to compensate for the higher price of the tariff.

Therefore, while Ovo's feed-in tariff is low versus other companies, their discount off the reference price is greater. This could be good for you depending on what you are looking for.

OVO Energy Billing & Payments

Ovo energy uses 100% paperless billing, which means that all of its customers must sign up with a direct debit.

Unlike other, larger, energy companies, OVO Energy does not offer the typical bill payment options such as BPAY, online credit card, etc. When you sign up for OVO you will be asked to provide a valid direct debit account which they will confirm before switching you over to The One Plan.

OVO also uses a technique called Bill Smoothing to estimate your energy bill and charge you the same price each month. This tactic is something new for Australia, so we explain it in detail below.

Example of OVO's Bill Smoothing:You pay $80 every month for your OVO Energy plan. The past month, you only used $60 worth of energy. You still pay $80, but the extra $20 is put into your account where it gets 3% interest. The extra money in your account is then used to pay your bill later in the year if you use more than $80.

The idea behind Bill Smoothing is that while you might use more energy than you are charged for during the summer and less than what you are charged for during the winter, at the end of 12 months your usage should all even out. OVO estimates your annual usage based on household size, past energy usage, and other factors, and then splits it into equal monthly payments.

If you’re bill smoothing and have paid more than you actually used, the rest will be put into your account for next month’s bill. If your account is in credit, you get 3% interest on that balance, and luckily if you owe money on your account you won’t be penalized the next month.

 The most compelling aspect of OVO's billing and payments system is that they reward customers who are in credit.

 The downside to Bill Smoothing is that if you decide to leave your contract early and have used more energy than you were charged for during several months, you may have to pay a big bill all at once.

    OVO Energy Review

    As OVO Energy is new in Australia, there are not many OVO Energy reviews available around the web.

    However, if we take a look at customer reviews from OVO Energy customers in other countries, reviews are overwhelmingly favourable.

    71% of all OVO Energy reviews on TrustPilot UK are rated excellent, giving 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

    Customers cite fast and helpful customer service. Most recent reviews commend the fast responses to customer enquiries despite the coronavirus health crisis. Customers also like that OVO treats its customers ethically and with respect.

    Another OVO energy review stated that when the person's account was overcharged, the OVO Energy customer service team immediately called them to sort out the issue. Many customers state they have been with OVO for years, with no plans to switch any time soon.

    An Australian review found on ProductReview AU summarised one customer's experience: We made the switch to OVO for our power around 12 months ago and are pleased we did. At the time, their kW and service to property rates were much better than we were getting with Alinta. Since then, we have converted our heating to electricity, which resulted in our plan being less attractive. However, we have now been moved to a better plan and are saving more.
    OVO's bill smoothing feature is attractive but not faultless. While it's nice to know exactly how much we will pay each period, we found ourselves around $500 behind our actual consumption and needed to call OVO to increase our periodic payment in order to catch up.
    The two times I've spoken with customer service over the phone they've been polite and helpful.
    While it's not setting the bar very high, OVO is better than any other energy company I've dealt with in recent years, a list that includes AGL, Simply Energy and Alinta). - Glenn C, Greater Melbourne
    It appears that the great cusomer service that was reported by UK customers can also be found here in Australia.

    Customers who gave less positive Ovo Energy reviews state sudden direct debit increases and difficulty cancelling an account as reasons for their one-star reviews.

    Let's take a look at a list of Ovo Energy pros & cons.

    Ovo Energy Pros and Cons

    Ovo Energy Review: Pros

    • Large discount of reference price
    • Renewable energy & 10% GreenPower
    • 100% Carbon Neutral
    • Live chat support on their website

    Ovo Enrgy Review: Cons

    • Not available in all states
    • Customer support only available online
    • Only allows direct debit
    • No mobile app

    How to Sign up for OVO Energy Australia?

    Signing up for OVO Energy takes less than five minutes and you should be connected and ready to go within a few short weeks.

    To sign up for OVO Energy:

    1. Find your home address and provide your personal details to OVO including your Australian Drivers License for a credit check
    2. Provide your payment details, which OVO will confirm in about a week
    3. Once your payment details are confirmed, OVO will send out someone from your energy distributor to take your first meter reading
    4. Following your meter reading, you’ll begin to have your energy supplied by OVO Energy

    You can sign up for OVO using the button below, with a promotional code applied.

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    How to Cancel Your OVO Energy Account

    There are no exit fees with OVO Energy, so you can leave whenever you like without penalty.

    If you want to cancel your OVO Energy account have two options:

     Moving out and closing an OVO account:

    If you’re moving house and will be switching providers at your new property, simply send OVO Energy customer support a message letting them know you are moving. You can contact OVO customer service through their chat feature or by email.

     Transferring to a new energy company:

    If you’re staying at your current property but wish to switch energy providers, simply contact your new energy provider and they’ll arrange everything for you, including the OVO cancellation. Once the transfer is complete to your new energy provider, your OVO Energy account will be closed.

    OVO requires a minimum of four business days to arrange for your account to be closed and disconnected when cancelling an account.

    In credit with OVO Energy?If you’re closing your OVO account and it’s still in credit, you can request a refund of the amount left in your account. While your account can be refunded within 5 days of requesting, OVO Energy recommends waiting until you get your final bill to ensure your account is up to date. To request a refund, send the company a message.

      My OVO Account Management

      OVO Energy Australia is a predominantly online energy provider, meaning most of your services, help, and support can be found online 24/7 through My OVO, either on the computer or your internet-enabled mobile device.

      My OVO lets OVO customers track, manage, change, and update all the details and products related to their OVO Energy account including:

      • As a new customer: See how your switch from your old energy provider is progressing
      • Submit meter readings (if you don’t get have a smart meter)
      • Sign up for free smart meter installation (if you want a smart meter)
      • View past statements
      • Track your energy usage
      • Manage your direct debit
      • Update personal and contact details
      • Organise a service relocation if you’re moving house
      • See other products and offers

      OVO Energy Login

      When managing your account online you will be required to use your OVO Energy login credentials to access your online account.

      Your OVO Energy login credentials can be used on the website, to access your account from a computer or internet-enabled mobile device.

      Both are valid ways to access your My Account.

      If you aren't sure where to find your OVO Energy login information, it may be because you have not set up your account yet.

      To set up your account, navigate to ovoenergy.com.au and click on the button in the top right corner labelled: "MyOVO". This will take you to OVO Energy's login page where you can select the words "Register" underneath the big red login button to register for an online account.

      If you can't remember your OVO Energy login information, this is also where you will be able to request a new password to reset your account.

      OVO Energy Smart Meters & Meter Readings

      If you do not have a smart meter yet, OVO Energy Australia encourages customers to submit their own meter readings (ideally every month) to make sure your usage matches your bill smoothing amount.

      If your actual usage proves to be more or less than they estimated, your monthly direct debit will be adjusted accordingly.

      You can submit your OVO Energy meter reading online:

      1. Go to My OVO and log in using your email address or My OVO ID
      2. Choose “submit a meter reading”
      3. Fill in the correct details and information

      Customers who have a smart meter don’t need to worry about manually submitting their meter readings and, if you don’t yet have a smart meter but want one, OVO Energy offers free smart meter installation to their customers.

      You can book a free OVO Energy smart meter installation online :

      1. Answer some questions about your home and current meter
      2. Choose any 4-hour slot of time between 8am and 6pm, Monday through Saturday
      3. Your engineer will visit your home and install your smart meter

      In addition, OVO's engineers will offer you an In-Home Display, a touchscreen device installed in your home that lets you see and manage your smart meter data in real time. This includes:

      • Measuring your energy usage in kWh
      • How much your energy costs
      • Set an energy budget
      • See the impact of your energy usage habits

      OVO Energy Contact Information

      You can contact OVO Energy by phone, email, or live chat.

      The contact number for OVO Energy Australia is: 1300 937 686

      OVO also has 2 email addresses:

      OVO also has a help section on its website where customers can request assistance with certain topics and other OVO Energy customers can assist you.

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