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With so many broadband providers in Australia, it’s easy to miss some of the lesser-known internet service providers (ISPs) currently on the market. One of these smaller ISPs you shouldn’t discount so quickly is Superloop. With their no-fuss NBN and fixed wireless broadband plans, you can get high-speed internet access with flexible plans and options. To see if a Superloop internet plan is right for you, you can discover more by reading below.

What is Superloop Internet?

Superloop, first founded in 2014, aims to be "the most trusted enabler of connectivity and managed services in Asia Pacific".

Today, Superloop owns and operates more than 894kms of metropolitan fibre networks across Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong and offers Australian customers simple, no-fuss home broadband plans across the country.

Superloop internet services include:

As a small internet service provider in Australia, Superloop focuses only on broadband plans, choosing to forego mobile plans, landline services, or entertainment bundles. Superloop internet plans start at $59.95 per month, costing about the same as other low-cost ISPs, but often come with special discounts for new customers.

Compare Superloop Internet Plans

Superloop offers two different types of broadband technology: Superloop NBN and Fixed Wireless Superloop internet.

Depending on where you live, the type of Superloop internet plan you can sign up for differs. You can check to see what type of Superloop internet plan is available at your address directly by going to

Below you will find a summary of Superloop NBN and Fixed Wireless plans.

Superloop NBN Offers

With the National Broadband Network now rolled out across Australia, Superloop NBN plans are available throughout the country.

Superloop NBN plans start at $54.95 per month for the first 6 months, for their most basic NBN plan, but speeds go up to NBN Ultrafast. In addition, almost all Superloop NBN plans come with no lock-in contract and unlimited data (except NBN 500 Home Ultrafast) and you can either choose to bring your own modem with no upfront cost or purchase a modem (eero 6) for $157.95 upfront.

Below, you can find Superloop NBN plans, with their cost per month and typical evening speed.

Superloop NBN Plans
Superloop NBN Plan Cost / Month Typical Evening Speed
NBN Home Basic $54.95 / month first 6 months
$59.95 / month after
NBN Home Standard $54.95 / month first 6 months
$69.95 / month after
NBN Home Fast $69.95 / month first 6 months
$89.95 / month after
NBN Home Fast 40 $79.95 / month first 6 months
$98.95 / month after
NBN Home Superfast $99.95 / month first 6 months
$119.95 / month after
NBN Home Ultrafast
3TB of data
$119.95 / month first 6 months
$139.95 / month after

Source: Providers individual websites. Actual offers may vary. Actual speeds may vary. Comparison does not include all providers, products, or plan features. Typical evening speed 7pm-11pm and subject to change. Valid November 2021.

Superloop Internet - Fixed Wireless Broadband

If you live in Adelaide or one of its select suburbs, you can sign up for Superloop Fixed Wireless Broadband as an NBN alternative.

Fixed Wireless utilises wireless radio to deliver superfast broadband to your home from a radio tower (provided there is a clear line of sight between the tower and the radio antenna and dish installed on your roof). From there, a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) device is plugged into your home, acting as a standard wifi router to connect your devices to your Superloop internet service.

If you live in Adelaide or one of the approved surrounding suburbs and can connect to Superloop Fixed Wireless Broadband, you have the option of three Superloop internet speeds, and three contract terms.

Fixed Wireless contact terms include:

  • MONTH-TO-MONTH CONTRACT: $249 upfront setup
  • 12-MONTH CONTRACT: $189.95 upfront setup
  • 24-MONTH CONTRACT: $99.95 upfront setup

Superloop Fixed Wireless is available at three different speed tiers. Below you can find which Superloop internet plans are available, the monthly cost (setup not included), and the typical evening speed you can expect during peak busy hours while on your chosen Fixed Wireless Superloop internet plan.

Here you can find available Superloop Fixed Wireless plans, their cost per month, and typical evening speed:

Superloop Internet Plans - Fixed Wireless Broadband
Superloop Internet Plan Cost / Month Typical Evening Speed
Fixed Wireless $59.95 / month 43.8Mbps
Fixed Wireless Wave $49.94 / month first 6 months
$59.95 / month after
Fixed Wireless Wave $79.95 / month first 6 months
$89.95 / month after

Source: Providers individual websites. Actual offers may vary. Actual speeds may vary. Comparison does not include all providers, products, or plan features. Typical evening speed 7pm-11pm and subject to change. Valid November 2021.

To see if you live in a location where Fixed Wireless Superloop internet is available, check online at

Superloop Login for the Superloop Members Area

Your Superloop Members Area is your one-stop location for managing your Superloop internet services and account.

Your Superloop login information will grant you access to the Superloop Members Area. If you forget your password you can reset your Superloop login information directly online.

With your Members Area account you can manage all your Superloop internet services and account information including:

  • Check and pay invoices
  • Change your billing payment method
  • Change your Superloop internet plan
  • Check for any service disruptions or Superloop outage
  • Add a new account contact, or update your contact details

Superloop Billing and Payment Methods

There are three methods for paying your Superloop internet invoice: with a credit or debit card online or over the phone, with automatic direct debit, or BPAY:

  • CREDIT OR DEBIT: Pay immediately online in your Members Area, or by calling 1800 57 87 37.
  • DIRECT DEBIT: Set up a direct debit online in your Members Area or call 1800 10 12 10 to set up a direct debit over the phone.
  • BPAY: Contact your local financial institution and use the BPAY details located at the bottom of your invoice.

If you have any enquiries or problems with your Superloop invoice or billing, you can use the online Superloop Contact Form to get help.

How do I Check for a Superloop Outage?

If you’re experiencing a Superloop outage or disruption, you can check your Superloop network status for planned and unplanned outages online.

  • MEMBERS AREA: Any known disruptions will immediately be displayed at the top of your Members Area once you log in. You can click “View More” to see more details.
  • NBN CO: You can go to the NBN Co website directly to check for any NBN outages or disruptions in your area.

If you’re still experiencing a Superloop outage or disruption and there is no information available about the network status in your area, you can contact Superloop support via the online Superloop contact form.

Superloop Contact Methods

For most enquiries and support help, the best Superloop contact method is online using their Superloop Contact form.

You can find the Superloop contact form online, and use it for:

  • Feedback on a Superloop Help Centre article
  • Superloop billing enquiries
  • Submit a Superloop complaint
  • Ask an enquiry about Superloop internet sales
  • Send a Proof of Occupancy submission
  • Superloop technical support

Superloop does offer phone numbers and email addresses, as well as physical office locations across the country, which you can find more information about below.

Superloop Contact - Offices and Phone Numbers

The main Superloop number is 1800 57 87 37, which can be used for both Superloop support and sales help including moving house, and NBN support.

In addition, Superloop has a number of offices across Australia including the head office in Brisbane.

Here, you can find all Superloop numbers and office addresses if you need to contact Superloop directly:

Superloop Number and Office Address
Superloop Office Location Superloop Office Address Superloop Number
Brisbane (Head Office) Level 1, 545 Queen Street,
Brisbane, QLD 4000
AU: 1300 558 406
Overseas: +61 7 3905 2400
Sydney Level 18, 9 Hunter Street,
Sydney, NSW, 2000
1300 558 406
Melbourne Suite 2, Level 26, 150 Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne VIC, 3000
1300 558 406
Adelaide Level 19, 11 Waymouth Street,
Adelaide, SA 5000
1800 57 87 37
Perth Suite 2, 578 Murray Street
West Perth WA, 6005
1300 558 406
Superloop Warehouse U11 & U 12/8 - 20 Queen Street,
Revesby, NSW, 2212
1300 558 406

Superloop Contact - Email Addresses

If you’re looking to contact Superloop online, your best bet is to use the Superloop Contact Form. However, there are two residential email addresses you can use to email Superloop if necessary.

Below you can find Superloop email addresses for general residential help, residential sales enquiries, and complaints.

Superloop Contact - Email Addresses
Superloop Department Superloop Email Address
General [email protected]
Sales [email protected]
Complaints [email protected]

Superloop Support

If you’re in need of residential Superloop support for your Superloop internet service you can find help online, with the Help Centre.

The Superloop Help Centre contains a number of different articles and guides to help you set up, manage, and troubleshoot your services. However, customers can also use the main Superloop number - 1800 57 87 37 - if they prefer to speak to a Superloop support representative directly.

Superloop Contact for Complaints

The easiest way to submit a complaint to Superloop is to do so with their online form, simply choose “I’d like to submit a complaint” and fill out the required information.

However, you can also find other methods for contacting the Superloop complaints team such as phone, email, fax, and post:

Superloop Contact - Complaints
Superloop Contact Method Superloop Complaints Contact
Superloop Number 1800 733 418 (toll-free) or;
(08) 7123 2901
Superloop Email [email protected]
Superloop Fax (08) 7123 2902
Superloop Postal Address 24-25 Greenhill Road,
Wayville 5034

When filing a complaint to Superloop, you’ll need to include details such as your personal information, Superloop account information, contact details, details about your complaint, and desired outcome. Once you file a complaint you will be given a unique Superloop complaint reference number to track your complaint status.

Superloop Review - Is Superloop Worth It?

While less well known than other ISPs, don’t let that dissuade you from considering Superloop when comparing broadband plans and providers.

What we like is that Superloop offers not just standard NBN speed tiers (NBN 25 - NBN 100) but also NBN Superfast and Ultrafast, as well as high-speed fixed wireless broadband in some locations. However, Superloop is known for only one thing - broadband - and doesn’t offer bundles, mobile phone plans, VoIP or home phone lines, or streaming services like most of their competitors.

In terms of cost, Superloop is on-par with other mid-range NBN providers, though they do offer a discount to new customers for the first 6 months. While their NBN plans don’t come with any startup costs (unless you choose to purchase a modem), there are some hefty setup fees for their fixed wireless broadband plans, depending on the contract term you choose.