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ReAmped Energy is a rapidly growing energy provider in Australia, claiming to offer low low electricity rates thanks to being 100% online, from signup to contact and account management. But, does this mean ReAmped Energy is worth it? Continue reading below to learn more about ReAmped Energy plans and rates, what 100% online actually means for a ReAmped Energy customer, and find out what customers think in their ReAmped Energy reviews.


Due to the growing energy crisis in Australia and the rising whole electricity prices, Reamped Energy is no longer taking on new customers for the time being.

If you are are a Reamped Customer, you have been asked by Reamped to consider switching energy suppliers to help alleviate the strain on the company.

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See the FAQ below for more information.

ReAmped Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Reamped Energy?

As a small energy supplier, Reamped Energy has been unable to manage the growing price of wholesale electricity in Australia. In short: the electricity they are buying is more than they are able to sell it for. This has caused Reamped Energy to ask customers to consider switching energy suppliers.

Is Reamped Energy Going Out of Businesss?

The CEO of Reamped Energy, Luke Blincoe as assured the public that Reamped Energy does not plan to close operations in Australia.

He stated the following:

"We are not exiting the market, but urge you to act while you can still find a better deal with another retailer, and if we can help, please let us know."

Are My Reamped Energy Bills Going to Go up?

If you stay with Reamped Energy, your bills will almost certainly go up.

Bigger energy suppliers like Origin & AGL have larger cash reserves and can weather the storm for longer that Reamped Energy is able to. You will likely find a better deal with another provider.

Why Did Reamped Energy Ask Their Customers to Leave?

Reamped Energy asked their customers to change to a different energy company so that they can cut their losses as much as possible. As Reamped Energy CEL Luke Blincoe stated:

“The more customers we have, the higher our prices will need to go.”

What Should I Do If I Am A Reamped Energy Customer?

If you are a Reamped Energy customer, the best thing you can do is switch energy providers as soon as possible.

We recommend comparing energy providers with a service like Selectra, or the government's Energy Made Easy website.

We also recommend taking a look at connection and disconnection fees before making your choice. Selectra can help you sign up to a new provider by contacting us here:

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ReAmped Energy Plans


ReAmped Energy has a number of different electricity plans available to Australians in NSW, ACT, Vic, Qld, and SA.

It’s important to remember that ReAmped Energy is 100% online. This means you not only need to sign up for a ReAmped plan online, but you will need to agree to direct debit as your bill payment method, agree to eBilling, and 100% online communication with ReAmped Energy if you ever need any help with your account.

If you’re not comfortable with your energy provider being 100% online, ReAmped Energy might not be the choice for you. However, if you don’t mind managing your energy services entirely online, ReAmped Energy tends to be amongst the cheapest energy providers around.

  • Here is a list of ReAmped Energy plans:
  • ReAmped Classic
  • ReAmped Handshake
  • ReAmped Advance
  • ReAmped Solar

Continue below to find out more about what ReAmped Energy plans are available, and have to offer.

ReAmped Classic

ReAmped Energy Classic is a simple electricity plan from ReAmped Energy.

With ReAmped Classic you can get:

  • No lock-in contract & $0 exit fees
  • Direct debit required
  • Online communication required
  • Payment options: Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly

ReAmped Handshake

If you don’t mind a one-year commitment, ReAmped Handshake offers better rates for energy customers. While you do need to commit to one year with ReAmped, you should know that there’s no lock-in contract. ReAmped Energy just claims to “just take you on your word”.

With ReAmped Handshake you can get:

  • Better ReAmped rates in exchange for a 1-year commitment
  • No lock-in contract
  • Direct debit required
  • Online communication required
  • Payment options: Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly

ReAmped Advance

ReAmped Advance offers the best ReAmped Energy rates, but you need to agree to pay your ReAmped Energy bills in advance every fortnight. You’ll still get your invoices every quarter, you’ll just pay an estimated amount in advance.

If you sign up for ReAmped Advance, you will get:

  • Best ReAmped Energy rates available
  • Pay fortnightly in advance
  • Quarterly invoicing
  • No lock-in contract & $0 exit fees
  • Direct debit required
  • Online communication required

ReAmped Solar

Green solar panels

ReAmped Solar is for energy customers with residential solar panels. While all ReAmped Energy plans come with a feed-in tariff, get the best solar feed-in tariff with ReAmped Solar for the solar energy you export.

In addition, ReAmped Solar also offers:

  • Best solar FiT from ReAmped Energy
  • No lock-in contract & $0 exit fees
  • Direct debit required
  • Online communication required
  • Payment options: Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly

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ReAmped Energy Rates

Thanks to being entirely digital, ReAmped Energy rates are some of the cheapest electricity plans available on the market.

Below, you will find the ReAmped electricity rates available for each state. Currently, ReAmped is only offering a standing offer equal to the DMO for existing customers only.

ReAmped Energy Rates - by State
Discount Off the Reference Price Same as reference price -26% off Same as reference price Same as reference price Same as reference price
Estimated Annual Cost
(discounts included)
$1,820 / year $1,880 / year $1,480 / year $1,960 / year $2,170 / year

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only and don't compare all products, providers, plan features, offers, or rates. Products are compared like-for-like and any distinctions between products are clearly marked. Not all offers may be available in all locations or distribution networks. OVO Energy Rates based on electricity distributor for each capital city (2000, 2600, 3000, 4000, 5000 postcodes respectively). Calculations are based on the reference price and average yearly consumption for homes in each area (3900kwh, 4600khw, 4000kwh, 4600kwh, 4000kwh respectively). Any offers or estimated costs compared are for example purposes only and may change based on your individual circumstances or habits. Selectra advises you to do your own research at before determining if you should sign up for a new energy plan. Offers and availability are subject to change. Read more about Basic Plan Information here. Valid May 2024.

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Call center currently closed (free service - open Monday to Friday from 10am -7pm)
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ReAmped Energy Review

Across the web, ReAmped Energy reviews are mixed, with some customers happy with the low rates they get with ReAmped though others have problems with billing, particularly with the ReAmped Energy Advance electricity plan.

Google Reviews give ReAmped Energy 4.3 out of 5 stars while ProductReview only gives ReAmped Energy 1.9 out of 5 stars.

 ReAmped Energy customers seem to say that the process of signing up for a ReAmped electricity plan is very simple, and once signed up many customers say they have reduced their energy bills by quite a bit.

As Bradley B from Adelaide SA, cites in his 5-star ReAmped Energy review:

I went from $700 bills to half that and even less sometimes! They offer do it yourself meter reads monthly so you can keep on top of your usage!
I’ve never been happier than when I changed to Reamped. I had an aircon running all summer and my electricity bill was still amazingly cheap!

 The biggest complaint in our research of ReAmped Energy reviews are suddenly high bills, and bills often based on estimated meter readings rather than actual meter readings. Customers frequently seem to cite that their first few ReAmped bills will be reasonable, but then suddenly increase for no apparent reason, leading to frustration.

RCC of South East Queensland, says in his 1-star verified ReAmped Energy review:

I signed up to $60 fortnight advanced plan, without contacting me they decided to increase my direct debit to $120 a fortnight. They didn’t read my meter for over 3 months and when I questioned the amount they said your meter will be read and we will stop taking the money. This never happened. I had $720 in credit and after moving to another provider they back charged me $296 for the three and a bit months. How can a company take over double what they should without even getting my permission. Then to top it off it’s been 11 days since the transfer was complete to my new provider and they are delaying processing my refund. They say different things every time I message, the latest correspondence was an email tonight saying my refund will be processed in 1-2 business days and then it’ll prob take another 1-2 business days to get to my account if I’m lucky. Not good enough, [sic]worts company I have ever dealt with.

It should be noted, however, that it is your energy distributor, not your energy provider, that deals with reading your meter or getting a remote smart meter reading. In addition, ReAmped Energy does give you the option to submit a self meter reading every month to ensure your bills are correct.

Is ReAmped Energy a Good Deal?

For the technologically savvy, ReAmped Energy can be a great deal.

ReAmped Energy Review: Pros

  • Low electricity rates
  • No conditional discounts
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Flexible billing cycles (fortnightly, monthly)

ReAmped Energy Review: Cons

  • Electricity only, no gas plans available
  • 100% online (no phone number)
  • Direct debit only
  • Billing discrepencies reported by customers

 ReAmped Energy is 100% online and claims that this is to reduce the costs associated with an inbound call centre and pass on the savings to their customers.

Australians who don’t mind 100% online signup, billing, and communication with their energy provider can access these low ReAmped Energy rates currently available on the market.

However, there are some complaints about ReAmped Energy from customers, and if you do have an issue with ReAmped there is no easy way to call ReAmped Energy to have your problem resolved. You can only contact ReAmped by live chat, callback, or online form.

 The biggest complaint found in ReAmped Energy reviews is their billing and payment methods.

As ReAmped Energy is 100% online, you can only really pay your ReAmped Energy bill by direct debit. Particularly for ReAmped Advance, which requires you to pay your energy bill fortnightly by direct debit in advance, some customers cite higher than predicted estimated payments.

Reamped Energy Contact

You can contact ReAmped Energy using the Reamped Live Chat on their website.

Contact ReAmped Energy

The live chat is open: Monday - Sunday 7am to 10pm.

On the same page, you can also send reamped energy a message, or request a callback.

ReAmped Energy FAQ

Does ReAmped Energy have a phone number?

ReAmped Energy does not have a phone number available for customers to call.

You can request a callback using the ReAmped Energy online callback form, but the best ways to contact ReAmped Energy are by live chat or online form.

Is ReAmped Gas Available?

ReAmped Energy does not currently offer gas plans.

If you’re looking for a new energy provider that offers both electricity and gas, some Australian energy providers include:

Is ReAmped Energy Australian owned?

ReAmped Energy is partially Australian-owned.

While ReAmped Energy was founded by Australian-born Jason Donald, the energy company is partly funded by investments from New Zealand. However, according to ReAmped, many of their Australian employees have part-ownership or stakes in ReAmped Energy.

100% Australian-owned Energy Companies Include:

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