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iiNet: Offers, How to Subscribe, and Contact Details

iiNet is one of Australia’s more popular broadband providers, as they provide flexibility and customization to make sure customers get the services that fit their needs and lifestyle. Discover more about iiNet and all of Australia's broadband and telecom providers, by reading more below.

Overview of iiNet

iiNet, founded in a suburban garage in 1993 by Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly, is a subsidiary of TPG Telecom. iiNet provides broadband, phone, and television services to its customers across Australia and the parent company for subsidiaries such as Internode, TransACT, and NetSpace.

In 2000, iiNet became the first company to offer ADSL technology and today still provides ADSL to those who don’t yet have NBN technology to their homes and businesses through its ADSL infrastructure and through reselling Telstra ADSL services.

Today, iiNet owns a sizeable market share of the Australian broadband retail market, thanks in part to it’s flexible and customizable plans, and Liimitless data and talk options.

iiNet network coverage

iiNet is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which operates under the Optus Network. With the majority of Optus’ coverage focused on the major cities of Adelaide, up to Brisbane, as well as Tasmania and around Perth, 98.5% of the Australian population has access to the mobile network under iiNet.

Optus predicts the expansion of their 4G coverage, particularly outdoor coverage, within the next six months. The majority of this expansion will be in Western Australia outside of Perth, as well as various pockets of expansion in South Australian, New South Wales, and Queensland.

iiNet offers

While iiNet’s mobile and home phone plans may be bare-bones in terms of what they offer customers, iiNet shines through in its customizable broadband options which include a variety of ways to get internet into the home, as well as various speed, data, and bundling options on both month-to-month and 6-month contracts.

iiNet mobile plans

iiNet offers simple, SIM-only phone plans available on a month to month basis with no lock-in. Plans start at $15.00 for 1GB of data, and $550 credit for national and international call and text and go all the way up to $37.99 for 9GB of monthly data, with all standard national call and text included, plus an extra $300 for international calls.

iiNet provides either a dual cut SIM card for older phone models, as well as nano-SIM cards for newer models, and a one-off fee of $10 is payable outright for SIM delivery and set-up.

iiNet NBN services

iiNet offers multiple ways to connect to the NBN service in your area. They offer the whole range of fibre NBN plans, as well as wireless NBN, which come with three-speed options, unlimited data, and optional bundles, as well as the option to bring your modem, all on either a 6-month or no-lock-in contract.

  • iiNet Fibre and Wireless NBN Broadband
  • Flexible contract options
  • $0 activation fee
  • Optional modem for $99.95 with no lock-in contract or $69.95 with 6-month contract
  • Speeds available at standard, standard plus, and premium speeds
  • Optional bundles including international calling and entertainment

iiNet also provides Satellite NBN services for its customers. iiNet gives its customers the ability to choose basic or standard speeds, data options, bundles with phone and call packs, and an optional modem.

  • iiNet Satellite NBN Broadband
  • No lock-in contract
  • $0 activation fee
  • Optional modem for $59.99 + delivery
  • Basic or standard speed
  • 150GB, 200GB, 250GB total plans with on and off-peak data.
  • Optional phone rental and local and international call packs

iiNet broadband offers

For those who can’t get NBN to their homes, iiNet offers a multitude of customizable options to get connected to the internet. iiNet offers the same pricing and service for Naked DSL and ADSL2+, with either 500GB or unlimited data options, optional entertainment bundles and phone options, as well as an optional modem.

  • iiNet ADSL2+ / Naked DSL
  • No lock-in contract
  • 500GB or Unlimited Data
  • NBN ready for when NBN comes to your area
  • Optional Fetch Entertainment plan (0$ / month offer for 24 month + $59.99 setup fee)
  • Optional modem for $59.95 + delivery fee
  • $59.99 activation fee

As an alternative to NBN, iiNet offers ultra-broadband VDSL2, with three-speed options, liimitless data, and an included Netphone with local and standard national calls, as well as optional entertainment and call packs.

  • iiNet Ultra-Broadband VDSL2
  • No lock-in contract
  • Limitless data
  • Three download speed options
  • Included Netphone with local and standard national calls (standard Australian mobile calls included in the premium plan)
  • Optional modem for $59.99 + delivery
  • $59.99 activation fee
  • Optional entertainment and call packs

iiNet cable broadband offers superfast internet with unlimited data. Cable broadband with iiNet includes a Netphone with standard local and national calls, and an included wifi modem, plus optional Fetch entertainment and international call packs.

  • iiNet Cable Broadband
  • No lock-in contract
  • $59.99 activation fee
  • Ultrafast download speeds (200Mbps average evening speed)
  • Free modem
  • Unlimited data
  • Included Netphone with local and standard national calls
  • Optional entertainment and call packs

iiNet offers off-net ADSL2+ with no lock-in contracts in three data plans with included home phone rental, as well as optional call packs, Fetch entertainment and an optional modem with no activation or set-up fee.

  • iiNet Off-Net ADSL2+
  • No lock-in contract
  • $0 activation fee
  • Three-speed options
  • Optional modem for $59.95 + delivery
  • 100GB, 200GB, 250GB total plans with on and off-peak data.
  • No-cost phone rental
  • Optional call and entertainment packs

iiNet’s Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) plans come in two speeds, with an included phone line, at a no lock-in or 6-month contract. With a lower speed plan, you get limitless data, pay as you go calls, and an included wifi modem. With the higher speed, you get three options which include a wifi modem and have varying call options from pay as you go up to unlimited calls local, nationally (including mobiles) and internationally.

  • iiNet Fibre to the Building
  • Optional contract ($99.95 set up fee for no lock-in contract)
  • Two download speed options
  • Unlimited data
  • Free wifi modem
  • Optional call inclusions

iiNet gives customers multiple options to choose from with its Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) plans. Four data options at three speeds with included local and standard national calls, plus optional modem and entertainment and calling packs are all available to customize this plan to suit your lifestyle.

  • iiNet Fibre to the Home
  • No lock-in contract
  • $79.95 activation fee
  • Three download speed options
  • Optional modem for $59.95 + delivery
  • Data plans between 50GB to 1000GB of anytime data
  • Optional entertainment and call packs

iiNet television and Fetch bundles

iiNet offers bundles with Fetch Entertainment with most of their broadband services. These include a Fetch Set Top Box and 30 movies a month, plus app access to streaming services starting at $5 per month when bundled with broadband service. It does need to be noted that iiNet charges a one-off set-up fee for Fetch which is $59.99. Additional, optional, packages include channel packs, a sports package and world TV packages.

iiNet and Fetch also offer Fetch Mighty and Multiroom services for additional fees.

iiNet fixed-line phone plans

iiNet8 has two options for home phone services; a traditional phone line which can be bundled with either local and national standard call packs or international call packs, and a VoIP netphone which is available through VDSL2, cable, FTTH, and naked DSL plans and includes calls to other netphones, local calls, and standard national calls as well as optional bundles for international calls or mobile phones.

iiNet reviews

Reviews across the internet from iiNet customers are mixed, as all provider reviews are. iiNet has won a number of awards for their broadband and customer service.

Customers have mentioned occasional dropouts with their internet, but cite that calling iiNet customer service resulted in either a quick fix or at least customer service telling them of any work being done in the area that could result in a loss of service.

  • Speedy Customer Service - iiNet has won a number of awards for their customer service, and reviews cite that any issues are resolved quickly
  • Fast Internet - Customers say that the average speeds of their internet are quite fast and reliable
  • Dropped Service - Occasional loss of internet which is often quickly resolved
  • High Fine Print Fees - iiNet does have multiple start-up fees for their services that aren’t mentioned explicitly which can add up quickly

iiNet customer service contact

iiNet customer service provides multiple ways to get in touch with them. For most customer enquiries, here are the three main customer service teams and how to reach them. Overseas customers can dial +61 8 9214 2222 for any problems they have.

iiNet customer service phone numbers
  Sales Technical Support Billing
Phone 13 19 17 13 22 58 13 22 58
Hours 8 am - 11 pm weekdays
8:30 - 8 pm weekends
24 / 7 8 am - 10 pm weekdays
9 am - 6 pm weekends

How to sign up with iiNet

To sign up for an iiNet mobile plan, as is required by the Australian government, you will need to provide identification. These can include your name, date of birth, residential address, and any other mobile phone services you have. Depending on your situation, you may be asked to provide more identification.

Service providers also follow the 100-point identification system for signing up for a service. This system requires at least:

  • Two forms of primary identification (such as a passport - either Australian or international with a valid Australian visa, license, or proof of age card with a photo),
  • Or one primary identification and two secondary forms of identification (for example: a medicare card, debit or credit card, or full Australian birth certificate).

You will also need an address, phone number, and valid bank account.

Moving house with iiNet?

For iiNet customers moving house, it’s best to start the process by calling 1300 541 714 at least two to three weeks before you move, in order to have your iiNet services set up by the time you’re in your new house. If you’re on ADSL2+ and your landline isn’t provided by iiNet, remember to also call your landline phone provider, as iiNet can’t set up ADSL2+ before your landline is ready.

How to cancel your iiNet service

To cancel a service with iiNet, you may call their sales team at 13 22 58. It should be noted that any service on a contract may require you to pay out any remaining outstanding payments. To close your iiNet account completely, dial 1300 796 178.

If you are absolutely unable to call for whatever reason you can also email however this is not recommended unless you have no way to call iiNet.

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