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Enova Energy is one of the many up-and-coming green energy providers making huge strides in the Australian electricity market, particularly amongst those with solar power systems. In addition to their incentivizing solar feed-in-tariff, Enova Energy also has many initiatives to bring solar power to those who might not be able to access renewable energy otherwise. For more information about Enova Energy, continue reading below or discover all of Australia's energy retailers to find the best plan for you. 

Overview of Enova Energy

Enova Energy first launched in 2016 as Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer, raising money donated by Australian residents in order to bring cleaner, greener energy to the citizens of Australia. Since 2016, Enova Energy has funded projects such as micro-grids and solar gardens.

Currently, Enova Energy receives about 50% of energy used from their own customers' solar energy sold back into the grid, as well as grid-energy from a variety of renewable and nonrenewable sources. Enova Energy purchases carbon offsets approved under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) in order to offset their non-renewable purchases and aims to be 100% renewable by 2020.

Enova Energy Offers

Enova Energy is currently only available in New South Wales and offers two electricity plans to customers in the region. Customers with solar energy systems can enjoy increased solar feed-in-tariff with Solar Premium, and customers without solar energy can sign-up for Community Plus which offers a 3% pay on time discount.

Both plans come without lock-in contracts and no exit fees, as well as flexible billing options and the ability to contribute to GreenPower100 carbon offset programme.

Solar Premium Community Plus
  • 16c / kWh FiT for first 6kWh exported
    + 9c / kWh for remaining exported energy
  • No lock-in contract or exit fees
  • Monthly or quarterly billing
  • 3% pay on time discount off usage rates
  • No lock-in contract or exit fees
  • Monthly or quarterly billing

In addition, 50% of Enova’s profits after tax go back into the community through renewable energy projects, energy education, and bringing renewable options to those who might not have the opportunity otherwise.

Community Projects lead by Enova Energy

Since its inception in 2016, Enova Energy has funded two community-based projects; micro-grids, and solar gardens, both of which aim to bring renewable energy to communities in Australia.

Enova and Micro-Grids

Micro-grids are small, self-serving, renewable energy systems that allow streets, apartment blocks, and industrial complexes to become more energy independent. Buildings within a micro-grid set-up their own renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to generate their own electricity. Excess energy gets shared with other participants within the micro-grid.

Any energy left over can be stored in batteries, or sold back to the larger national electricity grid. This allows participants to save money on energy, as well as reduce carbon emissions and their dependence on the greater national energy grid.

Currently, 30 businesses are participating in Enova Energy’s microgrid project.

Enova and Solar Gardens

Solar gardens allow people who might not have access to solar energy otherwise to participate in renewable energy. This includes tenants in apartments, renters, people who live in shady areas, and people who frequently move. Solar gardeners purchase solar panels in this solar garden and in return receive solar tariffs on their electricity bill.

Solar gardens can be put on large apartment rooftops, in industrial complexes, or other community-owned areas, and the owners of these spaces then receive a discount on their own solar energy bill.

Enova Energy + Enosi

Enova Energy has recently partnered with Enosi to launch a shared community battery in New South Wales. With this community battery, Enova Energy hopes to not only bring a more efficient way to generate, store, and supply energy to Australians in NSW but also bring P2P energy trading to local communities. With hopes to launch this project by the end of the year, Enova is currently inviting 500 customers to join and participate in the project (both current and new Enova Energy customers). With this partnership with Enosi, Enova hopes to bring more value to customers' rooftop solar investment, while better utilising renewably generated energy, and supporting local communities. 

How to Contact Enova Energy

Enova Energy customer service is available weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Customers can contact Enova Energy by phone or email.

Enova Energy sales team can be called at (02) 5622 1700 with interpreter services available at 12 14 50.

Enova Energy is also available to email for sales or for general customer support or enquiries.

Enova Energy can be mailed at:

PO Box 435
Byron Bay
NSW 2481

How to Subscribe to Enova Energy

Customers can sign-up with Enova Energy online. Customers will be required to provide personal details including the connection address, and identification for a credit check to ensure eligibility.

Looking to Change?

Cooling Off PeriodNew energy customers in Australia are legally entitled to a 10-business-day cooling off period after signing up for a new energy service. During these 10 business days, customers can cancel their new energy service at any time without penalty.

Customers looking to move or cancel their plan with Enova Energy can do so by contacting Enova Energy customer service.

Enova Energy customer service is available 8:30am to 5:30pm weekdays and can be reached by (02) 5622 1700 or emailing

How to Pay an Enova Energy Bill

Enova Energy customers can pay their bills online, over the phone, or in person.

Ways to Pay Enova Energy Bill
Method of Payment How to Pay
Direct Debit Fill Out the Direct Debit Form
In-Person at any WestPac Branch Account Name: Enova Energy
BSB: 032 573
Account Number: 336 712
Your personal reference number can be found on your invoice
BPAY Biller Code: 256 446
Your personal reference number can be found on your invoice
Over the Phone with
Visa or Mastercard
Dial (02) 5622 1700

Enova Energy Reviews

Enova Energy reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with ProductReview giving them 100% five-star reviews, and Google Reviews giving them 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customers cite their “caring” and local customer service team, as well as their ethical practices.

Customers also cite great savings, especially for those who have large solar panels and batteries. One customer states “I get refunds instead of bills!”.