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Dodo Broadband & Mobile: Offers, Reviews and How to Contact

Dodo Services, Melbourne-based internet service provider, first began in 2001. In 2004 it began to expand to include mobile broadband, VoIP, and eventually insurance and energy. Dodo offers its services to more than 40,000 customers across Australia. Read more below to find out everything Dodo Services has to offer and discover your next broadband or mobile provider with Selectra.

Overview of Dodo Broadband and Mobile

Dodo Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vocus Communications. Dodo was first established in 2001 and expanded service to include mobile broadband, insurance, and energy. In 2013, M2 Group bought out Dodo and in 2015 M2 Group merged with Vocus Communications to become one of the largest Australian telecom companies.

Dodo Network Coverage

Dodo is an MVNO, operating under the Optus Network. The Optus network covers approximately 98.5% of the population of Australia, including all major cities and surrounding regions with 3G and 4G, as well as 4G Plus in more limited quantity in major cities.

Offers from Dodo

Dodo offers multiple broadband and mobile plans, including SIM-only mobile phone and mobile broadband plans, as well as NBN and ADSL broadband.

Dodo Mobile Phone Plans

Dodo offers three month-to-month mobile phone plans with no lock-in contract, at different price points. Each plan comes with national talk, which includes landlines, mobiles, and 13 / 1300 / 1800 numbers, as well as unlimited national and international text.

Phone Plans Available with Dodo
Price / month $5 / month $20 / month $30 / month
Data/month No data
2GB for +$10
6GB / month 12GB / month
Unlimited National Talk Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited National
+ International Text
No Yes Yes
International Talk No 100 minutes to
35 countries
200 minutes to
35 countries

Customers can also choose to add additional packs to their mobile phone plans. For an additional $5 - $10 / month per pack, customers can get extra data, additional international minutes, or unlimited MMS.

Data Pack International Talk Pack MMS Pack
+$10 / month +$5 / month +$5 / month
Add 2GB data
No excess data charges
+100 international minutes
to 35 countries
Add unlimited MMS

ADSL and NBN Broadband with Dodo

Dodo offers NBN and ADSL to customers across Australia, depending on the connection type available.

Where NBN is available, Dodo customers can choose NBN plans with 101GB / month starting at $60, or unlimited data starting at $70 / month. From there, customers can choose from nbn25 speed only available on 101GB, or nbn50 or nbn100 with unlimited data.

NBN plans are available on a 12 or 24-month contract which both have no modem or setup fee, and 24-month contracts have the option to choose an optional Fetch TV bundle.

ADSL customers can choose between 101GB for $20 / month or unlimited data for $30 / month and require an active phone line connection. Customers can keep their current fixed-line provider, or use Dodo for an additional $30 / month. ADSL is available on a 12 or 24-month contract, which comes with $0 modem and setup fees. 24-month contracts also have the option to include Fetch TV bundles for an additional cost. All ADSL modems are also NBN ready.

Customers who choose to use an active fixed line from Dodo have the option of transferring their number from a previous provider or getting a new number from Dodo. Customers who opt for a new number from Dodo will be charged a $59 one-time set-up fee. If there is no active line connection in the house, or it is a new building, there is a $240 new-line fee, which will be charged over four bills.

Dodo Mobile Broadband SIM-Only Plans

Dodo offers SIM-only mobile broadband plans on either monthly or 12-month contracts. Customers who sign up for the month-to-month mobile broadband plan have the option of either 15GB per month, or 25GB per month while customers on the 12-month contract can choose 25GB per month or 50GB per month. Mobile broadband SIMs can be either picked up in-store or delivered at home, free of charge.

Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans
  1 Month Plans 12 Months Plans
Contract Type 15GB / month 25GB / month 25GB / month 50GB / month
Price per month $20 / month $40 / month $20 / month $40 / month

Landline Offers from Dodo

Dodo offers customers home phone rental services on a 24-month or month-to-month contract. Customers can choose between a standard line rental with pay-as-you-go calls or an unlimited call pack which has unlimited local, national, and mobile calls.

Customers can also choose to include international call packs for an additional fee; the $15 / month pack for landline only international calls, or a $20 / month pack for landline and mobile international calling.

Landline Offers from Dodo
  1 Month Plans 24-Month Contract
Contract Type Standard Line Unlimited Pack Standard Line Unlimited Pack
Price per month $40 / month $50 / month $30 / month $40 / month

Entertainment / TV Dodo Bundles

Dodo customers who choose a 24-month broadband contract have the option of including Fetch TV for an additional fee. Dodo gives you the option to choose between Fetch Mini for $15 / month, or Fetch Mighty for $20 / month. Both come with the choice of one channel pack, with additional channel packs for an extra $6 / month or customers can choose the Ultimate Channel Pack for $20 / month.

Bundle with Dodo Broadband and EnergyDodo also offers energy services to customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. For every month a customer bundles internet with an active gas or electricity service, they could receive up to $5 off their internet bill. For more information about Dodo Energy offers, visit Selectra's guide to Dodo Energy.

How To Sign Up to Dodo

Customers can sign up for Dodo’s mobile and broadband offers online or by phone. Customers will be required to submit proof of identification in order to purchase any mobile or broadband offer.

The Australian government requires all prepaid mobile phones to be activated with valid identification which includes a residential address, date of birth, and any other prepaid phone numbers you may have in your name. You may also be required to present additional identification.

More information can be found on the Australian Government's website.

Contact Dodo Customer Support

Customers can contact Dodo Broadband and Mobile customer service by calling their general phone number 13 DO DO (13 36 36). Dodo also offers an alternative phone number 02 8375 3629. These phone numbers are available for mobile and broadband support as well as energy support.

Available Hours to Contact Dodo
Type of Support Hours Available
Sales Enquiries 8 am - 11 pm weekdays
9 am - 9 pm weekends
Customer Support 10 am - 7 pm weekdays
Technical Support 8 am - 11 pm weekdays
8 am - 10 pm weekends
Energy Support 8 am - 7 pm weekdays

How To Move with Dodo

Customers who already have Dodo internet can prepare their move by calling 1300 193 302 and choosing their disconnection and installation dates. Depending on where you move, you may need to switch from NBN to ADSL or vice versa which can incur an upfront first-month payment.

Installation in your new home could take between 3 to 10 days depending on the location, type of technology, and existing set-up of your new address. When connecting broadband to your new home, you probably won’t need to be home unless a technician needs to come out to set up a new active line.

New Dodo customers can prepare their move while signing up for a new plan online or by phone.

How to Cancel a Dodo Plan

Dodo customers can cancel their service at any time, by providing 30 days written notice to Dodo customer service. If a customer is on a contract they may be required to pay an early termination fee which depends on how much time is left on the contract, and what service you are canceling.

Pay a Dodo Broadband and Mobile Bill

Customers can pay their Dodo broadband or mobile bill online through Account Management, by logging into their account, going to “Pay Your Account” section, and following the prompts on the page. Customers can also call Dodo customer service at 13 36 36 to pay over the phone or go online with their contact number or account number and date of birth to pay a bill immediately.

Customer Reviews of Dodo

Reviews of Dodo services are mixed, as most reviews of mobile and broadband providers are. Customers like the ease of switching to Dodo broadband, but often cite slow download speeds or coverage dropouts.

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