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TPG Broadband and Mobile: Offers, Contact, and How to Subscribe

TPG is one of the largest broadband providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) in Australia. TPG offers customers mobile and broadband options including NBN and ADSL, as well as Fibre-to-the-Building. For more information about TPG, read more below and see if they're the right fit for you out of all of Australia's mobile and broadband providers.

Overview of TPG

TPG is a publicly-traded Australian telecommunications company, and one of the largest internet service providers and mobile virtual network operators in the country. TPG was first founded in 1986 under the name Total Peripherals Group. In 2009, Total Peripherals Group changed its name to TPG. In 2015, TPG acquired iiNet for $1.56 billion. 

TPG network coverage

TPG network coverage is provided by Vodafone which covers 96% of the Australian population. Most coverage is centred around the major cities and outlying regions of Australia. Through Vodafone, coverage is expected to expand within the next three months, particularly in urban areas where 4G coverage is spotty.

TPG mobile and broadband offers

TPG has both mobile plans and a variety of broadband plans available no matter the type of connection you're looking for.

TPG mobile plans

TPG has one type of mobile plan for users: a prepaid, no lock-in contract, SIM-only service with four price-points, as well as a traditional prepaid SIM you can load up that charges per minute, text, or MB of data.

TPG offers $0 SIM card and $0 delivery fee, as well as the flexibility to change your mobile plan without extra fees, and no early termination fee.

Prepaid phone plans
Price $19.99 / month $29.99 / month $34.99 / month $39.99 / month
Data 4GB / month 10GB / month 15GB / month 20GB / month
Unlimited National
Talk and Text
Yes Yes Yes Yes
No minutes 100 minutes 100 minutes 100 minutes

TPG broadband

TPG has incredibly customizable broadband to cater to your needs and lifestyle, offering NBN, ADSL2+, and Fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) to its customers.

TPG NBN broadband connection

TPG NBN broadband comes in three speeds, NBN12, NBN50, and NBN100, with the latter two available with unlimited data and NBN12 available at 10GB, 100GB, or unlimited data.

TPG offers flexibility with its NBN plans, you can switch to a faster or slower option without incurring a penalty fee. No matter if you choose a no lock-in contract (with a $99.95 set-up fee) or an 18-month contract ($0 set-up), your NBN modem is included and only requires a $10 delivery charge.

NBN prices start at $29.99 / month for 10GB of data on NBN12 speeds, up to $89.99 / month with unlimited data on NBN100 speeds. All NBN plans come with a phone line and pay-as-you-go calling, but for an additional charge, you can opt-in for one of TPG’s talk bundles.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has ranked TPG #1 in NBN download speeds during peak evening hours in 2019Peak-hour download speeds by TPG averaged at 88% of maximum download speeds

TPG FIbre-to-the-Building

TPG fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) plans all come with unlimited data and are available at two speeds: standard (up to 12Mbps) or superfast (90Mbps typical evening speed). Prices start at $49.99 for standard speed with unlimited data, which includes pay-as-you-go calls, up to $79.99 for superfast, unlimited data, with unlimited local and national calls to landlines and mobiles as well as unlimited international calls.

All FTTB services are available with a no lock-in contract ($99.95 set-up fee) or 18-month contract ($0 set-up) and come with an included modem and phone service.

Gamer? TPG recommends FTTB Superfast or NBN100 for uninterrupted gamingTPG offers some of the lowest latency /milliseconds in the industry, according to the ACCC, with 1.6 ms less latency than it’s leading competitor.


TPG offers ADSL and ADSL2+, as well as broadband off-net for customers who don’t have FTTB or NBN capabilities, in addition to ADSL2+ bundles.

 TPG’s standalone ADSL2+ plans start at $29.99 / month for 50GB of data (25GB on-peak / 25GB off-peak), up to $59.99 / month for unlimited data. Standalone ADSL2+ is available on a 12 or 18-month contract, with the $59.95 set-up fee waived for 18-month contracts.

 If you opt for an ADSL2+ bundle, you can choose between an 18-month contract ($79.99 set-up fee), or a no lock-in contract ($99.95 set-up fee), with a modem included for free on an 18-month contract. ADSL2+ bundle prices start at $39.99 / month for 20GB of data (10GB on-peak / 10GB off-peak), up to $59.99 for unlimited data. With ADSL2+ bundles, you have the option to include a talk bundle for an additional fee or choose pay-as-you-go-calling for no additional cost.

 TPG broadband off-net is available for both standard ADSL and ADSL2+. Broadband off-net is only available on 6-month contracts, and come with a $59.95 set-up fee. Off-net prices start at $39.99 / month for 100GB (50 on-peak / 50 off-peak) of standard ADSL data, up to $99.99 for 500GB of data with ADSL2+.

TPG reviews

TPG reviews across the web rank TPG, on average, more favourably than other broadband providers. While reviews are still mixed, as all telecom companies’ reviews are, customers cite fast installation and download speeds in their online reviews.

  • The ACCC has ranked TPG #1 in NBN download speeds, however, customer reviews are mixed when it comes to peak download times
  • Customers say that broadband installation is generally quite quick with day-of-delivery connection
  • Some customers say that TPG customer service is helpful, with quick answers to queries, while others have said they’ve been made to wait for hours without getting an answer.

Contact TGP customer service

Need to contact TPG? If you want to subscribe to a TPG service, you can call one of the numbers below, weekdays between 9 am and 10 pm or weekends between 9 am and 6 pm.

How to contact TGP
Service Phone Number
NBN Sales 1300 720 016
ADSL Sales 1300 900 779
Fibre to the Building Sales 1300 403 211
Mobile Sales 1300 242 011

You can also call TPG customer service by dialling 13 14 23 or +61 2 9007 3023 for general support inquiries.

How to sign up with TPG

You can subscribe to TPG over the phone, or online. When signing up for any service you will be required to submit identification, as well as a credit check

According to the Australian government, all prepaid mobile phones are required to be activated with valid identification. You may be required to present a residential address, date of birth, and any other prepaid phone numbers you have in your name. Additional identification may be required if you choose to pay for your phone by cash, or have more than five phone numbers in use.

More information can be found on the Australian Government website.

How to cancel your TPG service

To cancel your TPG broadband service, you will need to provide 30 days written notice to or call 13 14 23. To cancel your mobile services, dial 1300 993 019.

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