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ReAmped Energy is one of the newest energy providers within the Australian energy market, offering cheap electricity with flexibility to customers in New South Wales and Queensland. ReAmped Energy calls itself simple and honest, offering customers the simplicity of managing their energy online, without the complexity of expiring benefit periods or confusing discounts. Discover all ReAmped Energy has to offer, and decide if they or another energy provider are best for you.

Overview of ReAmped Energy Australia

ReAmped Energy is another new energy provider within the NEM, following the trend of smaller energy retailers that do-away with confusing discounts and conditions in exchange for simple, low, rates.

ReAmped Energy first began retailing electricity to its customers in New South Wales and Queensland in 2018 and quickly became known as one of Australia’s cheapest energy options.

ReAmped Electricity Offers

ReAmped Energy has two simple electricity plans available for customers in New South Wales, and one available to customers in Queensland.

 ReAmped Energy is the basic plan offered by ReAmped in both NSW and Queensland. It offers direct debit options and online communication without confusing discounts, as well as flexible billing either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. On this plan, customers can expect to save up to 17% or more off the standing market offer, but actual savings vary depending on the customer’s individual location.

 ReAmped Handshake is ReAmped Energy’s commitment plan. While it still comes with no exit fees or lock-in contracts (Reamped says they just the customers word as commitment), customers receive better rates than the standard Reamped Energy plan when they agree to commit to Reamped for one year. Like Reamped Energy, Handshake comes with flexible billing, direct debit, and online communication. Both ReAmped Energy and ReAmped Handshake also come with an 8c / kWh solar feed-in-tariff.

ReAmped Electricity Plans in NSW and Queensland
  ReAmped Energy ReAmped Handshake
States Offered New South Wales
New South Wales
  • Direct debit
  • Online billing & communication
  • No lock-in contracts or exit fees
  • Flexible billing schedule
    (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Direct debit
  • Better rates for 1-year commitment
  • Online billing & communication
  • No lock-in contracts or exit fees
  • Flexible billing schedule
    (weekly, fortnightly, monthly
Percentage off the
reference price
Up to 17% or more off the DMO Up to 20% or more off the DMO

Contact ReAmped Energy

ReAmped Energy is another energy provider who mostly deals in online communication. Customers who wish to contact Reamped Energy by phone can request a callback by dialling 1800 841 627, and Reamped Energy customer service will call back between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

Otherwise, customers can get in touch with Reamped Energy online via live chat between 9am and 5pm weekdays, email, or by logging into their ReAmped Energy account and sending a message via the support page.

How to Subscribe to ReAmped Energy

ReAmped Energy’s predominantly online platform means that sign-up is 100% online as well. Customers can go online with their postal address, and choose then plan they want. Once a customer chooses, they will be directed to fill out all relevant information including personal details, identification details for a credit check to ensure eligibility, and a valid connection address.

Customers in NSW moving house and switching to ReAmped Energy can arrange for their connection next-day, as long as they complete their sign-up before 2pm the day before. Customers in Queensland can have same-day connection if they sign up before 12pm local time.

Cancel your ReAmped Energy account or move house and keep ReAmped Energy

10-Day Cooling Off PeriodCustomers in Australia who sign up for a new energy plan are legally entitled to a 10-business-day cooling off period. During these 10 business days, a new energy customer can cancel their new plan at any point, for any reason, without penalty.

Existing ReAmped Energy customers looking to move house with ReAmped Energy, or cancel their current ReAmped energy plan, can do so by contacting ReAmped Energy customer service either by live chat, email, or requesting a call back at 1800 841 627.

How to Pay Your ReAmped Energy Bill

ReAmped Energy customers can pay their bills online via their online account. Through their online account customers can make payments, including payments on future bills to stay ahead, set up direct debit, pay a bill now, change how frequently they want bills, or change their payment method.

ReAmped Energy reviews

There aren't many ReAmped Energy reviews available online as they are so new to the energy market, however the reviews they do have are mostly positive.

  • Easy Savings - Customers say that ReAmped is some of the cheapest energy available, without any confusing discounts
  • Difficult Communication - Despite their live chat feature, customers often state it can be frustrating trying to get in contact with ReAmped Energy for issues. As one customer stated, “Chat text is fine when everything is going well but when problems arise you need to be able to talk to someone.”