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Momentum Energy: Offers, Contact Information, Reviews

Momentum Energy is a small energy provider serving Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, which prides itself in its green energy initiatives and simple plans without confusing discounts. Read more about Momentum Energy, and all its offers, below, to find out which Australian energy provider is best for you. 

Overview of Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy was first started in 2002 in Melbourne. Between 2008 and 2009, Hydro Tasmania, one of Australia's biggest renewable energy retailers, purchased Momentum Energy. In 2012, Momentum Energy expanded their services to include New South Wales and South Australia. Now, Momentum offers electricity to customers in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, as well as natural gas in Victoria. 

Momentum Energy Gas and Electricity Offers

Momentum Energy offers customers in Victoria the choice between three electricity plans and one natural gas plan, and customers in New South Wales and South Australia one electricity plan. All plans come with no exit fees, no credit card fees, and for customers in New South Wales and Victoria, a $50 online signup bonus, all with an open benefit period.

Momentum Energy Electricity Offers in Victoria

Momentum Energy offers three electricity plans for customers in Victoria: SmilePower Flexi; Move Mate; and for customers with solar power, Solar Step-Up.

 SmilePower comes at the same rate as the Victorian Default Offer, but Momentum Energy offers a $50 welcome bonus when you sign up online, no exit fees, and no credit card fees. SmilePower also supports Hydro Tasmania, which is Australia’s largest renewable energy generator.

 Momentum Energy has an electricity plan geared towards renters or people who plan on moving frequently. With Momentum Energy Move Mate, the average bill is a bit more expensive but waives their moving fee, and offers next-business-day connection. Like all other Momentum Energy plans, Move Mate comes with an open benefit period, and doesn’t have any credit card or exit fees.

 Customers with solar panels can opt for Momentum Energy’s Solar Step-Up plan. With Solar Step-Up, Momentum Energy gives customers a higher feed-in-tariff of 13.5c/kWh, rather than the standard Victorian rate of 12c/kWh. In addition to the higher feed-in-tariff, Momentum Energy’s Solar Step-Up plan comes with their usual no exit or credit card fees, and an open benefit period, as well as a $50 online sign-up bonus.

Momentum Energy Electricity Offers in New South Wales and South Australia

Momentum Energy customers in New South Wales and South Australia are able to sign-up for SmilePower Flexi which helps contribute to Hydro Tasmania, the largest renewable energy generator in Australia. Momentum Energy prides itself in no confusing discount options, as well as no exit or credit card fees, with an open benefit period. Customers in New South Wales are also eligible for a $50 welcome bonus when they sign up online.

Gas Offers from Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy offers natural gas services to customers in Victoria. Customers can choose between two plans: Gas and Gas Move Mate.

 Momentum Energy’s Gas plan comes with competitive rates and a $50 welcome bonus, as well as no exit or credit cards fees, all with the added convenience of having both electricity and gas come from one provider.

 Gas Move Mate by Momentum Energy is a new service offered by Momentum Energy. It comes with all the same benefits as Momentum Energy’s natural gas plan, and at the moment does not appear to have the same waived moving fee offered with Move Mate Electricity, but this is liable to change in the future.

Contact Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy customer service is available to contact during the week between 8am and 7pm.

  • Customers who want to switch to Momentum Energy can call 1800 794 824
  • Existing customers who want to contact Momentum Energy can dial 1300 662 778
  • The general Momentum Energy customer service number is 1800 627 228
  • Momentum Energy customers who want to call from overseas can dial +61 3 8612 6400

All email enquiries can be sent to info@momentum.com.au.

Customers can mail Momentum Energy customer service at the following address:

P.O. Box 353
Flinders Lane
VIC 8009

Want to Subscribe to Momentum Energy?

Customers looking to switch or subscribe to Momentum Energy can do so by calling Momentum Energy at 1800 794 824 during the week, between 8am and 6pm.

Customers can also sign-up for Momentum Energy online and submikt their address of postcode for a quote. Customers will be required to give valid identification, as well as billing details, when signing up and must be approved with a credit check.

Momentum Energy Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Momentum Energy are not as widespread as other energy providers in Australia, and the reviews available are average for the market.

  • Transparent billing: Customers cite easy-to-read bills which show exactly what you are charged and why
  • Long customer service wait times: Trying to get in touch with Momentum Energy customer service can leave customers on hold for over 30 minutes

Looking to Change? Move with or Cancel Momentum Energy

Current customers can move with Momentum Energy by either calling 1300 662 778 or logging into Momentum Energy My Account to organize their move, whereas new customers looking to switch to Momentum Energy while moving can organize for their new property connection by signing up online or by phone at 1800 794 824.

Customers who wish to cancel their Momentum Energy service can do so by phoning 1300 662 778, or by logging into Momentum Energy My Account online.

How to Pay Your Momentum Energy Bill

Momentum Energy has many ways to pay your bill, online, in person, or over the phone.

Pay Your Momentum Energy Bill
Method How to Pay
Phone Dial 1300 662 778
Press option 3, followed by option 1
Direct Debit via Bank Account Fill out this form and return
Direct Debit via Card Set up direct debit via credit card in your My Account
BPAY Contact your financial institution
Quote the Biller Code and reference number on your bill
Post Bill Pay Find your local post office to pay in person
Or dial 13 18 16
Mail Mail cheque or money order with payment slip to:
Momentum Energy
GPO Locked Bag 2930

Momentum Energy Online

Momentum Energy is available online through their My Account. Momentum Energy also has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. For updates about Momentum Energy, you can check out their blog, Habitat.

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