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AGL Payments and Billing Methods

Bills are a part of life and energy bills are no different. As an AGL customer you have many different ways to set up and pay your AGL bills and find financial support if you need. Whether you’re looking for easier ways to pay an AGL bill, see all the ways you can pay, or you need a little extra help keeping up with your energy costs, you can find all the ways to pay your AGL energy bill here.

AGL bill payment methods

AGL offers many different ways to pay your AGL bill. Whether you want to pay with direct debit, online, or by sending a cheque in the mail, you can find all the ways to pay your AGL bill in a way that works best for you.

AGL bill payment methods How to pay your AGL bill
One-touch pay in the AGL app Store your preferred payment method in the AGL app and pay your AGL bill with one click
AGL My Account Log into your AGL My Account and make a payment with your saved payment method
Pay online now Make an immediate AGL bill payment online
Direct debit Set up AGLdirect debit for easy automatic AGL bill payments
BPAY Pay your AGL bill through your financial institution using the reference number and BPAY Biller Code found on your AGL bill
PayPal Pay online using your PayPal account information
SMS bill payments Set up SMS pay to receive an SMS reminder a few days before your bill is due. Reply with “Pay” to have your AGL bill paid automatically
Pay by mail Send your AGL bill payment slip and cheque or money order to:
AGL Sales Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 20024
Melbourne VIC 3001

If you’re in Western Australia, send your payment to:
AGL Sales Pty Limited
Locked Bag 17
Cloisters Square PO
WA 6850
Pay in person Pay your AGL bill in person at any Australian Post Office

Paying too much? Compare AGL's plans and energy rates to make sure you're getting the best discount on your electricity and gas plans.

AGL billing options: Weekly, monthly, or quarterly bills

AGL offers many different ways to make your energy bills work for you. With AGL you can choose the standard quarterly billing option, or select a plan to pay in smaller and more equal amounts.

AGL bill smoothing

Bill Smoothing with AGL is an ideal way to add more consistency and flexibility to your budget. Rather than pay in large chunks every three months, as is traditional for energy bills, Bill Smoothing lets you break down your estimated annual energy bill into smaller and more manageable chunks. With AGL Bill Smoothing you can:

  • Set up monthly, fortnightly, or weekly payments
  • Pay with direct debit for seamless and automatic payments
  • Rollover unused credit for the next payment cycle
  • Track your usage and estimates to ensure you’re paying what you need
  • Pause payments with “payment holiday” if you need

With Bill Smoothing, AGL takes your estimated yearly average and breaks it down into smaller, more regular installments while taking energy price changes into account. You can choose your preferred payment date and frequency, and will receive regular updates on how your actual energy usage matches AGL’s usage estimates. At the end of the year, you will receive an overview of how your actual usage matched the estimated total. If you overpaid throughout the year you might be eligible for a refund, but if your usage was more than estimated you might be required to make a lump sum payment.

If your estimated annual energy bill with AGL is expected to be $1,200, your payments would be broken down into: $100 per month, $50 fortnightly, or $25 every week, making it easier for you to budget your expenses.

AGL monthly billing

If you prefer to pay the actual amount you owe, rather than estimated installments, you can easily set up AGL monthly billing. AGL monthly billing lets you choose the day of the month your bill will be issued, letting you pay smaller and more regular installments.

If you have a smart meter, your reading will be taken remotely, allowing AGL to accurately bill you every month. If you’re still on an analogue meter that needs to be read in-person every two or three months, however, you have one of two options:

  1. Pay monthly on estimated meter readings, based on your historic usage. If you’re a new AGL customer, your estimated monthly usage will be based on the average of similar customers.
  2. Submit your own meter reading through your AGL My Account.

If you’re an AGL flybuys rewards member, you might be eligible to earn bonus flybuys points when you choose direct debit and/or monthly billing.

Scheduled AGL payments

You can easily schedule a one-off AGL bill payment in advance. All you need to do to organise a scheduled payment is:

  1. Log into your AGL My Account
  2. Select “Make a Payment” on the bill you want to pay
  3. Confirm the payment amount and choose “Later” under the payment date
  4. Choose the day you want to make a payment
  5. Confirm your payment method

I’m having trouble paying my AGL bill

Sometimes, life gets the better of us and it may get difficult to keep up with your energy bills. Like most energy providers, AGL offers different ways to make your energy bills a little easier with their financial hardship options.

AGL payment extensions

If you need help with a one-off energy bill, due to unforeseen circumstances, you might be eligible for an AGL bill payment extension. To request a payment extension, all you need to do is log into your AGL My Account and select the “Billing” tab. From there, if you’re eligible for a payment extension you will see it as an option.

If you don’t see an option to request a payment extension, you need to contact AGL directly through the messaging service in your AGL app or My Account.

Staying Connected with AGL

AGL’s Staying Connected program is their personalized energy assistance plan that allows you to take back control of your AGL energy bills. You can contact AGL directly to get started.

With AGL Staying Connected you will:

  • Have a trained AGL consultant there to personalise a payment plan for you
  • Get a payment plan matched to your needs and current financial situation
  • Be provided with more information about payment options available
  • Have access to information about energy concessions and rebates you might be eligible for
  • Be put in touch with a free and independent financial counselor or support service to assist you with your finances
  • Get help on ways you can reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy bill
  • Remain connected to your energy while actively participating in the Staying Connected Program

AGL’s Staying Connected program is only available to AGL customers in NSW, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. If you’re an AGL customer in Victoria, contact AGL for information about their Payment Support Victoria hardship program

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