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AGL rewards

Everyone loves a good incentive, and AGL rewards customers who stay with them through their AGL Rewards Program. AGL Rewards thanks customers for choosing their gas and electricity service with them, by offering a range of deals and discounts on everything from travel to shopping, to entertainment. Want to learn how you can maximise your savings with AGL Rewards? Continue reading our AGL Rewards Program guide below.

AGL Flybuys AGL is no longer partnered with Flybuys to offer customers additional Flybuys points. You can still earn Flybuys points with brands such as Coles, Kmart, Target, and Klarna.

What is AGL Rewards?

AGL Rewards is a customer loyalty program through AGL.

AGL Rewards thanks customers for choosing AGL as their energy provider, offering a number of deals and discounts on goods and services across Australia. Customers who sign up for an AGL energy plan can access AGL Rewards for free using their AGL login.

There are a ton of brands and partners that offer deals with AGL Rewards and customers can save on everything from essentials such as groceries and home goods, to experiences such as the cinema, and travel with deals on flights and hotels. With new partners being added all the time, and new deals always available, there’s always something new to save on with AGL Rewards.

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AGL is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

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AGL is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

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AGL Rewards Benefits & Deals

AGL has partnered with more than 1,600 businesses across the country, and customers can use their AGL Rewards points on a broad range of things, brands, experiences, activities, and outings.

The best part about AGL Rewards? The longer you’re a loyal AGL customer, the better the AGL Rewards deals get so there is always something new to experience or save on.

AGL Rewards has partnerships with some of the most popular brands in entertainment, lifestyle, travel, and beauty such as, Event Cinemas, Harvey Norman, IKEA, Sephora, and Uber Eats, just to name a few. Discounts include:

  • eGift cards to stores such as Coles and IKEA
  • Movie ticket vouchers
  • Restaurant discounts
  • Entrance to attractions and discounted experiences
  • Deals on travel & accommodation

While the most common AGL Reward are eGift cards, which you can download and print to save on your shopping, new deals are constantly being added to your AGL Account. Check your Rewards tab frequently to see what new offers are available.

Sign Up for AGL Rewards

You need to be an AGL energy customer to sign up for AGL Rewards.

Not an AGL Energy customer yet? Check out AGL energy plans and rates and sign up for AGL today

If you’re already an AGL customer, you will need to access your AGL My Account using your AGL Login. Once you’ve accessed your AGL Account, navigate to the Rewards Tab at the top of the page. There, you will find all AGL Rewards currently available to you. The longer you’re an AGL energy customer, the better the rewards get so it’s important you check the Rewards tab often so you don’t miss out on any AGL Rewards.

AGL Broadband AGL NBN plans are now able to be bundled with AGL gas and electricity plans. Sign up for an AGL NBN plan and get a $15 discount on your broadband bill when you bundle energy and broadband with AGL.

AGL Rewards Contact

If you have any specific questions or concerns about redeeming an offer, you will need to contact the partner retailer directly with all contact information available on the offer page.

Otherwise, you can contact AGL directly for an AGL Rewards query by email or over the phone.

You can find AGL Rewards Contact information here:

Contact AGL Rewards team

Email AGL Rewards Team

Call AGL Rewards Team

[email protected]13 12 45

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AGL is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

Sign Up or Switch to AGL Today!


AGL is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

Sign Up or Switch to AGL Today!


Is AGL Rewards Worth It?

How you benefit from AGL Rewards depends on how you use it. You can combine AGL rewards with other AGL discount, like their senior discount, which can make the program very worthwhile.

One thing to remember is that many of these rewards expire, and you need to use them within the redemption period. If you’re not on top of the best current AGL Rewards deals you may end up losing money.

It’s important to consider many factors when comparing energy providers and plans, and rewards programs should only be one facet. Check out our AGL Review for more information about the energy provider.

There’s a lot more to consider before switching energy providers, and while everyone loves a good rewards program you shouldn’t assume what you save with AGL Rewards will outweigh the cost of your energy bills with AGL. Compare energy plans and providers, and start saving on your energy bill, with companies like Selectra here to help.

AGL Rewards FAQ

How do I Use AGL Rewards?

If you have an AGL login, using AGL Rewards is easy.

Log into AGL My Account, and navigate to the Rewards tab at the top of the page. When you click on “Redeem Offer” on the offer page, you will be taken directly to the partner retailer's website. Make sure you familiarise yourself with any terms, conditions, or special directions laid out in the offer to ensure the reward or offer is applied.

How do I Get an AGL Rewards Card?

There is no physical AGL Rewards card.

All your AGL Rewards deals and discounts can be accessed using your AGL login, under the Rewards tab on your AGL My Account page. Some dining offers will need to be accessed online, or you can print out a digital membership card to claim your dining offer. If you’re using a printed card, you may need to show ID.

Will AGL Rewards Save Me Money?

How much you save with AGL Rewards depends on how you use it.

There are plenty of discounts and deals for daily essentials such as supermarkets and groceries, which can help you save on your monthly budget. Though, if you’re still spending money on things you wouldn’t otherwise because there’s a discount, you might end up spending more down the line. Ultimately, it’s up to you and how you use AGL Rewards to save money.

What Other Energy Companies Have Rewards Programs?

If you want to score deals and offers with your energy provider but AGL isn’t quite right for you, there are other energy companies who reward loyalty.

A few other energy companies with rewards programs include:

Remember that all rewards programs are different, so always make sure you see what the terms and conditions are before signing up.

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