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EnergyAustralia Contact Guide: Phone Numbers, Email Address, and Live Chat


As one of the biggest energy providers in Australia, EnergyAustralia has customers spanning the country. Whether you're an existing customer with a question or concern, or a future customer interested in signing up to an EnergyAustralia electricity or gas plan, discover how to contact EnergyAustralia for whatever you might need.

Call EnergyAustralia: Customer Service Phone Numbers

Depending on your question or concern, EnergyAustralia has different phone numbers available. Whether you're already a customer with a billing or account question, looking to switch to EnergyAustralia, or interested in solar power with EnergyAustralia, you can find the phone number to call below. In general, EnergyAustralia customer service is available weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 8 am to 8 pm.

EnergyAustralia contact numbers
Customer service Sales team Solar, heating & cooling,
and hot water
Overseas customers
133 466
8am to 8pm M-F
136 102
8am to 8pm M-F
136 385
9am to 5pm M-F
+61 3 9422 2968
8am to 8pm M-F

Best Time to Call EnergyAustralia Customer Service

EnergyAustralia customer service is available during normal weekday work hours (excluding public holidays). During peak morning hours, you might be expected to wait for a period of time to get in touch with an operator if you require operator assistance. if you require more immediate assistance, EnergyAustralia Live Chat is available online, for any question or concern you might have. 

In Case of EmergencyIf there is a serious danger to life or property call the emergency services phone number 000. For any issues relating to minor emergencies, faults, or power outages, contact your local energy distributor whose number appears on your billing statement.

EnergyAustralia email

EnergyAustralia has one customer service email customers can use to contact EnergyAustralia. In addition, any EnergyAustralia bills you receive electronically will be sent from their dedicated noreply billing address. Large business customers have a dedicated EnergyAustralia large business email address.

EnergyAustralia email
General email Billing (noreply) Large business customers

EnergyAustralia mail and head office address

EnergyAustralia has both a physical head office, located in Melbourne, and a postal address for their customers to send forms and other written correspondence. EnergyAustralia's local office number is +61 3 8628 1000.

EnergyAustralia postal address
Postal address EnergyAustralia Melbourne Office Melbourne office phone number
Locked Bag 14060
Melbourne City Mail Centre
VIC 8001
Level 33
385 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
+61 3 8628 1000
8am to 5:30pm M-F

How do I pay my bill with EnergyAustralia?

EnergyAustralia does not offer direct bill payment over the phone, however, they do have many ways for you to pay your EnergyAustralia bills including their web page, BPAY, by post, or in person. 

Method of Payment Where to Pay
EnergyAustralia My Account Go to your My Account page and follow the instructions
EnergyAustralia Online Payment Page Pay online here
BPAY Contact your bank, Building society, or credit union with your Biller code found on your latest bill
Mail Send a cheque or money order (made payable to EnergyAustralia) to the address found on your bill
In-Person You can pay over the counter at any post office, or dial 131 816 with your Biller code ready

for any reason, you're experiencing financial hardship and might have difficulty paying your EnergyAustralia bill, it's best to contact EnergyAustralia as quickly as possible to discuss their hardship policy and find out what options are available to you to keep the lights on. You might be given a one-off payment extension, a payment plan, information about energy-saving and bill-reducing tips and tricks, or information about government rebates and energy concessions.

Join EnergyAustralia and sign up to a gas or electricity plan

Moving home with EnergyAustralia? No matter if you're a new or existing customer you can organize your move with EnergyAustralia online.

If you have any questions about EnergyAustralia electricity plans or services or wish to subscribe to an energy plan with EnergyAustralia, phone 136 102. You can also easily sign up to EnergyAustralia online. You'll just need valid identification and agree to a credit check to ensure eligibility to your chosen plan.

If you need a new electricity meter, you can call EnergyAustralia at 1300 137 473 Monday to Friday 8 am - 5 pm, and if you need a new gas meter you can call 1800 818 378.

Overseas?For any enquiries overseas, contact EnergyAustralia customer service by dialling +61 3 9422 2968.

EnergyAustralia My Account & live chat

EnergyAustralia has a strong online presence. EnergyAustralia Live Chat is their online chat feature, which is available for everything from signing up and joining EnergyAustralia, moving home, billing and payment, and more.

With EnergyAustralia My Account, Customers can go online or download the EnergyAustralia My Account app, where they can check usage, pay their bills, and find customer service help.

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