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Jeenee offered simple, SIM-only mobile phone plans and mobile broadband SIM-cards on the Optus 4G network. Prior to joining Amaysim, Jeenee specialized on mobile phone services in Australia, with extra data rewarded to long-term customers every six months. With Jeenee no longer accepting new customers, all existing Jeenee Mobile customers were transferred to Vaya, the sister brand to Amaysim. Whether you want to learn more about what Jeenee offered, or want to know a bit more about Amaysim or Vaya, keep reading below.

Jeenee Mobile, Amaysim, and Vaya Since 2019, Jeenee has been acquired by Amaysim with all Jeenee Mobile customers migrated to Amaysim’s sister brand Vaya. If you were a Jeenee Mobile customer, you will have received an email outlining your plan and services with Vaya.

Jeenee mobile network

Jeenee was an MVNO on the Optus Network, with full access to Optus 4G. This meant that Jeenee customers didn’t face restrictions in their level of access and reception, unlike other mobile networks which often restrict MVNOs.

With three mobile networks in Australia, there is plenty of choice with your phone provider. Other Optus Network MVNOs include:

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Jeenee Mobile SIM-only plans

Jeenee offered SIM-only mobile phone plans, available either with a no lock-in contract or a 12-month contract. Jeenee 12-month mobile phone plans started at $9.90 / month for 1GB of data, while no lock-in contract plans started at 500GB of data for $9.90 / month. If you were looking for mobile broadband, whether for a tablet, hotspot, or wifi dongle, Jeenee mobile broadband plans started at $10 / month, for 1GB of data.

Jeenee Mobile cheapest offers
No contract mobile phone 12-month mobile phone Data-only mobile broadband
From $9.90 / month
500MB of data
From $9.90 / month
1GB of data
From $10 / month
1GB of data

While Jeenee might have been bought by Amaysim, that doesn’t mean you can’t find mobile phone plans starting around $10 / month. It’s common to find mobile phone plans for under $10, that come with 1GB of data and unlimited standard calls and text to AU numbers.

Mobile phone plans under $10
Mobile phone plan Plan features
Moose Mobile
1GB of data
$8.80 / month
300 standard national minutes
Unlimited standard national text
1GB of data
$9.90 / month
Unlimited standard national calls & text
1GB of data
$9.95 / month
Unlimited standard national calls & text
Data capping
1GB of data
$9.99 / month
200 standard national minutes
Unlimited standard national text
1GB of data
$9.90 / month
Free Yomojo-to-Yomojo calls

Jeenee’s biggest mobile plans were available at $25 per month, and $50 per month, with data caps depending on your contract choice. All Jeenee mobile phone plans came with unlimited calls to standard AU numbers, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS.

Jeenee Mobile phone plans
  No lock-in 6-month contract 12-month contract
$25 / month 4GB of data 5GB of data 6GB of data
$50 / month 14GB of data 16GB of data 18GB of data

Discover the cheapest and biggest SIM-only mobile phone plans, for prepaid and postpaid SIM cards, big data, or cheap mobile offers.

Jeenee contact

Now that Jeenee has been acquired by Amaysim, Jeenee customer service is no longer available. With all customers moved from Jeenee Mobile to Vaya, you will now want to contact Vaya for help with mobile phone plans, customer service, or support. Vaya customer support and sales be contacted online, via web form or by live chat, by phone, and by post but as a majority-online telco company, your best bet is to try Vaya Live Chat or their online form.

Jeenee mobile customers - Contact Vaya customer support
Live Chat Phone Postal address
Mon to Fri: 8am-6:45pm
Sat & Sun: 10am-5:30pm
Public Holidays: 10am-6pm
1300 008 292
Mon to Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat & Sun: 10am-5:30pm
Public Holidays: 10am-6pm
Vaya Pty LTD
PO Box R1861
Royal Exchange NSW, 1225
Call Today

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Switching from Jeenee: Amaysim vs Vaya

Jeenee Mobile was acquired by Amaysim in late 2019, with all Jeenee Mobile customers moved to Vaya mobile phone plans. Whether you’re looking for information about Amaysim mobile plans, or Vaya mobile plans, compare them below.

Compare Amaysim and Vaya
Amaysim features Vaya features
  • Short-term, long-term, and 28-day mobile phone plans
  • Unlimited standard national talk & text included
  • Biggest mobile phone plan: $50 / 80GB
  • Has mobile broadband plans
  • 28-day plans start at $10 for 2GB
  • International talk & text included in bigger plans
  • Only offer month-to-month SIM-only plans
  • Unlimited standard national talk & text included
  • Biggest mobile phone plan: $56 / 64GB
  • Does not offer mobile broadband plans
  • Monthly plans start at $16 for 3GB
  • International inclusions purchased separately