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Amaysim Phone & Broadband: Offers, Contact Information and More

Amaysim (branded amaysim), fourth largest MVNO in Australia with 1.2 million subscribers, offers simple mobile and data broadband services under the Optus network. In 2018, amaysim got rid of their internet broadband plans, focusing strictly on mobile offers while moving all their internet customers to telecommunications company Southern Phone. For more information about amaysim, and to find out which Australian provider is best for you, read more below. 

Overview of Amaysim

amaysim was first launched in Australia as a telecommunications provider, in 2010. Since then, they have provided low-cost data and mobile network plans to customers across the country. In 2016 amaysim purchased Vaya, another MVNO, and in early 2017 amaysim purchased Click Energy in order to begin selling energy services to customers in Australia as well. Since October 2017, amaysim has also sold its own energy in addition to Click Energy.

Network Coverage with Amaysim

amaysim is an MVNO under the Optus network, which covers approximately 99% of the Australian population. Optus 3G network coverage covers the majority of the regions around all major Australian cities while providing 4G Plus to major metropolitan areas.

Offers from Amaysim

amaysim provides mobile and data broadband plans for customers in Australia. They offer high data plans, with unlimited standard talk and text, and all SIM cards come with free delivery.

Amaysim SIM-Only Mobile Plans

amaysim offers SIM-only mobile plans starting at $10 for 1GB of data, with unlimited standard talk and text in Australia. amaysim SIM-only plans come with no lock-in contracts and free standard SIM delivery.

SIM-Only Mobile Plans
  1GB 10GB 30GB 45GB 60GB
Price / 28 days $10 $20 $30 $40 $50
Unlimited Standard Talk and Text Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited International Call to 10 Countries No No Yes Yes Yes
Additional Minutes to 22 Countries No No No Yes Yes

amaysim also offers a traditional pay-as-you-go plan starting at $10, which lasts up to 365 days. amaysim charges 15c / minute standard talk, 15c / standard SMS, 49c / MMS, and 15.4c / MB of data used.

amaysim mobile and data plans run on a 28-day billing cycle, unlike most other mobile plans from other providers. This means that in one year a customer could pay for an additional two months of service with amaysim they wouldn’t have to pay elsewhere

Data-Only Plans from Amaysim

amaysim data-only mobile broadband plans allow customers to bring their own device (tablet, laptop, or wifi-enabled dongle) and get a data allowance with no lock-in contract on the Optus network. Customers can track their data usage on the amaysim app and add data and credit when data runs low.

amaysim Data-Only Plans
Data Allowance 2GB 5GB 20GB 50GB 100GB 150GB
Price / 28 days $15 $25 $45 $60 $70 $90

How to Sign Up to Amaysim

Customers can order their SIM card online, and get it delivered for free to their house. Once delivered, customers can activate their SIM card online. When activating a SIM card online, customers will be required to provide valid identification according to the Australian government. Depending on how many previous prepaid phone numbers a customer has, more identification may be needed. For more information, visit the ACMA website.

How To Top-Up an Amaysim SIM

Customers can recharge their mobile phone or data plan through direct debit, which means their plan will recharge every 28 days automatically. Customers can update their direct debit information through the amaysim app or by their amaysim account online. Once a direct debit method is set up, customers can add additional data to their SIM through the app or online, or by texting TOP1GB to 568 on their amaysim phone.

Customers can also choose to purchase amaysim recharge vouchers at any number of shops across Australia including Coles, Woolworths, or 7-Eleven which they can then redeem online via My Amaysim or sending an SMS to 568 with the 10-digit voucher number.

How To Cancel Your Amaysim Service

If customers want to cancel their amaysim SIM plan, they will need to contact amaysim customer service by live chat or email. If a customer chooses to cancel their plan, they will lose their mobile number, any remaining credit, and any saved voicemails. If a customer wishes to transfer their number to a new provider, they simply need to speak the new provider who will then contact amaysim.

Contact Amaysim Customer Service

amaysim customers can call amaysim customer service by dialling 567 from any amaysim phone or 1300 808 300 from any other landline or mobile. amaysim customer service is available weekdays from 8 am to 6:45 pm, weekends between 10 am and 5:30 pm or public holidays from 10 am to 6 pm. Customers can also contact amaysim via live chat, or email.

Reviews of Amaysim Mobile and Broadband Plans

Customer reviews of amaysim mobile are mixed, but higher than average. Customers enjoy the simple mobile plans, with high data. Customers also cite reliable network coverage without dropping calls. However, the fact that amaysim plans run on a 28-day cycle means that on an annual basis, customers pay for an additional two months.