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EnergyAustralia Billing and Payment Methods, Financial Help, and Payment Extensions

EnergyAustralia logo next to an energy bill and blue computer

Energy bills are never fun, but they can be easier if your energy provider offers greater flexibility when it comes to how and when you pay. EnergyAustralia gives their customers a number of different ways to pay and manage their electricity and gas account with EnergyAustralia. Whether you want to set and forget with direct debit, organize Regular Pay for easy and even bill payments, or you need a little extra financial hardship support if things are difficult, EnergyAustralia offers many different ways to pay and manage your energy bills.

How to pay an EnergyAustralia bill

As one of the biggest energy providers in Australia, EnergyAustralia offers many ways to pay your electricity and gas bills. While it is recommended to pay via your EnergyAustralia My Account or set up direct debit for easy bill payments you don’t need to think about, you can also pay online, by mail, or using third-party institutions such as BPAY or the Australian Post.

EnergyAustralia bill payment methods
EnergyAustralia bill payment methods How to pay your EnergyAustralia bill
EnergyAustralia My Account EnergyAustralia My Account lets you not only pay your bill immediately online, but also set up direct debit and request a payment extension
Credit Card (processing fees apply) Pay your EnergyAustralia bill online now
Direct Debit (fee-free) Set up EnergyAustralia direct debit via your EnergyAustralia My Account or submit a direct debit request form
BPAY Pay your EnergyAustralia bill through your financial institution, using the Biller Code and reference number found on your latest bill
Mail Post your cheque or money order, and payment slip, to the address found on your EnergyAustralia bill
In-Person (Australian Post) Pay an EnergyAustralia bill in-person at any Australia Post Office
Over the phone (Australian Post) Call 13 18 16 to pay your EnergyAustralia bill over the phone with the Australian Post

EnergyAustralia billing and payment processing fees

If you want to avoid billing and payment fees from EnergyAustralia, you’ll need to choose which payment method you want to use carefully. Direct debit is the most convenient and recommended payment method, as you can avoid any fees altogether regardless of if you choose to nominate a bank account or a bank card. For most other payment methods, however, there is a 0.36% fee if you pay by Visa or MasterCard, and a 1.50% fee if you pay by AMEX.

EnergyAustralia billing and payment fees Fee
Receive paper bills $1.69 per bill
eBilling $0.00
Bills via BPAY View $0.00
Direct debit (cheque account, savings account, or Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX) $0.00
Cash or cheque at an Australian Post $0.00
BPAY from a cheque or savings account $0.00
Pay by cheque through the postal mail $0.00
All payments with Visa or Mastercard (including BPAY, online, or by phone) 0.36%
All payments with AMEX (including BPAY, online, or by phone) 1.50%

If you want to avoid fees altogether, you can set up both eBills and direct debit through your EnergyAustralia My Account. If you prefer, you can also contact EnergyAustralia directly and have them set up fee-free billing and payment options for you.

Request a payment extension with EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia lets you request a payment extension if you need a little more time with your energy bills. You can request an EnergyAustralia bill payment extension online, and have your bill due date automatically adjusted to give you an extra week or two to pay your bill.

In order to request a bill payment extension with EnergyAustralia, you need to:

  • Be an account holder
  • Provide your account details including contact details, identification details, supply address, account number, and utility type
  • Provide your bill payment details including the current due date of your bill, total amount due, and how much of an extension you want

You can request a one week, two week, or four week extension on your energy bill. When requesting a payment extension on your energy bill, you need to confirm that you have not:

  • Already received a reminder notice from EnergyAustralia to pay your bill
  • Already received a disconnection warning from EnergyAustralia
  • Previously requested a payment extension for your current bill

Need more time? If you need more time or special help with an EnergyAustralia bill payment extension, call EnergyAustralia’s customer service team at 13 34 66 as soon as possible to find a solution.

How to set up Regular Pay with EnergyAustralia

Regular Pay is EnergyAustralia’s flexible payment plan for residential customers who want simple, even, payments on their energy bills. With Regular Pay, EnergyAustralia estimates your annual energy usage and divides that into regular, estimated, payment installments so you don’t need to worry about billshock or unexpected bills again.

You can set up Regular Pay with EnergyAustralia by logging into your My Account.

Regular Pay is not available to EnergyAustralia customers who have:

  • An Account flagged as EnergyAssist
  • Two or more broken Regular Pay options in the last twelve months
  • An outstanding account balance of $1,500 or more
  • An account overdue by 90 days or more
  • An existing and active Regular Pay option on their account
  • Cancelled or changed two or more Regular Pay options in the past twelve months via self-serve
  • An invalid account number
  • A pending disconnection for non-payment
  • An account with a not-active status
  • A small business account

Financial difficulty and EnergyAustralia bill payments

If you’re having difficulty paying your EnergyAustralia bill, there are many ways you can manage your account and get yourself back on track. If you need financial assistance with your energy account, your first step should be to contact EnergyAustralia as soon as possible to find the best possible solution for you.

Request a payment extension with EnergyAustralia

If you only need a couple extra weeks to pay your energy bill, you can request a payment extension online with your account details and information. However, you need more time, it’s best to call EnergyAustralia directly by dialling 13 34 66 as soon as possible to find a solution.

EnergyAustralia’s personal bill installment plan

If you want your bills to be a bit more manageable, you have two options with EnergyAustralia. With either option, you can call EnergyAustralia at 13 34 66 to find the best solution for you.

  1. Pay your energy account in regular installments
  2. Make payments as you go, and make up the difference when you get your bill

EnergyAssist Program with EnergyAustralia

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, EnergyAustralia offers EnergyAssist to help you get back on track. This program is aimed at those experiencing long-term financial hardship, and can help you get control of your energy bills using personalised solutions that work best for you. The EnergyAssist program includes:

  • Making a payment arrangement that best suits your financial needs
  • Removing your account from the standard credit and collection activities to prevent disconnections and debt recovery action
  • Helping you apply for energy concessions and rebates that might be available to you through the Australian government
  • Giving you energy-saving tips to reduce your consumption and energy bills
  • Giving you the details of a free and impartial financial counselor to help you manage your finances

When you call EnergyAustralia to ask about their EnergyAssist program, they will ask you some simple questions to assess your eligibility and financial status. These include:

  1. Your current financial position and the circumstances relating to your financial difficulties
  2. How much you’re able to pay to tailor your payment plan to your needs and circumstances

Need more financial help or advice? If you need more help or advice, you can find a financial counselor in your state by calling 1800 007 007. In addition, you can also get in touch with your local Energy Ombudsman for additional support or resources.

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