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Tango Energy: Offers, Reviews, Contact Information

Tango Energy, the retail arm of Pacific Hydro Corporation, offers simple electricity plans to customers in Victoria, Australia with a focus on renewable sources and green energy. With more than 25 years in the energy industry, Pacific Hydro and Tango Energy have committed to providing Melbourne and all of Victoria with greener energy in the future. Continue reading for more information about Tango Energy and what they offer in Victoria, and let Selectra help you find which Australian energy provider is best for you. 

About Tango Energy

Tango Energy, the retail arm of renewable energy generation company, Pacific Hydro, first started selling energy to residential and business customers under the name Pacific Hydro Retail in 2012.

In 2016, Pacific Hydro Retail rebranded as Tango Energy. Currently Tango Energy only offers retail energy to customers in Victoria, with plans to expand to other areas of Australia in the future.

In 2017, Tango Energy and Pacific Hydro were chosen as the preferred supplier for Melbourne's Renewable Energy Project (MREP). The funding of this project will go towards the Pacific Hydro Cowlands wind farms, furthering their promise to provide greener energy to Victoria.

Tango Energy Electricity Offers

Tango Energy offers two simple electricity plans to its customers in Victoria at low rates; Home Select and Home Standing. Both these offers are available on a number of tariffs including flat rate, flexible, and time-of-use, with or without a controlled load.

 Tango Energy’s Home Standing offer comes at the Victorian Default Offer reference price, without a contract term, so you can set it and forget it if you choose to set up direct debit.

 Tango Home Select comes with set usage and daily supply rates which will not increase for at least a year. Tango Energy boasts simplicity with their Home Select plan, with no confusing discounts, and customers can choose electronic or paper billing.

Tango Energy Home Select Rates by Distributor - Single Rate Tariff*
  Yearly Estimate
(2 - 3 people)
Daily Supply Charge Usage Rate
Powercor $1290 / year 116.6c / day 20.13c / kWh
Jemena $1290 / yea 100.10c / day 21.56c / kWh
Citipower $1220 / year 108.9c / day 19.14c / kWh
United Energy $1210 / year 90.2c / kWh 20.68c / kWh
AusNet Services $1390 / year 112.2c / kWh First 11.18 kWh / day: 22.77c / kwh
Remaining daily usage: 26.18c / kWh

*Exact energy prices vary depending on tariff type and energy distributor

Contact Tango Energy

Tango Energy customer service is available online, over the phone, by mail, or fax, during the week. Tango Energy Sales team is available from 8:30am to 7pm, while non-sales customer service hours are from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

All written requests that need to be sent by post, such as forms, complaints, or requests, should be addressed to:

Tango Energy
Retail Operations
PO Box 320
Geelong North VIC 3215

How to Subscribe to Tango Energy

Customers looking to subscribe to Tango Energy can do so online. Customers are required to submit valid identification in addition to their details and connection address, and may be subject to a credit check for eligibility purposes.

Moving With or Cancelling Tango Energy Services

Cooling Off PeriodAccording to Australian Law, all energy customers have 10 business days to cancel a new energy plan, for any reason, without penalty. This cooling off period starts from when you first sign up and are accepted by your new energy provider.

Existing Tango Energy customers looking to move house, or cancel their service with Tango Energy should contact customer service for further information.

Tango customer service is available weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm and can be reached by calling 1800 010 648, emailing support@tangoenergy.com, or by post addressed to:

Tango Energy
Retail Operations
PO Box 320
Geelong North VIC 3215

How to Pay a Tango Energy Bill

Customers of Tango Energy have many ways to pay their electricity bill, including online, in person, over the phone or by post.

Method How to Pay
Online with Visa or Mastercard Pay online
Over the Phone Dial 1800 010 648
BPAY Contact your financial institution and reference your account number and Biller Code on your bill
Direct Debit (bank) Fill out a direct debit form and email, fax, or mail to Tango Energy
In person Bring your bill to any Australian Post office
Mail Send cheque or money order with payment slip to:
Tango Energy
PO Box 320,
Geelong North VIC 3215

Reviews of Tango Energy

Customer reviews of Tango Energy are generally favorable, with Trustpilot giving Tango Energy 72% five star ratings. Customers like the fact that Tango Energy is one of the cheapest energy providers in Australia, and offer simple plans without confusing discounts and conditions.

However, customers dislike the Tango Energy customer portal, citing that it isn’t always functional and the features are a bit bare when compared to other customer service portals.

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