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How to Transfer My NBN Plan: Moving House Australia

Relocating your internet when moving

Wondering how to transfer your internet connection to your new house? You're in the right place! In this guide, we answer the burning question: what to do with my NBN plan when moving home. Below we teach you how to check if you can get internet at your new house with an NBN address check, how to move with your current NBN box and plan, and how to change NBN plans when moving.

How Long Does it Take to Set up Internet When Moving House?

The time it takes to get your internet depends on several factors:

  • The type of connection you have
  • If there is already an active NBN line installed at your new property
  • If a technician is needed to set up your internet

The quickest your broadband can be activated is around 48-72 hours, but this is the best-case scenario.

If the previous occupants of your property already had internet installed, and they had an active line, then 48-72 hours could be a reasonable estimate for activating your internet connection, as it will likely be as simple as plugging in your router and waiting for your company to remotely activate your internet.

However, you could have to wait between one and three weeks before your connection is live if you require a technician to come out and set things up for you.

This is especially true if the previous occupants did not have an active broadband line at the property, because in this case a technician may be needed to come and run new lines to the property.

In the table below, we detail the average wait time for broadband activations for each NBN provider:

How Long Does it Take to Connect Internet?
NBN Provider Estimated Setup Time
Telstra Process relocation requests within 2 days
Optus Process relocation requests within 2 days
Aussie Broadband Connected within 5 working days
TPG Connected within 10 - 20 working days
iiNet Connected within 10 - 20 working days
Internode Connected in 1 - 2 working days,
but sometimes 5 - 20 days depending on the job

Moving House & Keeping Your NBN Provider

Below we have summarised moving house with your current internet provider & NBN box.

If you’re able to keep your current broadband connection and you want to stay with the same NBN provider, you’ll need to contact your broadband provider to let them know you are moving out.

Give your broadband provider 2-3 weeks notice before moving out so they have time to set up your NBN box relocation.

If you’re moving into a new build, you may need to pay an NBN New Development Charge of $300 (in addition to a relocation fee) to get the NBN to your house.

Below we cover moving house with the following NBN providers:

  • Telstra Moving House
  • Optus Moving House
    Box with Wifi Router
  • Moving House with Aussie Broadband
  • TPG Moving House
  • iiNet Moving House
  • Moving House with Internode

Telstra Moving House Services

Telstra offers different relocation services for customers moving house:

  • Self-installation
  • Installation by a broadband technician

In the table below you will find a summary of Telstra moving house services on offer:

Telstra Moving House Services
Standard Plan
  • Self-installation
  • Broadband + all Telstra home phones reconnected
Premium Plan
  • In-house technician visit
  • Broadband + one Telstra home phone reconnected
  • Connect 5 eligible devices to your wifi
Platinum Plan
  • Get all your tech connected + ongoing support
  • Broadband + one Telstra home phone reconnected
  • In-house technician visit
  • One month helpdesk support

If you choose a self-installation when moving your Telstra broadband or home phone plan, you will need to contact the Telstra moving house team at least two business days before moving out.

However, if you need a technician to come out and professionally install your NBN box and equipment, you will need to give Telstra at least seven business days before moving out.

It's not always necessary for a Telstra technician to help you with the relocation. After you’ve booked your move, Telstra will let you know within 48 hours if you need a technician to set up your NBN box or if you are able to install it yourself.

Want to book your move with Telstra?Use the Telstra moving house tool to check what broadband is available at your new address and sign in with your Telstra ID online to begin the moving process.

Optus Moving House

There are Optus moving house plans available for relocating your NBN box.

However, keeping your Optus plan when moving house may cost you more than moving with other providers.

See a list of Optus moving house fees below:

Potential Optus Moving House Fees
Installation Fee
Professional Installation $140
New Development Charge $300
Cable network TBD upon arrival
ADSL Relocation Free $0

While Optus doesn't charge fees with a standard broadband relocation you may need to pay fees if your new property requires an underground line installation, or you have a lengthy connection.

In this case, NBN would first come out and run the lines, then an Optus NBN technician would come for a second appointment and set up your internet. However, if you already have an active line at your new property, you will just need a simple connection.

Optus claims that they aim to process relocation requests within 2 business days.

To organise your move with the Optus moving house team, you can contact Optus online or by calling 1300 555 241. As with other providers, let Optus know that you are moving out well in advance.

Moving House with Aussie Broadband

Moving Boxes

Moving house with Aussie Broadband is simple.

Aussie Broadband doesn’t charge relocation or activation fees when you move into a new home and keep your Aussie Broadband service & NBN box.

To move house and keep your Aussie Broadband plan, simply sign in to your Aussie Broadband My Aussie account and choose the option to up your NBN box relocation.

You can also call Aussie Broadband's Moving team 1300 880 905.

Aussie Broadband aims to have its customers connected within 5 working days. However, we recommend contacting Aussie Broadband as soon as you know your date for moving out.

TPG Group: Moving house with TPG, iiNet, or Internode

TPG Group is the second-largest broadband provider in Australia.

You may not know, but TPG, iiNet, and Internode are all sub-brands of TPG Group, and for this reason, we have saved this group for last.

If you are a customer of one of these companies, below we break down what you need to do when moving out to get your NBN box up and running at your new house.

TPG Moving House

To move house with TPG you can:

  • submit an online relocation request
  • request a callback from TPG’s Moving Home Team
  • call 1300 865 124

TPG sometimes charges a relocation fee when customers move house depending on the plan you have and where you are moving.

TPG Moving House Service Fees
Service In Contract Out of Contract
NBN No lock-in contract: $99.95 + $99 cancellation
6-month contract: $0
No lock-in contract: $99.95
6-month contract: $0
FTTB $0 $0

Contact TPG as soon as possible and confirm that you want to relocate your broadband service because they tend to take a while.

NBN with TPG can take up to 10 business days to relocate, while FTTB broadband can take anywhere from 10 to 20 business days to relocate.

iiNet Moving House

With iiNet moving house services you will find:

  • They have a dedicated iiNet Movers Team.
  • iiNet has a $0 activation fee on NBN plans and Ultra FTTB broadband plans at your new address.
  • There are no exit fees.
  • You can organise your move with iiNet online, or by phone.
  • Make sure to tell iiNet you're moving out at least two weeks before moving out, so there is time to prepare the relocation of your NBN box & internet service.

Find all the contact information for the iiNet Movers Team in the table below:

iiNet Moving House Contacts
iiNet Moving House iiNet Movers Team Contact
Call the iiNet Movers Team 1300 541 714
Start your NBN Relocation Request Online iiNet Toolbox Login

According to the iiNet website, relocating your internet can take from 10 to 20 business days to connect, therefore we recommend contacting them as soon as you know where you will be moving.

Alternatively, you may want to consider looking for a new internet provider.

Moving House with Internode

Moving house with Internode is also quite easy and current Internode customers receive benefits for staying with the company. If you plan on moving house with Internode it's best to call or request a relocation online, at least 2-3 weeks before you move.

To request an NBN relocation, use the following table for Internode contact information:

Contacts for Moving House with Internode
Moving House with Internode Internode Moving Team
Call the Internode Moving Team 1300 308 490
Start your NBN Relocation Request Online Internode Online Form

With this being said, the pros & cons of moving house with Internode are:

  • $0 activation fees for Internode NBN & home wireless broadband plans for continuing your service after moving.
  • Internode also waives all contract break fees when moving house with your existing Internode service.
  • There may be a setup fee if you’re on a month-to-month contract.

Internode usually takes around 1-2 business days to connect internet at a house with a working line. If you don't have a working line at your new property, Internode could take 5-20 business days to get your internet connected.

Moving Out & Changing Broadband Providers or NBN Plans

It’s always a good idea to compare broadband plans when moving house for cheaper, faster, and better deals.

If you’re looking to switch to a new company, consider the following when you compare internet providers.:

 Check your current contract:

See if you have any contract-break fees associated with your current broadband plan. Depending on the amount of time left on your contract, it might make more sense to stick with your current plan and switch later. Luckily, if you have a month-to-month contract, you can switch and change at any time.

 What type of broadband connection do you need?:

Do you want to connect to the NBN? Can you connect to the NBN at your new property? (see the address check below) If not, what alternatives can you connect to? Consider home wireless broadband, mobile broadband, or Satellite NBN with SkyMuster™, depending on where you’re moving to & if the National Broadband Network is available.

 How long will it take your current company to connect you?

As we have seen above, the time it takes for each company to connect your internet service varies. Ask each provider how long it would take to connect your internet once you move. Look around online for each provider's connection policy.

 Compare plans:

It’s important to consider not only the monthly costs with your new broadband plan but also what upfront fees you might need to pay. This may include an activation fee, setup fee, modem fee, or delivery fee.

While longer contracts (12, 24, or 36-month contracts) might waive some of these, if you’re unsure you’ll be able to stick with this contract for the entire duration, it might make more sense to choose a month-to-month plan and pay the additional fees upfront.

 Contact your new internet provider:

Sign up for your new broadband provider online or over the phone. You’ll be able to give them your move-in date, so you have a broadband connection on day one of your new home.

Not sure where to start? Compare internet offers in Australia to find the cheapest internet deals for your new home

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Check if Your New House Gets Internet: NBN Address Check

Can you get internet at your new house?

The first step to setting up your broadband when moving house is to see what type of connection is available at your new house.

Click here & enter your postcode to do an NBN address check to see your options for internet at your new address.

The National Broadband Network has now been rolled out to over 99% of Australians. So, you can probably keep the same broadband plan you have now.

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However, this is not guaranteed. You need to do an NBN address check to see which type of connection is available. Check your new address in the box above!

What Kind of Internet is Available in Rural Australia?

Your options will vary depending on your address. If you’re moving to regional or rural Australia, you may not be able to connect to the NBN using a fixed-line service.

You may have aFixed Wireless NBN service instead. Fixed wireless NBN uses radio signals to transmit data from your home to the NBN network or even Satellite NBN with SkyMuster™.

In other rural areas, you may have the option of home wireless broadband. Home wireless broadband uses the mobile broadband network to access the internet, just like your smartphone.

While most home wireless broadband connections are still on the 4G network, the rollout of 5G means faster download speeds are becoming available on more devices, making it comparable to the fastest home NBN speeds.

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