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Powershop: Renewable Gas and Energy Offers, Rates, Contact Information

Powershop prides itself as being Australia's greenest energy provider, offering 100% carbon-neutral energy to all customers without needing to pay an extra fee. In addition, Powershop has many other environmentally-friendly and community-based initiatives for its customers to opt-into. For more information about Powershop, continue reading below, or discover all of Australia's energy retailers with Selectra.

Overview of Powershop

Powershop, a green energy subsidiary of Meridian Energy, was first founded in 2009 in New Zealand. Powershop came to Australia in 2014, where it quickly became known as the greenest energy provider in Australia, earning GreenPeace’s top rank in their list of green Australian energy providers through their 100% renewable energy, as well as Powershop's environmental initiatives.

Powershop aims to disrupt the way energy is bought in Australia. Proactive customers can purchase PowerPacks, which offer great savings and incentives, in order to pay for “past, present, and future” energy bills.

Powershop Green Electricity and Gas Offers

Powershop provides energy to Australian customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland, and South Australia. While Powershop traditionally focuses on electricity, they recently launched natural gas services in Victoria as well.

Electricity offers with Powershop

Powershop offers two options for electricity customers in Australia; Powershop, and PowershopLite, which both offer Australians in Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland, and South Australia access to Australia’s greenest energy provider with 100% carbon-neutral energy at no extra cost for the customer.

Powershop with Powerpacks

Powershop is the flagship programme of Powershop the energy provider. With Powershop, customers have access to steep savings through Powerpacks. Exact savings depend on your location and can be anywhere between 6-16% or more.

Powershop customers buy Powerpacks online or through the Powershop app, which can be used to pay for the energy they consume. All of Powershop’s energy is 100% carbon neutral, and customers have the option to choose additional green powerpacks to give money to environmental initiatives.

Powershop PowerPacks
PowerPack Features
Mega Pack
  • Purchase three months’ worth of energy at one time in bulk
  • Available every two months to purchase
Power Saver
  • Flexible purchasing - buy as much or little as you want and save off the default offer
  • Buy energy per day
Monthly Specials
  • Available at different times during the month
  • Watch out for monthly specials on Powershop social media
Green Power Saver
  • 5.5c/kWh which is used to support Meridian Energy’s Meridian Green initiative
  • Buy energy per day
Your Community Energy
  • 6.6c/kWh to fund community renewable energy and sustainability projects
  • Buy energy per day
Future Pack
  • Buy for future energy usage to save
  • Good for five days worth of energy
Super Future Pack
  • Biggest savings available
  • Buys one week's worth of energy
Auto Pay
  • Default offer with direct debit
  • If you don’t buy other powerpacks by the end of your billing period, Auto Pay will cover your bill
Green Auto Pay
  • Same Auto Pay features with a 5.5c/kWh premium to support Meridian Energy’s Meridian Green programme

Powershop isn’t available in every postal code, and rates vary depending on where you live. You can find more accurate discounts and pricing online.


For customers who still want energy from the greenest energy provider in Australia, without needing to worry about Powerpacks, PowershopLite is Powershop’s simple plan. PowershopLite comes with the same 100% carbon-neutral energy promise and competitive rates, but customers can set and forget with direct debit.

Unlike Powershop, customers who want to purchase PowershopLite cannot do so online and must call 1800 462 668 or email to set up their service.

Gas Offers with Powershop

At this moment, Powershop offers both Powershop and PowershopLite Gas to customers in Victoria with discounts that could be as much as 8%.

 Powershop Gas comes with three natural gas Powerpack options; Saver, Mega Pack, and Auto Pay. These Powerpacks have the same features as their electricity counterparts, with Gas Mega Pack offering the best rates by buying two months worth of gas at once, while Gas Saver comes with daily savings, and Gas Auto Pay as the default offer.

 PowershopLite Gas follows the same idea as PowershopLite electricity, with set and forget direct debit, without worrying about Powerpacks. Customers who are interested in PowershopLite Gas can find out more by calling 1800 462 668 or by email.


Powershop has been GreenPeace’s top Australian renewable energy company for several years in a row. Powershop promises 100% carbon-offset energy to all customers, as well as offering many initiatives for customers to give back even more through green energy Powerpacks, and the Your Community Energy powerpack. In addition to these powerpacks available to all Powershop customers, Powershop also gives more to customers with solar energy.

Customers with solar panels get the same deals as customers without, but with the addition of feed-in-tariffs higher than the government’s recommended amount.

Powershop Australia Reviews

Powershop reviews are mixed, like most energy providers. ProductReview customers give them 2.7 stars out of 5 while Google reviews gives Powershop 3.5/5. 

  • Think Green - Customers like the company's green energy policy and initiative
  • Confusing - Customers cite that the savings through Powerpacks are confusing and often people end up with more expensive bills than expected. However, once customers understand Powerpacks, they generally see savings with their energy bill
  • Cancellation - Trying to cancel your account with Powershop can be difficult

Get in Touch with Powershop Australia

Residential customers can contact Powershop in Australia between 8am to 7pm during the week and 9am to 1pm Saturdays by calling 1800 462 668. Check out our guide dedicated to Contacting Powershop for more information.

Customers can also send an email with their enquiry.

How to Subscribe to Powershop

To subscribe to Powershop, you need to sign up online with payment details and identification, as well as an old electricity bill if you have one handy. If your previous energy provider charges you an exit fee, Powershop will refund up to $75, after you get your final bill from your previous provider.

Looking to Change?

Customers cite difficulty cancelling with Powershop. If you’re looking to cancel or disconnect your service with Powershop we recommend calling 1800 462 668 to speak with a representative.

Existing customers looking to move house with Powershop only need to call 1800 462 668 before 1pm for next business day electricity connections. Natural gas customers moving with Powershop need to give three days notice to ensure connection to the new property. After, all the customer needs to do is make sure the main switch at the new property is turned off.

10 Day Cooling Off PeriodAustralian government mandates all energy customers get a 10-day cooling-off period when subscribing to a new energy service. During this time customers can cancel their energy service, for any reason, without penalty.

How to Pay a Bill with Powershop

Powershop’s Powerpacks mean you can purchase energy before or after you’re billed, online or in-app, with direct debit or bank card. Powershop also accepts BPAY for payments to your account, by getting in touch with your financial institution and quoting your account reference number and Biller Code 07720.

Powershop Australia Online

As a predominantly online company, Powershop shines through with its online features including an app for customers to manage their accounts, as well as a social media presence.

Powershop Australia AppThe Powershop app is how customers can not only monitor their energy and manage their account but also purchase Powerpacks to pay for energy.
iPhone Android

Alternatively, customers can log into their Powershop account online.

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