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Moving Day Checklist: Everything You Need to Remember for the Day of Your Move

Blue hand writing to-do list next to yellow moving boxes and blue house

It’s moving day! While the day of your move might seem stressful, a little bit of proper planning before, and a well-structured schedule the day of your move can help make getting into your new home a breeze. Continue reading below for a moving checklist and guide to everything you need to remember and do on the day you move from waking up, to going to sleep in your new home. 

Waking up on moving day checklist

From waking up, to making sure everything is ready for you and your removalists, the time before you actually begin moving out of your house is an important few hours that can set the tone for the rest of today.

Wake up early

You certainly don’t want to be in a rush on moving day. Make sure you not only go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep the night before, but wake up early on your moving day. The more time you have between waking up and moving out, the less you need to rush and the more relaxed you’ll feel. Give yourself at least a couple hours between waking up and when you need to be out of your current house, so you don’t miss anything or forget anything important.

Make sure you’re ready

Once the craziness begins, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself on moving day too. Once you wake up, take the time to eat breakfast, have some coffee, and take a shower or whatever else you need to do to make sure you’re feeling your best. If you’ve already packed up your dishes and kitchenware, get something from a local cafe or from a shop. It’s important to eat, otherwise you might not have the time to grab a snack until much later and no one wants to move house while hangry, tired, and feeling less than 100%.

Strip the bed and pack last minute things

Bedsheets, towels, pajamas, toiletries, kitchenware….These are all the last minute things that you’ll probably want to keep using until the day of your move. After you’ve eaten breakfast and taken a shower, pack up all these last minute things in a clear plastic storage container. Bedding and towels are probably some of the first things you’ll want to unpack in your new home and by leaving them in a clear plastic container, you’ll be able to find them more easily once you’re unpacking.

During the packing process, use clear plastic containers for your essential home items you’ll want to unpack first. Not only your bedsheets, pillows, towels, and pajamas, but also cleaning supplies, some kitchenware, and any tools you might need to assemble furniture or other things.

Do a sweep of your home

Make sure to check in the nooks and crannies before the removalists get there. Check in drawers, closets, on high shelves, and under counters to make sure nothing important will be left behind that way if you do find something you missed you can toss it into one of your boxes before the removalists begin to take boxes away.

Make sure your essentials bag is ready

While plastic storage containers can hold the important things you’ll probably need on your first day, packing an overnight bag with your most important items is also key. Your overnight bag should hold the things you don’t want to risk getting lost or misplaced, and taken with you separate from the moving truck. These things should include:

  • Wallet, money, phone, and keys (particularly if you don’t normally carry a purse)
  • Any essential medication
  • Important documents (make copies beforehand and leave the copies in a separate box or bag)
  • Chargers for your devices
  • Other electronic devices such as a tablet or computer
  • A protein bar or other quick and easy snack, and a bottle of water
  • A change of clothes

Clean out the kitchenç

If you haven't yet cleaned out your fridge and freezer of last-minute food items, you’ll want to do that now. Keep the food you’ll want to bring to your new home and toss it in a final bag or box and throw out anything that might melt or go bad, or just isn’t worth it to keep (almost-empty containers for example).

Moving out of your house checklist

It’s time to begin loading up the moving truck. Whether you have friends helping you, or hired removalists, make sure you’re there to guide them with the moving process and make sure nothing gets left behind.

Greet your removalists

If you chose to hire removalists, greet them when they arrive and give them a walkthrough of your current home. Make sure to show them anything labelled fragile that they’ll need to take care with, and let them know how you want the truck packed up. It’s also a smart idea to have water and light snacks on hand, and to show your removalists where the bathroom is.

Guide your removalists

Stick around while the removalists are loading up the truck. You’ll feel better being able to see how everything is packed into the truck, and the removalists might have some questions about how you want things moved as they go along.

Do a final sweep

It’s time for the final, final sweep. Take out any garbage, give your old home a quick clean (if you need to), and make sure nothing got left behind. You might want to hire professional cleaners, if necessary, for this particularly if you're leaving a rented home. Look under counters, in and under any furniture left behind, in the washing machine and dryer if they’re not moving with you, and the fridge and freezer one last time. You can never be too thorough as this will probably be the last time you’re in your old house.

Go to your new home

It’s time to go to your new home. Pack up your essentials bag in your car, or take it with you in a taxi, and make sure you’re keeping in touch with the removalists as you go. They might need to take a different route or get caught in traffic, or even grab some lunch, so keeping in contact with them will help you and them know when everyone is getting to your new home.

Moving into your new home checklist

You’re at your new it’s time to get unpacked. While unpacking might seem overwhelming, you’ll feel better your first night in the new home if you packed smart, and stayed well-organised during the moving process.

Guide your removalists

Wait for the movers in your new home, and give them a quick walkthrough so they know where everything needs to go. Once they’ve unloaded everything, remember to tip them for the job they’ve done. It’s best to tip each mover individually for the job they did, rather than the head mover or leader.

Unpack the essentials

If you packed your essentials in plastic boxes and a bag, this step should be simple. Unpack what you’ll need for your first night in your new home, such as toiletries, dishes to eat dinner, and things you’ll need to sleep, as well as a change of clothes so you’re not digging through boxes the following morning.

Hang your curtains and make your bed

You’ll probably be exhausted after a full day of moving, so hanging curtains and making your bed will help you sleep even better your first night. If you don’t yet have a bed frame or mattress, figure out how you’re going to sleep before you move, so you’re not worrying about it when you’re already tired and want to rest whether this is on a sofa, air mattress, or in a sleeping bag.

Get a bite to eat and relax

With moving day almost over, it’s finally time to relax and get something to eat. Order some takeout, or go to a restaurant in your new neighborhood so you don’t need to cook on your first night (unless you want to), and maybe open up a bottle of wine or crack open a cold beer to celebrate.

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