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MATE, one of Australia’s newer telecommunication providers, has promised simple and friendly service since 2014. For more information about MATE, and everything they offer, continue reading below.

MATE overview

Australian-based MATE is a telecommunications company that provides mobile and broadband services to customers across Australia. Since its start in 2014, MATE has striven to provide its customers with friendly, local, service and simple plans that include unlimited data and no lock-in contracts.

Founded by twin brothers Dave and Mark Fazio, and Jonathan Dundovic, the small ISP startup has grown in excess of 3000% and now provides service to more than 35,000 Australians across the country.

MATE network coverage

MATE is an MVNO and uses parts of the Telstra network. Telstra covers over 98.8% of the population with its network, with most coverage around major cities along the southern coast and additional coverage in smaller areas in the Northern Territory and regional areas. Within the next six months, Telstra hopes to expand its network to include more 4G service to metropolitan areas.

MATE mobile offers

MATE offers SIM-only plans to customers in Australia, as well as global SIMs for overseas use through their partnership with United Networks. Whether home or abroad, MATE gives customers simplicity, with their customer-oriented service.

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SIM-only plans with MATE

MATE offers five SIM-only mobile phone plans on the Telstra network. Each plan comes with unlimited standard national call and text (including MMS), up to 50GB of data banking, and unlimited international call and SMS to 15 selected countries (excluding MATES good mates plan).

MATES SIM-only mobile plans
Price / month $20 / month $25 / month $30 / month $35 / month $40 / month
GB / month 5GB / month 15GB / month 25GB / month 30GB / month 40GB / month
Unlimited standard
talk and text
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
talk and text
No Yes Yes Yes Yes

MATE travel SIMS with United Networks

MATE offers global SIM cards for overseas use through United Networks. Travel SIMS are available in either a multi-fit physical SIM card or eSIM* and come with global wi-fi access to 50+ million hotspots in 180 countries, as well as SOS alerts to automatically alert loved ones in case of a crisis or emergency.

MATE global travel SIM plans
  Travel Mates
Travel Mates
Travel Mates
Travel Mates
Price $30 / 30 days $50 / 30 days $90 / 30 days $80 / 30 days
Data** 1GB 3GB 5GB X2 2GB
Credit $5 $20 $50 2x $15
Wi-Fi 7 days 30 days 30 days 2x 7 days

*Confirm your device supports eSIM technology prior to purchase
** +1GB bonus data - Data only valid in Zone 1 which includes USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China, South Africa, and more

If you choose to purchase a MATE travel SIM-card online, be advised you will be redirected to United Networks website with your chosen global SIM plan automatically put into checkout with all MATE discounts automatically applied.

MATE NBN offers

MATE offers three plans for customers interested in standalone NBN. All MATE NBN plans come with no lock-in contracts and unlimited data, as well as no setup fee, and fee-free plan changes. In addition, MATE offers all new customers a one-month, risk-free guarantee.

MATE NBN-only plans
  Good Mates
Best Mates
Soul Mates
Price $59 / month $69 / month $89 / month
Typical speeds 10mbps 42mbps 83mbps
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Customers can bring their own modem when switching to MATE or can purchase a NetComm NBN-ready modem through MATE for $149 at sign-up. Customers who choose to bring their own modem will need to make sure it is compatible with ADSL or NBN, with VDSL capabilities for Fibre-to-the-Node or Fibre-to-the-Basement connections.

Want to bundle?MATE offers customers the opportunity to bundle NBN with any mobile or home phone plan to save $10 on their monthly bill.

MATE ADSL offers

Customers who have ADSL connection available in their home have the option to choose either City Mates for $49 per month, for customers who are connected to a metro exchange, or Country Mates for $59 per month, for customers who are connected to a regional exchange.

MATE ADSL plans come with $0 setup fee with unlimited, uncapped data, in addition to no lock-in contracts and $0 plan change fees.

Customers can bring their own modem when switching to MATE or can purchase a NetComm NBN-ready modem through MATE for $149 at sign-up. Customers who choose to bring their own modem will need to make sure it is compatible with ADSL.

Want to bundle?For an additional $20 / month (City Mate) or an additional $40 / month (Country Mate), customers can bundle their ADSL service with MATE phone line rental. An active phone line is required for ADSL connections, so if you don’t have one you will need one.

How to sign up to MATE and activate a SIM-card

Customers can sign up to MATE mobile or broadband services online. Customers signing up online will need to provide details such as their address (for delivery and connection), and valid identification for a credit check.

Customers signing up for a mobile plan with MATE will need to provide identification as per the Australian government. For more information about ID checks and mobile phones, check out the ACMA.

Once you receive your MATE mobile SIM-card, you can activate it online. Activation will occur during business hours Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, and Saturdays 10am to 6pm, excluding national holidays. Customers porting an existing number are advised it can take up to 24-hours once activation starts.

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How to move with MATE

Existing broadband customers moving with MATE will need to follow the same procedure as cancelling an account and then reopening a new account at their new address. You can call MATE customer service at 13 14 13 or 1300 157 742 to let them know when you would like your service cancelled at your current address, and re-opened at your new address.

It is advised you do this as soon as possible, as connecting your new home to broadband could take two or more weeks, depending on the connection.

Want to cancel your MATE account?

Since MATE mobile and broadband plans come with no lock-in contract, you are free to cancel your MATE plan at any time. Simply call 13 14 13 or 1300 157 742 to get in touch with MATE customer service.

Customers should note that MATE does not offer pro-rata refunds or credits if an account is cancelled mid-billing period.

Contact MATE customer service

MATE offers Australian-based customer service, including phone, email, and live chat support available during business hours Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 7pm. Customers can call MATE customer service at 13 14 13 or their alternate number, 1300 157 742 to speak with an Australian-based customer service representative.

Alternatively, customers can email [email protected] or find live chat support online.

Posted mail can be sent to MATE at:
PO Box 7273
Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Pay a MATE bill

Unlike many other providers, MATE only accepts direct debit from a credit or debit card for bill payments. MATE utilizes anniversary billing, which means every month you are billed on the date your account was first activated (if your account started on the 17th of June, the 17th of every month is when your bill payments are due).

MATE sends out your invoice in advance, and payment is due 14 days after the invoice is issued. If you have any trouble paying your bill, contact MATE customer support at 1300 157 742 or [email protected] to work out a payment plan or extension.

If there are any issues with debiting your account, MATE will send you an SMS and email stating your account is overdue. After the initial attempt to debit your account, MATE will try again after four days. If after eight days your payment still has not processed, your services may be suspended or disconnected until payment is made.

If you would like to update your direct debit payment method, you can do so by calling MATE customer service at 1300 157 742 or by logging into your myMATE customer account and clicking “Update Credit Card”.

Reviews of MATE

Overall, MATE has good online reviews. Customers cite easy signup and setup with broadband, fast speeds, and minimal dropouts. Recently however, customers have been citing problems with communicating with MATE customer service and issues with services not being fixed quickly.