Ovo Energy is one of the newbies to the Australian energy market, and a keen supporter of Green energy, but is Ovo the right choice for you? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will analyze Ovo Energy plans & rates and delve into Ovo Energy reviews from their customers. We will read Ovo Energy reviews from customers and explore the brand's unique features to help you decide wheter Ovo Energy Australia is the right provider for you.

What is OVO Energy?

OVO Energy Australia has been a popular UK energy provider for quite a while, growing its collection of energy companies in the country since 2009.

In late 2019 Ovo expanded into the Australian energy market as one of the newest energy providers looking to shake up the NEM by selling a single and simple energy plan (called The One Plan) in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

Ovo Energy Australia offers carbon neutral and renewable energy as part of their "Plan Zero".

Plan Zero is OVO’s mission to drive human progress toward zero-carbon living through the transformation of the energy system and the people who benefit from it.

Ovo Energy Reviews: Is Ovo Energy Any Good?

It’s been only three years since Ovo Energy made it to the Australian shores, but they are far from rookies. Ovo Energy has been providing electricity since 2009 in the UK, where it has around 5 million customers.

The company prides itself on being a green electricity company with focus on renewable energyfair rates and convenient billing, but how good are they? Keep on reading to find out what we think of Ovo Energy compared to other Aussie providers.

Here are some things we like about Ovo Energy and others they need to improve.

Ovo Energy - Pros & Cons
Fixed-rate availableDoes not sell gas
10% free green power for all plansVery expensive in NSW, QLD & SA
One of the cheapest options in VICFew billing options

What Do Customers Think of Ovo Energy?

The first thing you should have in mind when going through Ovo Energy reviews is that most of them belong to the UK market. In this article, we will be only focusing on Ovo Energy reviews for the Australian market.

Positive Ovo Energy Reviews

Ovo’s singular approach to energy billing is often highlighted by customers in their Ovo Energy reviews as one of the key features that make the company a convenient choice to deal with.

With Ovo Energy, you can sign up for a fixed monthly payment, which is something that eases customers that are anxious about unexpected bill raises. Here is a 5-star Ovo Energy review of PenPen on this topic:

Have been incredibly impressed with Ovo. Switched over from a below-par provider a few months back when I moved and am so glad I did. It's so nice to pay a fixed monthly amount and to budget accordingly rather than a massive bill shock every quarter. Their rates are very competitive, and their customer service team have been responsive and incredibly helpful whenever I've contacted them. I've not experienced any dropouts with my power or any issues. Email communications have been clear and transparent, honestly do yourself a favour and sign up with them today.


With the ongoing energy crisis, it is sometimes hard to anticipate what your average electricity bill  will look like for the coming months.

Since Ovo Energy predicts what your electricity billwill look like for the coming year, this is something you don’t have to worry about, but it also can become a downside if you end up consuming less energy than expected. Fortunately, Ovo is aware of this and Ovo Energy reviews reflect flexibility when dealing with these cases. When signing up with Ovo Energy, you should take into consideration every aspect of your energy usage habits and look for ways to reduce your energy bill. If you have access to solar energy, think about how to make the most of it and contact Ovo Energyto discuss the details.

Negative Ovo Energy Reviews

Most Ovo Energy reviews are positive, but there are also a few negative Ovo Energy reviews, usually related to their billing system. You must understand how to read your energy bill before applying to any Energy provider since it will help you stay safe from unexpected charges and unfair practices. If you have any questions about your energy usage, we also recommend you discuss it with your provider before signing up for their plans and learn about tips on how to save energy.

According to negative Ovo Energy reviews, you should be especially mindful of your energy usage habits. Here is another 1-star Ovo Energy review from Fernanda on this same issue:

They overcharge you and there's no explanation or reason for that. In a month they said I spent $45 and the next month $450 (how come??????) We're just two of us, at work most of the time and even haven't a dryer.


Is Ovo Energy Customer Service Good?

One of the most important things when looking for a good energy retailer is how easy are they to deal with. The good news is that, with Ovo, you will mostly find good feedback. Let’s look at some Ovo Energy reviews on Ovo’s customer service.

It is always good news for customers when they can close multiple queries in one call, as it will save you both time and money. Another thing you should consider is how long it takes to solve your issues. Fortunately, Ovo Energy reviews are also positive on this.

Our Verdict on Ovo Energy Australia Ovo Energy may be a newcomer to the Aussie market, but it already has large experience providing green electricity to around 5 million customers in the UK. So far, Ovo's model is working well in Australia. Ovo Energy provides convenient billing and the possiblity to sign up for 100% carbon neutral plans.

On the negative side, Ovo Energy lags behind other retailers when it comes to providing cheap rates, so you might want to consider comparing electricity providers before jumping into Ovo's plans.

Review of OVO Energy Plans & Rates

Unlike other energy providers, OVO Energy Australia only sells one energy plan, and for this reason, it's aptly named "The One Plan". The One Plan offers 100% carbon-neutral energy and includes 10% Green Power which is able to be increased for an extra monthly fee.

Ovo Energy only has one plan available for all the states it operates in. You will see the plan listed as “The One Plan” and, while it’s Ovo’s only market offer, it has no transaction or exit fees and comes with some interesting features.

To begin with, The One Plan includes bill smoothing, which means that you will be paying the same amount of electricity every month, regardless of peak & off-peak electricity times. This is convenient for users who don’t want to stress about volatile rates and unexpected bill increases. Ovo’s One Plan only supports direct debit for their billing. All other Ovo Energy plans do not require direct debit.

All Ovo Energy plans have access to 10% green power for no cost, and you can upgrade your plan to 100% green power for an additional fee.

  • Ovo Energy Rebates
  • 3% Interest payment: if your account is in credit with Ovo Energy, they will pay you 3% interest on your balance.
  • Ovo’s Electric Vehicle Plan: if you have a smart meter and an electric vehicle, you can sign up for the “Ovo Drive” plan that will help you save an average of $300 on your annual electricity bill.

Below you have an example of OVO Energy prices in each state:

OVO Energy Rates - The One Plan
Discount Off the Reference Price-23% off-28% off-26% off-27% off
Daily Supply Charge93.50c / day104.39c / day106.70c / day119.90c / day
Usage Rates34.32c / kWh22.55c / kWh31.41c / kWh42.35c / kWh
Estimated Annual Cost
$1,410 / year$1,130 / year$1,460 / year$1,670 / year

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only and don't compare all products, providers, plan features, offers, or rates. Products are compared like-for-like and any distinctions between products are clearly marked. Not all offers may be available in all locations or distribution networks. OVO Energy Rates based on electricity distributor for each capital city (2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 postcodes respectively). Calculations are based on the reference price and low or average yearly consumption for homes each area (3900kwh, 4000kwh, 4600kwh, 4000kwh respectively). Any offers or estimated costs compared are for example purposes only and may change based on your individual circumstances or habits. Selectra advises you to do your own research at energymadeeasy.com before determining if you should sign up for a new energy plan. Offers and availability are subject to change. Read more about Basic Plan Information here. Last Updated January 2024.

See important information close

As of July 2023, Ovo Energy has very affordable electricity plans. Specifically, Victorian energy customers will enjoy cheap rates when signing up with Ovo Energy. Ovo offers excellent discounts off the reference price in each state that it is available, so be sure to consider their plans when comparing electricity providers.

With The One Plan, there are no confusing benefit periods, discounts, or incentives. The One Plan's main feature is its smooth billing system that sets a fixed rate for customers based on their energy usage habits. This means that, with Ovo Energy, you will be paying the same every month regardless of peak & off peak electricity times. However, Ovo Energy rates are far from being the cheapest in the market.

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OVO Energy Solar Feed-in Tariff

If you are looking for a solar feed-in tariff, Ovo has got you covered.

Below you can find OVO Energy's solar feed-in-tariff rates for The One Plan.

OVO Energy Solar Feed-in Tariff*
StateTariff Rate
NSW7c - 14c / kWh
VIC7c - 14c / kWh
QLD7c - 14c / kWh
SA7c - 14c / kWh

*Solar FiT Excludes GST

If you’ve invested in a solar energy system for your house or are looking to add solar panels, it may be better to look at other energy companies depending on what you are looking for.

The drawback of the feed-in tariff available through OVO Energy Australia is that the rate of return is very low for exporters. Despite the fact that OVO Energy's feed-in tariff is low, they do offer a very big discount off the reference price.

This is uncommon for solar feed-in tariffs because many energy providers with high FiTs often offer a smaller discount off the reference price. The logic is that you will make enough money through exporting to compensate for the higher price of the tariff.

Therefore, while OVO's feed-in tariff is low versus other companies, their discount off the reference price is greater. This could be good for you depending on what you are looking for.

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OVO Energy Billing & Payments

OVO energy uses 100% paperless billing, which means that all of its customers must sign up with a direct debit.

Unlike other, larger, energy companies, OVO Energy does not offer the typical bill payment options such as BPAY, online credit card, etc. When you sign up for OVO you will be asked to provide a valid direct debit account which they will confirm before switching you over to The One Plan.

OVO also uses a technique called Bill Smoothing to estimate your energy bill and charge you the same price each month. This tactic is something new for Australia, so we explain it in detail below.

Example of OVO's Bill Smoothing:You pay $80 every month for your OVO Energy plan. The past month, you only used $60 worth of energy. You still pay $80, but the extra $20 is put into your account where it gets 3% interest. The extra money in your account is then used to pay your bill later in the year if you use more than $80.

The idea behind Bill Smoothing is that while you might use more energy than you are charged for during the summer and less than what you are charged for during the winter, at the end of 12 months your usage should all even out. OVO estimates your annual usage based on household size, past energy usage, and other factors, and then splits it into equal monthly payments.

If you’re bill smoothing and have paid more than you actually used, the rest will be put into your account for next month’s bill. If your account is in credit, you get 3% interest on that balance, and luckily if you owe money on your account you won’t be penalized the next month.

The most compelling aspect of OVO's billing and payments system is that they reward customers who are in credit.

The downside to Bill Smoothing is that if you decide to leave your contract early and have used more energy than you were charged for during several months, you may have to pay a big bill all at once.

How to Sign Up for OVO Energy Australia?

Signing up for OVO Energy takes less than five minutes and you should be connected and ready to go within a few short weeks.

You can easily sign up for OVO on their website after putting in your home address or the address you are moving to. From there, you can select the best plan and the rest is simple!

OVO Energy Contact Information

You can contact OVO Energy by phone, email, or live chat.

The contact number for OVO Energy Australia is: 1300 937 686

OVO also has 2 email addresses:

OVO also has a help section on its website where customers can request assistance with certain topics and other OVO Energy customers can assist you.

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