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EnergyAustralia Reviews: Should You Switch to EnergyAustralia?

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EnergyAustralia is one of the biggest energy providers in Australia, with plans and offers for electricity, gas, and solar energy. If you’re considering EnergyAustralia, you might be interested in seeing what others have to say about them and how they rate in terms of price, offers, and renewable energy. Below, you can find a detailed review of different aspects of EnergyAustralia, so you can make the best decision about your energy provider.

A review of EnergyAustralia plans and offers

Over 1.7 million Australians get their electricity and gas from EnergyAustralia, making it the third biggest provider in the country behind AGL and Origin Energy. Though smaller than their two main competitors, EnergyAustralia offers energy plans to Australians in:

EnergyAustralia has three basic plans, all of which come with the option to go 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost, flexible billing and payment options, and sign-up incentives such as bill credits.


EnergyAustralia energy plans
EnergyAustralia plan name EnergyAustralia Plan description
Basic Home Standard rates with no discounts (the same as the reference price)
No Frills Simple, low rates for 12 months
Total Plan A total discount on your energy bill with fixed rates for 12 months

EnergyAustralia review: The good and the bad

While most will consider price the biggest factor when deciding on an energy provider, it’s important to look at all the information available to make an informed decision about your electricity and gas. Here, you will find a detailed review of EnergyAustralia, including what they offer, their rates and prices, how they rate for renewable energy, and how they measure up in the industry for customer complaints.

EnergyAustralia rates and discounts

Like Origin Energy and AGL, EnergyAustralia offers comparable energy rates. While EnergyAustralia is not the cheapest energy provider in Australia, in any state they service, their mid-tier discounts and household name make them an attractive choice for some. If you live in New South Wales, Victoria, or Queensland, EnergyAustralia’s rates are comparable to AGL and Origin, but if you live in South Australia or the ACT, they’re among some of the more expensive energy provider options.

EnergyAustralia and renewable energy

With the recent push for greener and more sustainable energy options, many energy providers are offering different ways for you, the consumer, to feel better about the energy you use. EnergyAustralia was once known as one of “The Dirty Three”due to their electricity generation methods and carbon emissions, but, is this still the case?

 Carbon offset: EnergyAustralia offers 100% carbon offset for all their energy plans, at no additional cost to the customer. In addition, as a GreenPower accredited energy provider, customers can opt to include up to 100% additional carbon offset, for a small, additional cost.

 GreenPeace: The 2018 GreenPeace Green Electricity Guide rates EnergyAustralia as the worst of The Big Three energy providers, in terms of renewable and green energy. GreenPeace gives EnergyAustralia 3 out of 5 stars for their renewable initiatives, while Origin Energy and AGL both have 3.5 out of 5 stars. While GreenPeace likes that EnergyAustralia offers carbon offsets and above-market solar feed-in-tariffs, they note that EnergyAustralia is not clearly opposed to coal and are still invested in coal power stations, with emissions “above NEM average”.

 Solar energy: Unlike other major energy providers, EnergyAustralia does not offer home solar solutions to their customers directly. In addition, while EnergyAustralia does offer a slightly-above-average solar feed-in-tariff, they don’t currently have a solar plan for those with residential solar panels.

EnergyAustralia billing and payment methods

As a large energy provider, EnergyAustralia offers billing and payment flexibility. Customers can choose to pay their bills many different ways including:

  • Via EnergyAustralia’s My Account where customers can pay immediately, or set up direct debit
  • Paying online with credit card
  • Direct debit
  • BPAY
  • By mail with a cheque or money order
  • In-person or over the phone with Australia Post

In addition, EnergyAustralia offers Regular Pay,​​​​​​​ a payment system where customers can choose to pay in regular installments based on their estimated annual average. With Regular Pay, you don’t need to worry about billshock or unexpected bills.

Fee-free EnergyAustralia billing Most payment methods with EnergyAustralia include processing fees. If you want to avoid these fees, opt receive eBills (rather than paper bills), and choose to pay by direct debit.

Financial hardship and EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia offers different ways for customers to get control of their energy bills during times of financial hardship. Whether you need a bit more time on a bill with a payment extension, or a personalized payment plan to catch up on what you owe, EnergyAustralia offers different financial hardship options for everyone.

 Request a payment extension: You can request a payment extension for up to four weeks on your current bill, easily online. If you need a bit more time, you can also contact EnergyAustralia to find out all your options.

 Personal bill installment plan: EnergyAustralia can help you make your bills a bit more manageable, either by paying your energy account in regular installments or making payments as you go and making up the difference when you get your bill

 EnergyAssist Program: If you’re experiencing long-term financial hardship you can contact EnergyAustralia to set up an EnergyAssist plan which includes payment arrangements, preventing a disconnection for nonpayment, helping you apply for energy concessions, and getting you in contact with a financial counselor.

EnergyAustralia customer service and market regulation

Every year, the Australian Energy Regulator releases their Retail Market Report, detailing how energy providers are doing in the National Electricity Market. According to the AER Retail Market Report for 2018-2019, EnergyAustralia’s call responsiveness improved in the following ways:

  • EnergyAustralia improved their number of calls taken within 30 seconds between 2017-18 and 2918-19, from 69% to 74%
  • EnergyAustralia reduced their call wait time from 104 seconds in 2017-18 to 65 seconds in 2018-19
  • The number of abandoned calls for EnergyAustralia reduced from 14% to 4% between 2017-18 and 2018-19

The Australian Energy Regulator’s Retail Market Report also details the number of complaints EnergyAustralia received from its customers between 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Reported complaints from EnergyAustralia customers 2017-18 and 2018-19
  2017-18 complaints to retailer 2018-19 complaints to retailer 2018-19 complaints to energy ombudsmen
New South Wales 18,772 complaints
1.9% of customers
18,177 complaints
1.8% of customers
4,900 complaints
ACT 131 complaints
1.9% of customers
151 complaints
1.8% of customers
51 complaints
Queensland 1,996 complaints
1.8% of customers
1,686 complaints
1.4% of customers
419 complaints
South Australia 2,484 complaints
3.4% of customers
1,986 complaints
2.9% of customers
796 complaints
National total 23,383 complaints
2.25% of customers
22,000 complaints
1.975% of customers
6,166 complaints

*Victoria is not represented in the AER Market Retail Report

How does EnergyAustralia stack up when compared to Origin Energy and AGL? In 2018-2019, AGL received a total of 69,208 complaints (4.33% of customers) while Origin Energy received a total of 46,371 complaints (2.575% of customers), compared to EnergyAustralia’s 22,000 total complaints (1.975% of customers)

Customer reviews of EnergyAustralia

Any major purchase or decision, including your energy provider, usually includes reading what other customers think. Here, we outline what other EnergyAustralia customers think of the energy provider, according to different sources across the web.

Product Review customers give EnergyAustralia 1.3 out of 5 stars, with a total of 1,506 reviews. This includes:

  • 1,324 one-star reviews
  • 54 five-star reviews
  • Complaints include overcharging customers, and lack of communication between customer service and the customer particularly when it comes to connecting a new address

TrustPilot customers give EnergyAustralia 4.3 out of 5 stars, with a total of 43 reviews. These include:

  • 81% “great” or “excellent” reviews
  • 14% “bad” or “poor” reviews
  • Customers mentioned that they had quick and simple sign up. But, it should be noted that most of these positive reviews are from the previous month (as of November 2020), with most negative reviews from prior to October 2020.

MoZo customers give EnergyAustralia a 6.9 out of 10 on their overall electricity, and a 6.1 out of 10 on their overall natural gas with a total of 1,318 reviews. Customers say that signup is simple, with no billshock, but that customer service can be difficult to get in contact with.

The verdict on EnergyAustralia reviews

As one of the biggest energy providers in Australia, it can be hard to argue with their 1.7 million customers but breaking it down, is EnergyAustralia actually any good? While they leave a fair bit to be desired in terms of services offered, particularly when it comes to solar panels and solar energy plans, EnergyAustralia does offer comparable rates and has some of the lowest recorded customer complaints out of The Big Three.

Pros of EnergyAustralia
 Billing and payment methods: EnergyAustralia offer fleixibility in how you get your energy bills, and how you can pay them, including different options for those who need a little extra financial hardship help
 Customer service and regulation: EnergyAustralia has the smallest percentage of complaints from customers, particularly when compared to Origin Energy and AGL
Cons of EnergyAustralia
 Services offered: EnergyAustralia does not offer the same comprehensive home services that other big-name energy providers offer, insteading sticking to electricity and gas
 Solar: EnergyAustralia does not offer any sort of solar panel installation service, and does not currently offer a solar-specific energy plan. While customers might get a decent solar feed-in-tariff with EnergyAustralia, if you’re looking for the best available on the market there are higher FiT elsewhere
 Renewables: EnergyAustralia is rated as below-average on GreenPeace’s Greenest Energy Provider list, citing that they still produce more than the average carbon emissions within the NEM
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