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1st Energy has been around since 2014, and is notably the first energy provider to enter the Tasmanian energy market as a competitor to the historic provider Aurora Energy. Find out if 1st Energy is right for you out of all of Australia's energy providers, by reading more about their offers and information below.

Overview of 1st Energy

Australian-based energy company, 1st Energy, has been around since 2014 with retail services in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, and most recently South Australia. They were also, notably, the first company to move into Tasmania, following the deregulation of the energy market in the area, to challenge government-owned Aurora Energy. 1st Energy claims a customer-first company policy, promising excellent customer service in addition to guaranteed ongoing benefits no matter the contract term.

1st Energy gas and electricity rates and offers

1st Energy offers electricity plans to customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania, and gas energy to Victorian customers. In addition, 1st Energy has recently expanded and begun retailing electricity to South Australia. Continue reading below for a description of 1st Energy’s plans, as well as any important information you should know.

1st Energy gas and electricity offers in Victoria

Victorian customers have two available electricity plans and one gas plan through 1st Energy. Prices below are based off of the postcode 3000 on a single-rate tariff and may differ based on your actual postcode and energy distribution zone. All of 1st Energy’s electricity plans come with an ongoing benefit period and monthly billing to avoid bill-shock, as well as no credit card, exit, or paper bill fees.

1st Energy electricity plans for Victoria*
  1st Saver Prepaid Value Standing Offer
Discount off the reference price 15% 16% N / A
Daily supply charge 113.08c / day 113.08c / day 113.08c / day
Usage rates 25.15c / kWh 25.15c / kWh 25.15c / kWh
Conditions Pay on time N / A N / A
Estimated annual price** $1,268 $1,258 $1,420

*Source: 1st Energy Gas and Electricity Plans
**Based on estimated annual usage of 4,000kWh

Prepaid Value PlanCustomers should be made aware with 1st Energy’s Prepaid Value Plan, an upfront prepayment of $1,000 is required and will offset your 1st Energy bills. Any unused credit balance will be refunded at the end of the agreement.

1st Energy offers one discount gas plan to customers in Victoria. With their 1st Saver gas plan, 1st Energy gas customers could save up to $206 off their estimated annual usage based on an average daily consumption of 159MJ / day. Customers will get an ongoing benefit period and monthly billing to avoid bill-shock, as well as no credit card, exit, or paper bill fees.

1st Saver gas rates for Victoria (postcode 3000)
Daily supply charge 80.3c / day
First 27.4MJ / day 2.93c / MJ
Next 21.9MJ / day 2.57c / MJ
Remaining MJ / day 2.19c / MJ

*Source: 1st Energy Gas and Electricity Plans
**Based on average daily consumption of 159 MJ/day

1st Energy electricity offers in New South Wales

1st Energy customers in NSW have one electricity plan available to them which, based on the postcode 2000, is 13% less than the reference price with a pay-on-time discount. With an estimated annual usage of 3,900kWh, customers on 1st Energy’s 1st Saver plan can expect to pay $1,270 / year. In addition, 1st Energy guarantees no credit card, exit, or paper bill fees.

1st Saver electricity plan for New South Wales*
Daily supply charge 108.90c / kWh
First 15kWh usage rates 27.24c / kWh
Remaining general usage 30.77c / kWh

*Source: 1st Energy Gas and Electricity Plans
**Prices for postcode 2000 (Ausgrid Distribution Network)

1st Energy electricity offers in Queensland

Customers in Queensland have access to the 1st Saver electricity plan through 1st Energy. While exact discounts vary based on your distribution zone, based on the rates in the Energex distribution zone customers could have access to discounts of up to 12% off the reference price when they pay their bill on time. For a customer with an average annual household usage of 4,600kWh this could mean an annual cost of $1,376 as compared to the reference price of $1,565 per year.

1st Saver energy plan for Queensland (Energex Distribution Zone)
Daily supply charge 126.50c / day
First 15kWh usage rates 23.98c / kWh
Remaining usage rates 27.50c / kWh

*Source: 1st Energy Gas and Electricity Plans
**Prices for postcode 4000 (Energex Distribution Network)

1st Energy Tasmania

1st Energy is notable in that it is the first energy retailer to enter the Tasmanian market, in an attempt to compete with government-owned Aurora Energy. Customers in Tasmania have access to three plans through 1st Energy, which offer different types of savings to suit your needs.

  • 1st Saver: Percentage discount off 1st Energy’s market usage charges when you pay on time
  • 1st Solar Bonus: Additional 5c / kWh solar feed-in-tariff for customers with solar panels
  • 1st Plus: Receive a $50 credit towards your energy bill every 6 months

All three of these plans through 1st Energy in Tasmania have the same usage rates and daily supply charges:

  • Daily supply charge: 96.53c / day
  • General usage rates: 26.95c / kWh
  • Solar feed-in-tariff: 9.347c / kWh (+5c / kWh with 1st Solar Bonus plan)

Want to sign up to 1st Energy?

Customers who are looking to sign up with 1st Energy can do so online through the 1st Energy onboarding platform. You will need to supply your details to 1st Energy, including a valid ID to consent to a credit check being performed. Valid ID can include:

  • Passport
  • Drivers license
  • Medicare card

Moving house with 1st Energy

1st Energy recommends arranging your move at least three business days prior to your move-in date. All you need to do is call 1st Energy and provide details including your new address, and make sure access to your new meter is clear and free from obstruction including locked gates or animals.

On the day of your connection, ensure your main switch is in the off position and once the connection is complete you can switch your electricity back on. While 1st Energy does not charge a moving fee, your distributor may so it’s always best to check with them to see what fees you might have.

How to cancel a 1st Energy Plan

1st Energy doesn’t offer a straightforward to cancel your energy service with them. However, it is recommended to contact 1st Energy by phone or email to find out the steps necessary to cancel your 1st Energy plan. In addition, your 1st Energy account online might offer additional details on how to cancel your service. It should be noted that if you wish to cancel your 1st Energy plan, you might be charged with an early termination fee. 

1st Energy contact number and email

1st Energy customer service is available between 8:30am and 6pm weekdays for any enquiry you might have. You can contact 1st Energy customer service a number of ways including phone, email, or online form.

1st Energy bill payment methods

1st Energy offers flexible payment methods for customers to pay their 1st Energy bills. In addition, customers who might have trouble paying their bill can find support and help through 1st Energy by calling 1300 426 594.

Payment methods for 1st Energy billing
Method of payment How to pay
Direct debit Call 1300 426 594 to set up direct debit or fill out a direct debit form and send it by post to: PO Box 1045 Hampton North VIC 3188 or by email
Credit card Pay online with 1st Energy secure online payment portal
BPAY Get in touch with your financial institution and quote your unique reference number found on your bill, and 1st Energy BPAY biller code 878876
Phone Call 1300 426 594 with your Visa or Mastercard ready
By mail Send your payment slip and cheque made payable to PO Box 1045 Hampton North Vic 3188

1st Energy reviews and rating

Customer reviews of 1st Energy are mixed, and there is some speculation that some of the positive reviews online might be rigged due to the discrepancies between review sites. ProductReview gives 1st Energy 1.2 out of 5 stars with 85 customer reviews, while TrustPilot gives 1st Energy 59% 5-star reviews, out of 116 total reviews.

Many customers on ProductReview state questionable business practices when it comes to 1st Energy getting customers to sign up, such as switching them over from their current retailer without clear consent and when customers attempt to change back to their original retailer, they find it difficult to do so.

However, customers on TrustPilot who cite positive experiences with 1st Energy like the fact that 1st Energy bills on a monthly cycle to avoid bill shock and help customers manage their payments, as well as the fact they offer competitive pricing and are Australian owned.