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Aurora Energy: Tasmanian Energy Offers, Contact, Subscribe

Aurora Energy is the historic, government-owned energy provider of Tasmania and, up until 2019 when 1st Energy joined the Tazzie market, the only energy retailer in the state. Continue reading to see if Aurora Energy is right for you, or find out more about all of Australia's energy providers with Selectra.

Overview of Aurora Energy in Tasmania

Aurora Energy is the historic, governmentally owned, energy provider in Tasmania, and one of two energy providers in the market today, following the government’s implementation of Full Retail Competition in 2014.

Aurora Energy was first founded in 1998 after the disaggregation of the Tasmanian Hydro Electric Commission, which resulted in the creation of three state-owned companies: Hydro Tasmania, which generates power; Transcend Networks, which transmits power; and Aurora Energy, which sells and distributes energy to customers.

Aurora Energy was one of the first energy providers to offer pay-as-you-go energy with the use of a smart meter with its first launch in 1997 in Tasmania, and subsequent launch in 2007 in South Australia.

Aurora Energy Electricity and Gas Offers

As the historic provider of energy in Tasmania, Aurora Energy serves the majority of Tasmanians in electricity and natural gas.

Aurora Energy Electricity Offers

Aurora Energy offers three electricity plans for customers in Tasmania, which can come in either a flat rate, residential peak and off-peak, or Aurora’s flagship Pay As You Go electricity plan which will be replaced by Aurora Pay As You Go Plus by the end of 2019. With Aurora Energy’s electricity plans, financial assistance is available, and they offer a wide variety of payment options.

Aurora Energy Electricity Rates
  Residential Flat Rate Residential Peak
& Off-Peak
Pay as You Go
(Soon to be Pay
as You Go Plus)
Daily Charge Light + Power: 96.528c/day
Heating + Hot Water: 17.9c/day
107.23/kWh 107.23/kWh
Pricing Lights + Power: 26.96c/kWh
Heating + Hot Water: 17.507c/kWh
Peak: 32.587c/kWh
Off-Peak: 15.173c/kWh
Peak: 32.587c/kWh
Off-Peak: 15.173c/kWh
Prerequisites Wired-in heating and hot water Advanced meter required Advanced meter required
Only available to current PAYG customers
Additional Features     Online functionality to view and
manage credit via app (including notifications)

Want to Go Green? Aurora Energy gives customers the option to go green with GreenPower. Through Aurora Green, customers can choose to offset between 10% and 100% of their energy usage by paying a little extra every month, in order to bring more renewable energy into the grid.

Natural Gas with Aurora Energy

Due to the regulation of the natural gas market, Aurora offers one set natural gas price for its customers, which is broken down as:

  1. Daily supply charge of 53.9c/day
  2. Energy units at 3.9398c/MJ

With Aurora Energy, gas can be used to complement electricity offers and can be used for gas stove cooking, barbecues, patio heating, or pool and jacuzzi heating.

Solar Power with Aurora Energy

While Aurora Energy doesn’t sell or install their own solar panels or solar packages, they offer a feed-in tariff (FiT) for customers who already have them. New customers with either a single-phase 10kw connection or customers with a three-phase 30Kw connection are eligible for the standard feed-in-tariff of 9.346c/kWh.

Customers who previously held a Legacy feed-in for a solar system, approved and installed before August 31st 2013, are eligible for a FiT of 9.437c/kWh plus an additional 5c/kWh. For customers who want solar energy on their property, Aurora Energy will work with your solar installer to make the process as manageable as possible.

Getting in Touch with Aurora Energy

Residential customers who want to get in touch with Aurora Energy can call 1300 13 2003 nationally or +61 3 6237 3400 internationally weekdays between 8am and 6pm local time.

Aurora Energy Mailing Addresses
Customer Service by Mail Bill Payments by Mail
Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
GPO Box 191
Hobart TAS, 7001
Aurora Energy
Locked Bag 4
Hobart Tasmania, 7001

How to Subscribe to Aurora Energy

Customers looking to connect to Aurora Energy, or current customers looking to move with Aurora Energy, can do so online through their Connect Online form.

To subscribe to Aurora Energy, you will need a form of identification, as well as a concession card if you hold one. For customers who need to organize a connection in less than three days, you will need to call Aurora customer service to organize a quicker connection.

Looking for a Change

Cooling Off PeriodAustralia law allows all residential customers a 10-day cooling-off period. Once you subscribe to a new energy service, you are given 10 business days to cancel at any time without penalty. Cancelling outside of that 10-day window may result in an exit fee.

Customers can disconnect their electricity and cancel their service using their Aurora Online account, or by calling 1300 132 003 during the week between 8am and 6pm. Once outside of the 10-day cooling-off period, customers may be charged an exit fee.

How to Pay your Aurora Energy Bills

Customers can choose from many different ways on how to pay their bills including phone, in person, by mail, and with BPAY

How to Pay Aurora Energy
Method How to Pay What you Need
Direct Debit Set up direct deposit If you pay by bank account number rather than bank card, you could be eligible for 5.5 cents per day discount
Online Pay Online Now Pay now with your account number and a Visa or Mastercard
BPAY Contact your financial institution with your 9-digit account number Biller code: 5595
Pay by Mail Aurora Energy
Locked Bag 4
Hobart Tasmania, 7001
Send your check or money order, made out to Aurora
Pay by Phone Call the Australian post: 13 18 16 BillPay Code: 0755
Pay in Person Take your bill to any Australia Post Office, agency, or Service Tasmania You can pay by cash, cheque, or EFTPOS