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Tango Energy, the retail arm of Pacific Hydro Corporation, offers simple electricity plans to customers in Victoria, and more recently New South Wales, with a focus on renewable sources and green energy. With more than 25 years in the energy industry, Pacific Hydro and Tango Energy have committed to providing Melbourne and all of Victoria with greener energy for the future. Continue reading for more information about Tango Energy, to find out which Australian energy provider is best for you.

About Tango Energy

Tango Energy (formerly known as Pacific Hydro Retail) is the retail arm of global renewable energy generation company Pacific Hydro. Tango first started selling energy to Victorian residential and business customers in 2012. In 2016, Pacific Hydro Retail changed its name, rebranding itself as Tango Energy. While Tango Energy first started retailing to customers in Victoria, Australia, thanks to their “rapid growth phase of electricity retailing in the Australian market” they have now begun retailing energy to residential customers in New South Wales as well.

Tango Energy rates

Tango Energy offers competitive electricity rates in New South Wales and Victoria. For the biggest discounts available, Tango Home Select offers fixed rates for 12 months with simple discounts and flexible billing and payment methods. If you’re interested in offsetting your energy usage with carbon offset, however, Tango Blue offers 100% GreenPower accredited energy included in their plan. If you live in Victoria, you can get Tango Energy Gas for your home as well.

Tango rates Victoria - Electricity and gas
  Home Select Tango Blue 100% Renewable Tango Energy Gas
(Block tariff)
Discount off the reference price 12% discount 15% more N / A
Daily supply charge 90.75c / day 107.8c / day 77c / day
Usage rates 19.8c / kWh 26.73c / kWh 1.21 to 1.98c / MJ
Estimated annual cost $1,123 / year $1,463 / year $870 / year

*Source: Tango Energy Gas and Electricity Rates. Rates based on postcode 3000 within Citipower Network for single-rate tariff. Estimated annual electricity cost based on average usage of 4,000kWh / year. Estimated annual gas cost based on 92MJ / day usage. Valid February 2021.

Tango electricity rates NSW
  Home Select Tango Blue 100% Renewable
Discount off the reference price 26% discount 15% discount
Daily supply charge 94c / day 94c / day
Usage rates 19c / kWh 22.88c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,084 / year $1,235 / year

*Source: Tango Energy Electricity Rates. Rates based on postcode 2000 within Ausgrid Network for single-rate tariff. Estimated annual electricity cost based on average usage of 3,900kWh / year. Valid February 2021.

Tango Energy in South Australia? Tango Energy does offer electricity to those living in South Australia. However, at present they are not accepting new customers.

Tango Energy feed-in-tariff & solar panels

Tango Energy is owned and backed by Pacific Hydro, one of the leading global renewable energy operators and generators in Australia. Customers who are interested in solar energy can get any questions they have answered, with one of Tango’s solar advisors by calling 1800 595 434. While Tango does not offer solar panel systems directly, customers can contact Tango to arrange a quote on a solar panel system through one of Tango’s approved third-party solar PV system retailers.

Customers with solar PV systems installed on their houses, can access a solar feed-in-tariff through Tango. Victoria customers can apply to receive a FiT of 10.2c / kWh while customers in NSW can receive a FiT of 5.5c/kWh. Customers with any questions about Tango’s FiT can call 1800 010 648 for more information, including more information about the application process for a FiT.

Tango Energy contact & Tango Energy support 

Customers can contact Tango Energy support and customer service by phone, email, or by post. Tango Energy’s Sales Team is available by phone Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 7pm, excluding public holidays. Tango Energy’s Customer Service team is available by phone Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, excluding public holidays. In addition, customers can use the Live Chat feature or online form to contact Tango on their website.

Tango Energy contact
Tango Energy contact method How to contact Tango Energy
Phone 1800 010 648
Post Tango Energy
Retail Operations,
PO Box 320,
Geelong North VIC 3215
Fax (03) 8621 6112

How to subscribe to a Tango electricity plan

Customers can sign up to Tango Energy online or by calling 1800 010 648 for a personalized energy quote. Tango Energy just launched their new online sign-up process, making it easier for customers to subscribe to a Tango Energy plan. When signing up online, customers are required to submit personal information including a valid form of identification, for a credit check to ensure eligibility to the best Tango Energy rates offered.

Moving home with Tango Energy

Existing Tango Energy customers looking to move house with Tango Energy should contact Tango customer service for further information and to organize the disconnection from the current property and reconnection at the new residence. Tango Energy customer service is available weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm and can be reached by calling 1800 010 648 or by Tango Customer Support email.

Tango Energy bill payment methods

Tango Energy offers flexible bill payment methods for customers. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, it’s best to contact Tango as soon as possible to figure out your options. Tango Energy can assist you by organizing a payment extension or payment plan, as well as help you find any concessions or rebates that might be available to you.

How to pay a Tango Energy bill
Payment method How to pay
BPAY Contact your financial institution to set up BPAY using your personal reference or account number, and Tango Energy’s Biller Code, located on your Tango Energy Bill
Online Pay bill online now with VISA or Mastercard
Over the phone Call 1800 010 648 and follow the prompts to pay with your VISA or Mastercard
Direct debit by bank account Complete a Tango Energy direct debit form and send it by post, fax, or email  
In person Pay in person at any Australia Post Office with your invoice
Mail Send cheque or money order (payable to Tango Energy Pty Ltd) with payment slip to:
Tango Energy
PO Box 320,
Geelong North VIC 3215

Tango Energy reviews

Tango Energy is one of the more highly rated electricity providers on the market, with customers on Product Review giving the energy retailer 3.8 out of 5 stars, and over 60% of those reviews being 5-star while Google Review customers give Tango Energy 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers who are happy with their Tango electricity plan cite that customer service is easy contact and helpful for whatever questions or concerns you might have and that Tango Energy rates are some of the lowest on the market.

Tango Energy has recently received several 1-star reviews in which multiple customers cite a recent price raise during confinement in Australia, with many customers saying they received the price-increase notification on very short notice, leaving them with only a few days to find a cheaper option.