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NSW Energy Providers | List of Energy Providers in NSW 2022

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With over 30 energy providers in New South Wales, finding the perfect company can feel almost impossible. Do you want an energy provider that offers both gas and electricity, or one with a proven track record of environmentally-friendly practices? Or maybe you’re looking for one with a long history and household name. No matter what you consider the most important aspects of choosing an energy provider in NSW, we’ve broken them down by category below.

List of Energy Providers in New South Wales

Residential energy customers have a number of energy providers in New South Wales to choose from.

The list below represents both electricity and gas providers in New South Wales and is based on all distribution networks within NSW.

Below, you can find a list of energy providers in New South Wales. Select an NSW energy provider from the list below to find out more.

NSW Energy Providers

*Note: This does not represent all energy providers in New South Wales and we do not compare all energy products from this list. Energy providers in New South Wales are subject to change.

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NSW Gas Providers

Are you looking to bundle your electricity and gas with one energy provider in New South Wales?

Bundling your electricity and gas services under a single provider makes it easier to manage your energy account, and some providers even offer a nice discount when you sign up for electricity and gas with them.

Here is a list of gas providers in New South Wales:

  • AGL
  • Alinta Energy
  • CovaU
  • Discover Energy
  • Dodo
  • EnergyAustralia
  • GloBird Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Powershop
  • Red Energy
  • Simply Energy
  • Sumo

Australian-Owned Energy Providers NSW

Australians love to support local businesses, and when it comes to choosing their energy providers it’s no different.

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out which NSW energy providers are truly Australian-owned. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a partially Australian, or foreign-owned, energy provider if you’re looking to keep it local we’ve provided you with a list of NSW energy providers that are truly Australian-owned below.

Electricity and Gas
  • 1st Energy
  • Amber Electric
  • CovaU
  • Elysian Energy
  • Energy Locals
  • Enova Energy
  • Future X Power
  • GloBird Energy
  • Momentum Energy
  • Red Energy
  • Sumo Energy

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10 Biggest NSW Energy Providers by Market Share

Brand loyalty and recognition are important reasons why many Australians choose their energy provider, with many NSW households opting for one of “The Big Three” (Origin Energy, EnergyAustralia, and AGL) as their power company.

With so many energy providers in New South Wales (over 30 and counting!) choosing one you know will stick around is important, and below we’ve listed the 10 largest energy providers in New South Wales by market share.

  • Origin Energy - 29.30%
  • EnergyAustralia - 25.5%
  • AGL - 24.2%
  • Red Energy - 8.00%
  • Alinta Energy - 2.80%
  • Simply Energy - 1.70%
  • Powershop - 1.30%
  • Dodo - 1.00%
  • ActewAGL - 0.80%
  • Momentum Energy - 0.80%
  • Energy Locals - 0.60%
  • ReAmped Energy - 0.40%

Renewable Energy Providers in New South Wales

If you’re looking for a truly green and renewable energy provider in New South Wales, the Green Electricity Guide is here to help.

Below, you can find a list of energy providers that uphold their promise of caring about the environment, along with their Green Electricity Guide score out of 10, based on factors such as providing green and renewable energy, their promise to end coal use by 2030, their promise to stop the expansion of fossil fuels, their support of renewable energy, marketing transparency, local environmental damage, and community care and support.

The greenest energy providers in New South Wales are:

Green Energy
  • Enova Energy - 10+/10
  • Diamond Energy - 10/10
  • Momentum Energy - 8.6/10
  • Energy Locals - 7.69/10
  • Nectr Energy - 7.3/10
  • Amber Electric - 7.10
  • Powershop - 7/10

Cheapest Energy Providers in NSW

Are you looking for the cheapest energy provider in New South Wales?

Of course, your own personal energy consumption habits will affect your energy bills but some energy providers offer cheaper rates than others.

Below, you can find a list of the 10 cheapest NSW energy providers, along with their discount off the reference price, and estimated annual cost based on an annual usage of 3,900kWh in Sydney, NSW.

Cheapest NSW Energy Providers
Provider & Plan Name Discount off the Reference Price Estimated Annual Cost
Simply Energy
Simply Energy Saver
28% Discount $1,003 / year
Mojo Power
All Day Breakfast
27% Discount $1,012 / year
Tango Energy
Home Select
27% Discount $1,012 / year
100% Clean
24% Discount $1,015 / year
$50 online sign-up credit included
GEE Energy
23% Discount $1,019 / year
$50 online sign-up credit included
Alinta Energy
Home Deal
25% Discount $1,044 / year
Total Plan Home
20% Discount $1,064 / year
$50 online sign-up credit included
Energy Locals
Online Member
23% Discount $1,070 / year
OVO Energy
The One Plan
23% Discount $1,079 / year
Momentum Energy
Self Serve
22% Discount $1,087 / year

*Figures are for illustrative purposes only and don’t compare all products, providers, plan features, offers, or rates. Products are compared like-for-like and any distinctions between products are clearly marked. Not all offers may be available in all locations or distribution networks. Rates based on the electricity distributor for Sydney, NSW. Calculations are based on the reference price. Any offers or estimated costs compared are for example purposes only and may change based on your individual circumstances or habits. Offers and availability are subject to change. Read more about Basic Plan Information here. Valid April 2022.

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NSW Energy Provider FAQ

Who is the Best NSW Energy Provider?

Choosing the best energy provider depends on your household’s energy needs, usage, and what you value most.

With over 30 energy providers in New South Wales to choose from, there are some things you should consider when comparing and switching energy providers.

  • The discount off the reference price
  • The daily supply charge and usage rates
  • Contract terms and benefit period
  • Solar feed-in tariff for households with solar panels

What is the Average Energy Bill in New South Wales?

As of April 2022, the average electricity bill in Sydney, New South Wales is $1,253 / year. This is 24% less than the national average of $1,645 / year. The average quarterly gas bill in New South Wales is $184 / quarter.

How Many Energy Providers are in New South Wales?

Residential energy customers in New South Wales have a number of options when choosing their energy provider. Currently, there are more than 30 energy providers in New South Wales, with more entering the market every year.

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