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OVO Energy has been a popular UK energy provider for quite a while, growing their collective of energy companies in the country since 2009. In late 2019 they expanded into the Australian energy market as one of the newest energy providers looking to shake up the NEM, and now sell one, simple energy plan (called The One Plan) in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. Discover more about OVO Energy Australia, their simple carbon-neutral electricity offer, and how to sign up, by reading more below.

Who is OVO energy?

UK-based energy company collective, OVO Energy, was first founded in 2009 in an effort to offer accessible, renewable energy to UK residents. Since then, they’ve gone on to become one of the biggest private energy companies in the UK, with over 5 million customers.

In 2019 OVO Energy expanded to Australia, offering a simple carbon neutral and renewable energy plan as part of their Plan Zero - OVO’s mission to drive human progress to zero-carbon living through the transformation of the energy system and the people who benefit from it - which is now available in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

OVO Energy: The One Plan

OVO Energy doesn’t deal in confusing plans with different benefit periods, discounts, and incentives. Their one energy plan (appropriately named ‘The One Plan’) comes with a generous discount, and a guaranteed 10% GreenPower carbon offset at no extra cost to the consumer. Of course, those who want to offset more of their carbon emissions through GreenPower can do so at a small, additional, monthly cost.

OVO Energy rates
Discount off the reference price 26% discount 20% discount 20% discount 23% discount
Daily supply charge 67.65c / day 75.35c / day 84.7c / day 84.7c / day
Usage rates 21.34c / kWh 18.392c / kWh 19.47c / kWh 27.5c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,079 / year $1,011 / year $1,205 / year $1,409 / year

Rates based on the reference price for the electricity distributor of each capital city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide respectively) and are GST inclusive on a single-rate tariff. Actual rates may vary. Valid June 2021.

Discover OVO Energy

OVO Energy does not offer a massive solar feed-in tariff, if you’ve invested in a solar PV system for your house, and their FiT is not available in New South Wales. It should be noted that many energy providers who do offer a very high solar FiT often do this with a lower discount off the reference price. Below you can find OVO Energy solar feed-in-tariff rates for The One Plan, for the solar energy you send back into the grid, which are in conjunction with their discount off the reference price, to get you maximum savings on your energy bill.

OVO Energy solar FiT*
N / A 10.2c / kWh 8c / kWh 8c / kWh

*Solar FiT excludes GST

OVO Energy billing and payments

OVO Energy’s default billing and payment method is bill smoothing. Bill smoothing essentially means that OVO Energy estimates your annual usage, based on household size, past energy usage, and other factors, and then splits that into equal monthly payments. The idea is while you might use more energy during the summer, and less during the winter, at the end of 12 months it all evens out.

OVO Energy’s most compelling aspect of their billing and payments is their reward for customers who are in credit. If you’re bill smoothing, and have paid more than you actually used, the rest will be put into your account for next month’s bill. If your account is in credit, you get 3% interest on that balance, and luckily if you owe money on your account you won’t be penalized.

OVO Energy bill smoothing example: You pay $80 every month for your OVO Energy plan. The past month, you only used $60 worth of energy. You still pay $80, but the extra $20 is put into your account where it gets 3% interest and is used to pay your bill if you use more than $80 of energy later in the year.

OVO Energy encourages direct debit as your bill payment method. Unlike other, larger, energy companies, OVO Energy does not offer the typical bill payment options such as BPAY, online credit card, etc. When you sign up for OVO Energy you will be asked to provide a valid direct debit account which they will confirm before switching you over to The One Plan.

Want to sign up for OVO Energy?

Signing up for OVO Energy’s The One Plan takes less than five minutes and you should be connected and ready to go within a few short weeks. To sign up:

 Find your home address and provide your personal details to OVO Energy including your Australian Drivers License for a credit check

 Provide your payment details, which OVO Energy will confirm in about a week

 Once your payment details are confirmed, OVO Energy will send out someone from your energy distributor to take your first meter reading

 Following your meter reading, you’ll begin to have your energy supplied by OVO Energy

Discover OVO Energy

OVO Energy smart meters and meter readings

Your annual estimated energy usage is just that, an estimate. If you do not have a smart meter yet, OVO Energy encourages customers to submit their own meter readings (ideally every month) to make sure your usage matches your bill smoothing amount. If your actual usage proves to be more, or less, than they estimated, your monthly direct debit will be adjusted accordingly. You can submit your meter reading online:

  1. Go to My OVO and log in using your email address or My OVO ID
  2. Choose “submit a meter reading”
  3. Fill in the correct details and information

Customers who have a smart meter don’t need to worry about manually submitting their meter readings and, if you don’t yet have a smart meter but want one, OVO Energy offers free smart meter installation to their customers. You can book a free smart meter installation with OVO Energy online or on the OVO app:

  1. Answer some questions about your home and current meter
  2. Choose any 4-hour slot of time between 8am and 6pm, Monday through Saturday
  3. Your engineer will visit your home and install your smart meter

In addition, OVO Energy engineers will offer you an In-Home Display, a touchscreen device installed in your home that lets you see and manage your smart meter data in real time. This includes:

  • Measuring your energy usage in kWh
  • How much you energy costs
  • Set an energy budget
  • See the impact of your energy usage habits

My OVO account management

OVO Energy is a predominantly online energy provider, meaning most of your services, help, and support can be found online 24/7 through My OVO, either on the computer or the My OVO app.

My OVO lets OVO Energy customers track, manage, change, and update all the details and products related to their OVO Energy account including:

  • As a new customer: See how your switch from your old energy provider to OVO energy is progressing
  • Submit meter readings (if you don’t get have a smart meter)
  • Sign up for free smart meter installation (if you want a smart meter)
  • View past statements
  • Track your energy usage
  • Manage your direct debit
  • Update personal and contact details
  • Organise a service relocation if you’re moving house
  • See other products and offers

Want to cancel your OVO Energy account?

OVO Energy customers looking to cancel their OVO Energy account have two options:

 Moving out and closing an OVO Energy account: If you’re moving house and will be switching providers when you move to your new property, all you need to do is send OVO Energy customer support a message either online through their chat feature, or email. OVO Energy requires a minimum of four business days to arrange for your account to be closed and disconnected when cancelling an account.

 Transferring to a new energy retailer: If you’re staying at your current property but wish to switch energy providers, all you need to do is contact your new energy provider and they’ll arrange everything for you. Once the transfer is complete to your new retailer, your OVO Energy account will be closed.

In credit with OVO Energy?If you’re closing your OVO Energy account and it’s still in credit, you can request a refund of the amount left in your account. While your account can be refunded within 5 days of requesting, OVO Energy recommends waiting until you get your final bill to ensure your account is up to date. To request a refund, send OVO Energy a message.

OVO Energy reviews

As OVO Energy is new in Australia, they have not had time to gather any reviews on the internet. However, TrustPilot offers OVO Energy UK reviews which are overwhelmingly favourable. 71% of all reviews of OVO Energy are rated excellent, giving a 4.5/5 star rating.

Customers cite fast and helpful customer service. Most recent reviews commend the fast responses to customer enquiries despite the coronavirus health crisis. Customers also like that OVO Energy treats its customers ethically and with respect. One such customer states that when their account was overcharged, OVO Energy customer service immediately called them to sort out the issue. Many of the UK customers state they have been with OVO Energy for years, with no plans to switch any time soon.

Customers who give less positive reviews state that sudden direct debit increases, or difficulty cancelling an account, as reasons for their one-star reviews.