Optus NBN, Home Wireless, and Mobile Broadband Plans

Optus NBN

Optus is one of the three biggest broadband and mobile phone providers in Australia, offering everything from mobile phone plans to broadband services. With the rollout of NBN, Optus has changed their internet plans to now offer NBN, home wireless broadband, and mobile broadband plans across the country. Find out more about Optus broadband plans, by reading below.

Optus NBN plans

For the last decade Australia has been rolling out the NBN, a high-speed broadband service that covers the country. As a result, older broadband technology such as ADSL has been phased out of most telco providers’ broadband plans. Whether you’re looking to switch over from ADSL for the first time, or already have NBN and want to compare your internet options, Optus NBN has flexible plans to suit any household.

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With Optus NBN you get:

  • Unlimited data
  • Included Optus Ultra WiFi Modem ($252 if you cancel your service before 36 months)
  • Optus Sport + OS Fitness
  • 1 month Game Path free trial
  • PAYG phone line or Phone Everyday 10 (+ $10/month)
Optus NBN plans
Optus NBN plan Optus NBN features Optus NBN cost
Internet Every Day Month-to-month NBN50: $75 / month
NB100: $95 / month
Family Internet Ultimate Included Optus Ultra Wifi Booster
Fetch Mini
+ 3 months free upgrade with 45 channels
NBN50: $79 / month first 12 months
$85 / month after
NBN100: $99 / month first 12 months
$105 / month after
Internet Entertainer Included Optus Ultra Wifi Booster
Fetch Mighty
+ 3 months free upgrade with 45 channels
1 premium channels pack
NBN50: $90 / month
NBN100: $100 / month first 12 months
$110 / month after

Optus Modem The Optus Ultra WiFi Modem is included in all Optus NBN plans and comes with 4G backup, improved WiFi, and instant connection. If you stay with Optus NBN for 36 months, your modem is free ($252 if you cancel your NBN plan before 36 months).

Optus home wireless broadband

Home wireless broadband is an NBN-alternative that allows customers to connect devices in their home to the internet through the mobile broadband network. Unlike NBN, home wireless broadband modems don’t need to be set up with a technician, simply plug and play. Optus home wireless broadband is on the Optus 4G mobile network, with some major cities connected to Optus 5G as it’s rolled out across the country.

Optus 4G home wireless broadband

Optus 4G home wireless broadband connects your home to the Optus 4G network. Optus 4G home wireless broadband can be either on a 24-month contract, or month-to-month, and no matter how much data allowance you choose, also comes with endless data at 1.5Mbps with no excess charges.

Optus 4G home wireless broadband
4G Internet Lite
200GB of data
4G Internet Everyday
500GB of data
$58.50 / month
+ $216 modem upfront with month-to-month
($0 if you stay for 24 months)
$67.50 / month
+ $216 modem upfront with month-to-month
($0 if you stay for 24 months)

Optus 5G home wireless broadband

As 5G rolls out across the country, more and more Australian telco providers are offering 5G access however, Optus is one of the only home wireless broadband providers that offers 5G wireless broadband. Currently, both month-to-month and 24-month Optus 5G home wireless broadband comes with a $0 start-up fee, but typically a month-to-month plan includes an upfront start-up cost of $200. Optus 5G home wireless broadband comes with:

  • Unlimited data
  • Included 5G Nokia Modem
  • Optus Sports + OS Fitness
Optus 5G home wireless broadband plans
5G Internet Everyday 5G Internet Entertainer
$75 / month
77Mbps typical download speed
$90 / month
225Mbps typical download speed
Fetch Mighty included

Optus mobile broadband

While not home internet like the NBN or wireless broadband, mobile broadband is a great choice for everything from tablets and iPads, to hotspots and WiFi dongles. Unlike Optus home wireless broadband, where you have a modem that needs to be plugged in, Optus mobile broadband comes on a SIM card, that can be used with any compatible device.

Optus mobile broadband SIM cards are available to purchase for $1, and you can choose the plan and amount you want to recharge upon activation, or purchase Optus’ online 25GB prepaid mobile broadband plan + SIM card for $15 ($30 / recharge after).

Optus prepaid mobile broadband

Once you’ve purchased your Optus prepaid mobile broadband SIM card, you can recharge it with any of the mobile broadband plans below. All Optus mobile broadband plans come with up to 200GB of data rollover and can be used in any unlocked mobile broadband device.

Optus prepaid mobile broadband
25GB of data 30GB of data 50GB of data 80GB of data
$30 / 28 days $60 / 90 days $90 / 186 days $130 / 365 days

Optus SIM-only mobile broadband

Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans are bring-your-own-device. However, customers can bundle a mobile broadband plan with any of the latest tablets or iPads which can be paid off in 12, 24, or 36 months.

Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans are a month-to-month mobile broadband service on the Optus network. Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans are on a no lock-in contract and can be used with any mobile broadband device. With an Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plan you get:

  • Endless data at 1.5Mbps speed with no excess data charges
  • Data sharing across all eligible Optus plans on one account
  • Optus Sport + Fitness
  • Optional international roaming
Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans*
10GB of data
5GB + 5GB bonus data for 36 months
50GB of data
25GB + 25GB bonus data for 36 months
150GB of data
75GB + 75GB bonus data for 36 months
$15 / month $25 / month $50 / month
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Contact Optus & Optus tech support

Whether you’re interested in contacting Optus for help with sales, tech support, or moving home with your NBN service, you can get in touch with customer service by calling any of the following phone numbers.

Optus phone number
Mon to Fri: 8am-9pm
Sat: 9am-7pm
Sun: 9am-6pm
Customer Support
Mon to Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Tech Support
7 days a week
Moving & Disconnections
Mon to Fri: 8am-7pm
Sat: 9pm-5pm
1300 417 220 133 937 133 937 1300 555 241

Don’t want to call Optus? Optus customer service is available 24/7 with their Optus Live Chat, available on their website.

Current Optus customers can also find customer support with the My Optus account management app with 24/7 support, access to exclusive perks, and more, including:

  • Data usage and history
  • Billing, account balance, and payment details
  • WiFi speed test
  • Modem setup
  • Troubleshooting guides

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