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On by EnergyAustralia: Innovative Electricity Plans in NSW

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Are you a resident of New South Wales? Do you like to keep up-to-date with the latest and most innovative energy products on the market, but want the security of a large energy provider to back them? Then On by EnergyAustralia might be your new favourite electricity service. As a new energy service, backed by one of the leading energy providers in Australia, On by EnergyAustralia offers new and innovative ways to manage your electricity. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, keep reading below to find out everything you need about EnergyAustralia’s newest project and how you can be among the first to join.

What is On by EnergyAustralia?

On by EnergyAustralia is a new, innovative, way for residential energy consumers to purchase and manage their electricity. Currently only available in New South Wales, On by EnergyAustralia is bringing the latest and most innovative methods of retail energy to the Australian National Electricity Market while backed by the security and stability of EnergyAustralia.

Currently, On by EnergyAustralia is trialling different electricity plans and offers, to see what works best for Australian energy customers. These include pay-as-you-go and subscription energy plans, and free electricity on certain days of the week. On by EnergyAustralia has previously trailed solar energy plans in both NSW and Queensland.

Not every plan is available to everyone, and trial plans are constantly being changed and updated to give customers the best experience possible so it’s wise to check back with On by EnergyAustralia frequently and see what new offers are available.

On by EnergyAustralia: Electricity plans and rates

On by EnergyAustralia is constantly trialling new plans, to see what consumers are interested in. Currently, they have three plans available: Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus, and Free Saturdays plan, all of which are only available to residents of New South Wales.

Ultra Solar and Solar Plan Plus? On by EnergyAustralia was trialling their solar energy plans, Solar Plan Plus and Ultra Solar Plan, to customers in NSW and QLD respectively. Currently, trial periods for both plans are now closed.

Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus with On by EnergyAustralia

The Easy Plan, and Easy Plan Plus, is currently being trialled with On by EnergyAustralia for customers in New South Wales. These plans are said to be inspired by phone and internet plans, where customers pay a flat monthly fee rather than be charged by kWh as most traditional electricity plans are done.

 Easy Plan: Choose the set amount of electricity you want to use per month, and rollover any unused electricity to the next month. If you use more than the included energy, you can automatically top it up.

 Easy Plan Plus: Enter your usage details automatically, and choose the best plan for you to avoid bill shock based on your usage habits.

Easy Plan with On by EnergyAustralia rates
Plan name Monthly cost Monthly usage allowance Annual cost Annual usage
Extra Small $55 / month 149kWh / month $660 / year 1788kWh / year
Small $88 / month 287kWh / month $1,056 / year 3444kWh / year
Medium $129 / month 470kWh / month $1,548 / year 5640 kWh / year
Large $185 / month 730kWh / month $2,220 / year 8760 kWh / year
Extra Large $316 / month 1306 kWh / month $3,792 / year 15672 kWh / year

Choosing the best Easy Plan for you is based on your usage habits and you can change your plan once per month at no additional cost, to find the best option for you. If you happen to go over your plan, you can also get an additional 37kWh for $10 as a top up, and roll over any unused energy to the following month.

Free Saturdays with On by EnergyAustralia

The Free Saturdays plan from On by EnergyAustralia gives customers exactly what it sounds like - free electricity on Saturday for one whole year. In order to be eligible for Free Saturdays by On, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be a residential electricity customer in New South Wales
  • You need a remote smart meter
  • You need to pay by direct debit and agree to eBilling and communication
  • You cannot have this plan if someone in your house is on life support
  • You cannot be a concession card holder
  • You cannot be a solar customer

If you meet the eligibility requirements for On by EnergyAustralia’s Free Saturdays plan, you will be eligible to receive free electricity on Saturdays for a whole year. This means you will not pay usage nor supply charges on your electricity from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday and have peace of mind knowing your rates won't change for 12 months. In addition, with On by EnergyAustralia’s MyEnergyPortal, you will be able to easily track your energy usage and manage your account.

Free Saturdays with On by EnergyAustralia
  Discount off the reference price Daily supply charge
(Sun - Fri)
Usage rates
(Sun - Fri)
Estimated annual cost
Free Saturdays Plan 14% discount 84.7c / day 29.559c / kWh $1,254 / year

Rates based on Ausgrid distribution network (postcode 2000) for a single-rate tariff. Estimated annual cost for average customer using 3,900kWh per year. Actual costs may vary. Valid December 2020.

Do I qualify for On by EnergyAustralia?

Currently, there are some eligibility requirements in order to qualify for On by EnergyAustralia. These may change at any time, so it’s important to go and double check directly with On by EnergyAustralia. Currently, in order to qualify for On by EnergyAustralia’s Easy Plan and Easy Plan Plus, you need to:

  • Be a resident of New South Wales
  • Opt for direct debit and e-communication
  • Not have anyone on life support
  • Not be a concession card holder

Always On Rewards program

If you’re an On by EnergyAustralia customer, you get special access to offers and discounts when shopping online with the Always On Rewards program. Once you’ve joined with On by EnergyAustralia, you can download the Always On Rewards browser extension to receive discounts on your online shopping.

  1. Download the Always On Rewards extension and log in using your On by EnergyAustralia login details
  2. Activate Always On Rewards while shopping to get the best discounts added automatically to your shopping cart
  3. Earn rewards while you shop which will be added to your Always On Rewards account
  4. Reduce your On by EnergyAustralia bill by logging into the “On” self-service portal to see your balance and put it towards your account
  • Always On Rewards partnerships
  • Woolworths
  • Big Commerece
  • Hello Fresh
  • Coles
  • Sunglasses Hut
  • Ticketmaster
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Booktopia

Contact On by EnergyAustralia

If you’re interested in registering your interest for On by EnergyAustralia, you can do so online. If you need to contact On by EnergyAustralia for any other reasons you have a number of ways to do so including live chat directly on the On by EnergyAustralia webpage, or by any of the methods listed below. On by EnergyAustralia’s business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

On by EnergyAustralia Contact
Email Call Postal Address 1800 108 633 EnergyAustralia
Locked Bag 14060
Melbourne City Mail Centre
VIC 8001
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