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NBN Superfast: NBN 250 Plans and Offers

NBN Superfast

NBN 250, also known as NBN Superfast, is one of the newest NBN speed tiers to hit residential homes. Great for professional gamers, and large internet-heavy households, NBN 250 plans offer more than double the download speeds of standard NBN plans. If you’re wondering if NBN Superfast is right for you, and want to find out more, you can compare NBN 250 plans, and read more about NBN 250, below.

What is NBN 250?

NBN 250, also known as NBN Superfast or NBN Home Superfast, is one of the fastest speed tiers available on the National Broadband Network.

While standard NBN speeds include 12Mbps, up to 100Mbps, NBN Superfast more than doubles this, giving certain residential NBN customers the ability to reach download speeds of up to 250Mbps.

  • To Accurately Compare NBN 250 Plans, There are Some Important Factors to Consider, Including:
  • How fast is NBN 250, and if it meets your needs
  • Things you can do with an NBN 250 plan
  • What typical evening speeds to look for when comparing providers
  • A full list of NBN 250 plans currently on the market

How Fast is NBN Superfast?

NBN Superfast, as the name suggests, is super fast.

NBN Superfast plans can reach maximum download speeds of up to 250Mbps, and usually offers maximum upload speeds of 25Mbps. This makes it a great choice for internet-heavy households, where multiple members might want to stream Netflix, play video games online, work from home with video conferences, and listen to music across multiple devices at the same time.

What Can NBN Superfast Be Used For?

Having an NBN 250 plan means you can download almost anything at lightning-fast speeds.

At its maximum potential, an NBN Superfast plan can allow your household to:

  • Download a 100GB file in just under an hour
  • Download 100MB file in under 5 seconds
  • Game online in 4K/HD Ultra seamlessly
  • Stream, game, and video chat across multiple devices simultaneously

Of course, there are some factors that could influence exactly how fast your NBN 250 plan allows you to download, such as your ISPs “Typical Evening Speed”.

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NBN 250 Plans Typical Evening Speed

Blue house with wifi

It’s important to remember that NBN 250 plans only have a maximum potential download speed of 250Mbps.

When ISPs show you their NBN plans and offers, they display what is known as the “Typical Evening Speed”. Typical evening speeds are the download speeds you can expect to get from your NBN plan during the busiest evening hours (usually between 7pm and 11pm) when demand on the National Broadband Network is at its peak. More often than not, a provider’s typical evening speed is not quite as fast as the maximum potential download speed.

When it comes to NBN 250, most providers’ typical evening speeds are between 215Mbps and 240Mbps. The good news? With such fast download speeds, you probably won’t notice much of a slowdown during these peak busy hours and will be able to stream, upload, browse, watch, game, and scroll without much problem.

How Much Do NBN 250 Plans Cost?

NBN 250 plans aren’t cheap, and a household with NBN Superfast can expect to pay anywhere from $110 to $140 per month for the speed.

Compared to most NBN 100 plans, which start around $75 per month, this is a pretty big jump in price. Most NBN providers offer discounts for new customers and let you move up in plan speed at no additional cost. So, if you live in an internet-heavy household and are unsure if NBN 250 is right for you, consider first signing up for NBN 100. You can always ask your provider to move your household up to NBN 250 if that isn’t quite enough.

Compare NBN 250 Plans

If you’re considering an NBN 250 plan, it’s important to do your research.

Not every NBN provider offers NBN 250 plans, and these plans can be quite expensive. However, some providers do offer discounted rates for new customers, and most allow you to upgrade your plan speed for free so you can always start at one of the more budget-friendly, slower, NBN speed tiers and move up if that isn’t quite enough.

Below, you can find a comparison of available NBN 250 plans in Australia, along with their typical evening speed, and cost per month, including any new customer discounts you may be eligible for. All NBN 250 Plans come with no lock-in contract and unlimited data.

Compare NBN Superfast Plans
Provider & Plan Cost / Month Features & Typical Evening Speed
Aussie Broadband
Power User NBN
$129 / month
+$149 optional modem (or BYO)
248Mbps typical evening speed
Superfast NBN
$125 / month
Modem included if you stay for 6 months
225Mbps typical evening speed
$99.99 / month first 6 months
$129.99 / month after
Modem not included
200Mbps typical evening speed
$99.99 / month first 6 months
$129.99 / month after
Modem not included
200Mbps typical evening speed
Home Superfast
$115 / month
+$70 upfront modem and setup
215Mbps typical evening speed
​​​​​​​$119.90 / month
+$69 optional modem (or BYO)
200Mbps typical evening speed
elite mates
$99 / month
+$165 optional modem (or BYO)
208Mbps typical evening speed
Home Super-Fast
$95 / month first 6 months
$115 / month after
+$5 / month modem for 24 months (or BYO)
200Mbps typical evening speed
Home Superfast
$109 / month first 6 months
$119 / month after
Modem included if you stay for 36 months
215Mbps typical evening speed
Southern Phone
NBN Superfast
$115 / month
+$99 optional modem (or BYO)
N / A
Home Superfast
$99.95 / month first 6 months
$119.95 / month after
+$157.95 optional modem (or BYO)
240Mbps typical evening speed
XXXL Speed Boost
$94.90 / month first 6 months
$109.90 / month after
+$149.90 optional modem (or BYO)
205Mbps typical evening speed
$140 / month
Modem included if you stay for 24 months
250Mbps typical evening speed
Phone line included
NBN Home Superfast
$94.99 / month first 6 months
$124.99 / month after
Modem not included
200Mbps typical evening speed
Uniti Wireless
The 250
$119.95 / month
+$149 optional modem (or BYO)
N / A
Home Superfast
$130 / month
Modem included if you stay for 24 months
200Mbps typical evening speed
$99.99 / month first 6 months
$129.99 / month after
Modem not included
200Mbps typical evening speed

Source: Providers individual websites. Actual offers may vary. Actual speeds may vary. Comparison does not include all providers, products, or plan features. Typical evening speed 7pm-11pm and subject to change. Valid November 2021. NBN Superfast only available at select connections.

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Can I get NBN 250?

NBN 250 is only available at certain NBN connections. If you have a Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) connection or HFC connection at your home, then you’re probably eligible for NBN Superfast.

This is due to the NBN technology currently being used across the country. Other NBN connections, such as Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) or Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC), are simply unable to handle such fast broadband speeds as they still utilise some of the old copper telephone wires ADSL broadband once used.

With the National Broadband Network rolled out across most of the country, NBN Co is now working to upgrade these slower NBN connections. However, if you absolutely cannot wait for an upgrade to FTTP, you can apply for an upgrade (either on your own or as a group switch) though this can cost well over $10,000 and take more than 6 months to complete.

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Is NBN Superfast Right for Me?

NBN 250 plans are the second-fastest NBN speed tier available and, as one of the most expensive plan options, might not be for everyone. While NBN Superfast is a great choice for heavy internet users, if you’re not one then NBN 250 is generally unnecessarily expensive.

If you’re considering NBN 250, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Gold TV and phone connected to wifi
  • Do you have an FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premise) or HFC connection?
  • Do you live in a large household, multi-family household, or sharehouse?
  • Do you frequently download and upload large files?
  • Are you an intense online gamer or have multiple household members who game online?
  • Do you have an online business based in your home?
  • Do multiple people in your household work or study from home?
  • Is your NBN 100 plan not quite enough, particularly during busy evening hours?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, give our friendly Broadband Experts a call to get your household signed up to an NBN Superfast plan today or let us help you find the perfect NBN plan for your internet habits and household.

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Not sure which NBN speed is right for you?

Learn more about NBN speeds and NBN providers

Note About NBN 250 Upload Speeds While NBN 250 has faster download speeds, NBN 100/40 offers faster upload speeds. If you’re frequently uploading large files or frequently live stream (such as Twitch, Skype, or Youtube) NBN 100/40 might be a better option for you.

What Other NBN Speed Tiers are Available?

NBN 250 is one of the fastest NBN speed tiers, but also one of the most expensive. If you’re not sure if NBN 250 is right for you, there are plenty of other options available.

Other NBN speed tiers are:

 NB​​​​​​​N 12 - 12Mbps download/1Mbps upload: The slowest NBN speed available. Best for single-person low-internet households to check social media, email, or browse the web on one device.

 NBN 25 - 25Mbps download/5Mbps upload: Good for low-to-medium internet users who want to connect a couple of devices, stream in standard definition, and browse the web.

 NBN 50 - 50Mbps download/20Mbps upload: Best for medium-sized households who want to connect multiple devices, stream in HD, and game, without paying a premium cost.

 NBN 100 - 100Mbps download/20 or 40Mbps upload: Best for the large, budget-conscious household with multiple gamers, people who work from home, and households who use multiple devices at once.

 NBN Ultrafast - 1000Mbps download/50Mbps upload: Only available at certain NBN connections. The fastest NBN speed tier available, and best for people who need a reliably fast internet connection 24/7 such as professional gamers and small business owners

NBN Speed Tiers Explained
NBN Speed Tier
Download/Upload Speeds
Household Size What Are These Speeds Good For?
NBN 12
1-2 People
  • Low internet users
  • One connected device
  • Browsing the web or social media
NBN 25
1-3 People
  • Low-to-medium internet users
  • Connecting a couple of devices
  • Streaming in standard definition
NBN 50
2-4 People
  • Moderate internet users
  • Streaming, casual gaming
  • Uploading larger files
NBN 100
4+ People
  • Heavy internet users
  • Streaming and gaming in HD
  • Video conferencing
  • Uploading large files
NBN Superfast
Large Households
  • Heavy internet users and professional gamers
  • Working and studying from home
  • Downloading large files
NBN Ultrafast
Large Households
  • Professional gamers and in-home small businesses
  • Reliable internet connection 24/7
  • The fastest NBN speed available

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