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Amaysim (branded amaysim), is one of the biggest MVNOs in Australia, offering simple SIM-only mobile phone plans, prepaid mobile phone plans, and mobile broadband plans under the Optus Network. Learn more about amaysim and their mobile phone plans and services, by reading more below.

Amaysim coverage and overview

Starting October 2021 amaysim will no longer be offering energy services or amaysim NBN. If you’re an amaysim NBN customer, your service will be transferred to Southern Phone. If you have amaysim electricity or gas, your service will be transferred to AGL. Currently, existing amaysim NBN or energy customers don’t need to make any immediate changes to their services if they don’t want to.

Since 2010, amaysim has been one of the biggest telecommunications providers in Australia, offering low-cost mobile phone and broadband services across the country under the Optus network. In 2017, amaysim began to sell electricity and gas services through the purchase of Click Energy and then subsequently selling their own Amaysim energy plans. In 2021, amaysim removed energy and home broadband plans from their website, instead choosing to focus only on mobile phone and mobile broadband plans.

Amaysim is an MVNO on the Optus network, covering 98% of the Australian population with the 3G, 4G, and now 5G mobile network.

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Amaysim mobile plans

Amaysim has recently reduced their broadband and mobile plans, and now only offer mobile SIM plans and mobile broadband. Below you can find amaysim SIM-only plans including mobile broadband for tablets and hotspots, which have a 28-day expiry, as well as amaysim prepaid short and long term expiry plans.

SIM-only amaysim mobile phone plans

Amaysim SIM-only mobile phone plans offer data, text, and call inclusions on a 28-day expiry period. With amaysim, customers get their mobile service through the Optus network and can bring their own phone and mobile number. In addition, amaysim customers get free SIM delivery, and no lock-in contract so they can cancel or change their service at any time.

2GB of data
$6 / first 3 renewals
$12 / 28 days after
6GB of data
$20 / 28 days
50GB of data
30GB after first 3 renewals
$10 / first renewal
$30 / 28 days after
50GB of data
$40 / 28 days
80GB of data
$20 / first renewal
$50 / 28 days after
Unlimited standard national talk & text Unlimited standard national talk & text Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk & text to 28 countries
Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk & text to 42 countries
Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk & text to 42 countries

Short and long-term Amaysim prepaid plans

As with providers such as Boost Mobile & Gomo Mobile, Amaysim prepaid mobile phone plans are available for short or long expiry periods. Simply choose the expiry period you want and what type of service you want. With amaysim prepaid pay-as-you-go, customers get a traditional PAYG plan, with 365-day expiry and simple rates for calls, texts, and data. If you prefer, however, you can also choose one of amaysim’s 7-day, 6-month, or 1-year mobile phone plans which come with call, text, and data inclusions.

Amaysim prepaid plans
Pay as you go
$10 starter credit
365-day expiry
10GB of data
$10 / renewal
7-day expiry
125GB of data
$75 / first 6 months
$150 / 6 months after
6-month expiry
120GB of data
$200 / 12 months
1-year expiry
Calls start at 15c/min
Data: 7.2c/MB
Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk & text to 42 countries
Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk & text to 28 countries
Unlimited standard national talk & text

Amaysim data-only mobile broadband plans

If you’re looking for a data-only SIM plan, amaysim has three options. Each mobile broadband plan comes with data inclusions on a 28-day expiry period and can be used either on the go with a tablet or mobile hotspot, or as an alternative to home broadband.

Amaysim mobile broadband plans
7GB of data 50GB of data 90GB of data
$15 / 28 days $40 / 28 days $60 / 28 days

Amaysim activate & recharge your SIM card

Customers can activate their amaysim SIM card online in a few easy steps.

  1. Purchase an amaysim SIM card: SIM cards can be purchased online (with free delivery) or at any number of retail stores including Coles, Woolworths, 7-Eleven, or Australia Post
  2. Go online to the amaysim website and choose “Activate SIM”
  3. Choose “Activate SIM” or “Replace SIM”
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen, and make sure you have a valid ID handy

With amaysim you can choose to keep your current phone number, or get a new one. If you’re keeping your current phone number, your amaysim activation should be completed within a few hours (though it can be longer depending on your provider), just make sure you keep your current service active until the transfer is complete. During the number transfer, you can continue to use your current service until it is no longer active. If you’re choosing a new phone number, your SIM should become active instantaneously but in some cases might take up to 4 hours.

If you’re looking to recharge your amaysim mobile plan you can do so in a few different ways.

  1. Purchase a voucher in any number of retail locations including Coles, Woolworths, or 7-Eleven. You can either use this voucher via My amaysim or by texting the 10-digit voucher code to 568 and following the instructions.
  2. Pay using a credit or debit card on your My amaysim account
  3. Set up auto recharge through your My amaysim account

Amaysim contact & account management with My amaysim

As a mostly online mobile provider, most of your account management can be done online. However, if you need to contact amaysim directly, they do offer phone and email customer service communication.

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Amaysim contact phone number and email

Customers can contact amaysim through phone or email. If you’re trying to call amaysim by phone, their business hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am-6:45pm
  • Sat & Sun: 10am-5:30pm
  • Public Holidays: 10am-6pm
Amaysim contact number & email address
Amaysim contact number Amaysim email
567 from your amaysim phone
1300 808 300 from any other Australian number
+61 2 8307 2484 from overseas
[email protected]

My amaysim login & app

My amaysim lets customers manage their amaysim mobile services online or via the amaysim app. With My amaysim, customers can:

  • Check their balance
  • Renew a plan early, manage auto-renew, top up with additional credit, or recharge using an amaysim recharge voucher
  • Switch between plans
  • View data usage and history
  • Customize plan setting such as call waiting, voicemail, or roaming

Your My amaysim account will be set up when you first activate your amaysim SIM card online and you can log into your account at any time using either your email or amaysim phone number.

Amaysim reviews

Compared to other broadband and mobile phone providers in Australia, amaysim gets relatively good reviews across the internet with an average review of 3.3 stars out of 5. Customers enjoy the simple mobile plans, with high data. Customers also cite reliable network coverage without dropping calls. However, some customers find it difficult to get in touch with amaysim customer service, particularly when it comes to signing up for amaysim and activation.

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