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Optus, one of the largest telco companies in Australia, offers many different broadband and mobile services across the country including prepaid and postpaid mobile phone plans, NBN packages for the whole family, 5G home wireless broadband, and mobile broadband for internet on-the-go. Learn more about what Optus offers, how to sign up to an Optus plan, and how to contact Optus if you need some account help, by reading more below.

The Optus network & coverage map

Optus is one of three mobile network operators in Australia, meaning they own and manage some of the mobile network infrastructure in the country. First founded in 1981 as AUSSAT, the telco company changed its name to Optus in 1992 following privatization. Since then, Optus has grown to take up over 25% of the mobile telco market.

Optus 4G coverage

The Optus 3G and 4G network is the second largest

Optus network coverage map

mobile network in Australia, covering 98.5% of the population. This covers major Australian cities along the coast, as well as additional regional and rural coverage throughout the country.

Optus 5G coverage

With 5G rolling out across Australia, major cities are starting to see limited coverage. Currently, some Optus 5G is available in:

  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

As 5G continues to grow, coverage should continue to expand. Even if you live in one of these cities, make sure to check if you have Optus 5G available, especially if you want to sign up for Optus 5G home wireless broadband. Even if it isn’t available in your location yet, check frequently because 5G coverage is expanding all the time.

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Optus internet plans

Optus internet plans include both flexible NBN plans, and home wireless broadband on either the 4G or 5G network across Australia.

Optus NBN plans

If you’re looking for a new NBN service, Optus offers flexible NBN plans that work for any household. With Optus NBN, all plans include:

  • Unlimited data
  • Included Optus Ultra WiFi Modem ($252 if you cancel your service before 36 months)
  • Optus Sport + OS Fitness
  • 1 month free trial of Game Path
  • PAYG phone line
Optus NBN plans
Optus NBN plan Optus NBN features Optus NBN cost
Internet Every Day Month-to-month NBN50: $75 / month
NBN100: $95 / month
Family Internet Ultimate Included Optus Ultra Wifi Booster
Fetch Mini
+ 3 months free upgrade with 45 channels
NBN50: $79 / month first 12 months
$85 / month after
NBN100: $99 / month first 12 months
$105 / month after
Internet Entertainer Included Optus Ultra Wifi Booster
Fetch Mighty
+ 3 months free upgrade with 45 channels
1 premium channels pack
NBN50: $90 / month
NBN100: $100 / month first 12 months
$110 / month after

Optus speed test Not sure if your Optus broadband plan is as fast as it ought to be? Test your internet speed with Selectra’s Internet Speed Test and learn tips and tricks to improve your broadband connection.

Optus wireless broadband plans

Wireless broadband is an NBN-alternative that connects your home devices to the internet using the mobile network. Unlike NBN and other broadband services, home wireless broadband is simple to set up, just plug in the home wireless broadband modem and connect your devices. Most home wireless broadband plans are currently on the 4G mobile network, however Optus is beginning to roll out their 5G home wireless broadband in selected cities as well.

Optus 4G wireless broadband

If you’re looking for an NBN-alternative, Optus 4G home wireless broadband connects the devices in your home to the Optus 4G network. Simply choose if you want a month-to-month, or 24-month contract, and how much data allowance you want every month. With Optus 4G wireless broadband, even if you use up your data allowance for the month you can still enjoy endless data at 1.5Mbps reduced speed, with no excess charges.

Optus 4G home wireless broadband
4G Internet Lite
200GB of data
4G Internet Everyday
500GB of data
$58.50 / month
+ $216 modem upfront with month-to-month
($0 if you stay for 24 months)
$67.50 / month
+ $216 modem upfront with month-to-month
($0 if you stay for 24 months)

Optus 5G wireless broadband

Optus is one of the few telco companies offering 5G home wireless broadband in selected major cities. If you want to get Optus 5G home wireless broadband, it’s important to first check your address and make sure 5G is available in your area.

Optus offers 5G home wireless broadband on either a month-to-month or 24-month contract, with a month-to-month plan costing an additional $200 upfront start up cost. With Optus 5G home wireless broadband, you get:

  • Unlimited, high-speed data
  • Included 5G Nokia Modem rental
  • Optus Sport + OS Fitness
Optus 5G home wireless broadband plans
5G Internet Everyday 5G Internet Entertainer
$75 / month
77Mbps typical download speed
$90 / month
225Mbps typical download speed
Fetch Mighty included

Optus mobile plans

Optus offers flexible prepaid and SIM-only mobile phone plans, with choices such as data allowance, expiry period, call and text inclusions both national and international, and data rollover and sharing.

Optus SIM-only mobile phone plans

Optus phone plans Optus offers all the latest phones from iPhone, Samsung, and Google. Choose a new handset, and a SIM-only plan, and pay off your new phone in 12, 24, or 36 months.

Optus SIM-only mobile phone plans are month-to-month mobile plans with unlimited data on the Optus Network. You can either bring your own phone, or include one of the latest new phones through Optus, and with Optus SIM-only plans you get:

  • Endless data at 1.5Mbps after you use up your data allowance at maximum speed
  • Data sharing across all eligible plans on a single account
  • 5G access with a 5G-compatible handset
  • Unlimited standard national talk and text to Australian numbers
  • International talk, text, and roaming data on select plan
Optus SIM-only mobile phone plans
10GB of data 60GB of data 100GB of data 500GB of data 120GB of data
$39 / month $49 / month $59 / month $65 / month first 12 months
$119 / month after
$79 / month

Optus prepaid mobile phone plans

Optus offers four different types of prepaid phone plans, each with different inclusions for data, call, and text both nationally and internationally. Their four prepaid mobile phone plans include:

  • Optus Epic Data which comes with flexible expiry periods starting at 5 days with 5GB of data, up to 60GB of data for 28 days. All Epic Data plans come with 200GB of data rollover, standard national talk and text, 10GB of streaming data for selected services, and international inclusions on 28-day plans.
  • Optus Epic Value which come with flexible expiry periods starting at 3 weeks up to 1 year, and included 50GB of data rollover and unlimited standard call and text to Australian numbers.
  • Optus Daily Plus which are two plans that offer 500MB of daily data, and additional credit to be used for calls, text, voicemail, and data.
  • Optus Long Expiry which are prepaid, pay-as-you-go mobile phone plans starting at $10 with calling, text, and data rates.

Optus prepaid mobile phone plans Discover and compare all Optus prepaid phone plans when you check out our Optus mobile phone guide.

Optus mobile broadband plans

If you’re looking for internet on the go, Optus mobile broadband lets you connect any mobile broadband enabled tablet, hotspot, or WiFi dongle to the Optus network, on either their prepaid or SIM-only postpaid mobile broadband plans.

Optus prepaid mobile broadband

Optus prepaid mobile broadband SIM cards are available to purchase for $1 and activate with any of their prepaid plans below. All Optus prepaid mobile broadband plans come with up to 200GB of data rollover.

Optus prepaid mobile broadband
25GB of data 30GB of data 50GB of data 80GB of data
$30 / 28 days $60 / 90 days $90 / 186 days $130 / 365 days

Optus SIM-only mobile broadband

Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans are available on a month-to-month contract with bigger data inclusions. In addition, Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans include:

  • 1.5Mbps endless data speeds
  • Data sharing across eligible plans on one account
  • Optus Sport + OS Fitness
  • Optional international roaming
Optus SIM-only mobile broadband plans*
10GB of data
5GB + 5GB bonus data for 36 months
50GB of data
25GB + 25GB bonus data for 36 months
150GB of data
75GB + 75GB bonus data for 36 months
$15 / month $25 / month $50 / month

*Bonus data offer valid until 31/03/21

Optus contact & customer support

If you’re looking to contact Optus​​​​​​​, you can do so any of the following ways.

Optus 24/7 Live Chat If you don't want to call Optus by phone you can use Optus Live Chat for 24/7 customer support, available on the Optus website or through the My Optus app

Optus contact phone number

Optus customer service is available by phone, depending on your question or query. For sales, tech support, moving home, or customer service, use one of the Optus phone numbers below.

Optus phone numbers
Mon to Fri: 8am-9pm
Sat: 9am-7pm
Sun: 9am-6pm
Customer Support
Mon to Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Tech Support
7 days a week
Moving & Disconnections
Mon to Fri: 8am-7pm
Sat: 9pm-5pm
1300 417 220 133 937 133 937 1300 555 241

My Optus account

My Optus is the account management service available to all Optus customers. With a My Optus account, current customers can:

  • Find data usage and history
  • Check billing and account info, account balance, and update payment details
  • Recharge their Optus prepaid plan
  • Set up their Optus modem
  • Read troubleshooting guides

You’ll be required to set up a My Optus account when you sign up for a new service, and can be accessed either online or through the My Optus app.

Optus complaints process

If you’re dissatisfied with Optus and wish to make a complaint you can do so many different ways. In addition to calling any Optus phone number, or submitting a complaint online via the Optus website, customers can file a written complaint to Optus by email or written post with the information below.

Optus complaints process
Optus complaints email Optus complaints address PO Box 306
Salisbury South 5106
South Australia

In order to facilitate a quick resolution, make sure to include personal details such as your contact information, and any customer information associated with your account, along with as many details as possible of the issue.

Optus billing and payments

Whether you have an Optus prepaid plan, or a postpaid Optus service, here is how to activate, recharge, and pay your Optus bill.

Optus activate and recharge for prepaid plans

After your Optus prepaid SIM card is delivered to your address, you will need to activate it online. You can activate your Optus prepaid SIM through the Optus website. In order to activate your Optus SIM card you will need to provide:

  1. The SIM number located on the back of the SIM card
  2. Personal details
  3. Your current phone number (if keeping your current phone number)
  4. The plan you want to sign up for
  5. Payment method and ID verification

Once your prepaid plan is activated, you’ll need to recharge it at the end of each expiry period. You can recharge an Optus prepaid plan using any of the following methods.

Optus recharge - Prepaid plans
Recharge online Recharge in-store Over the phone AutoRecharge
Pay with your PayPal, debit, or credit card on the Optus website Visit any “Yes” Optus store to recharge or purchase a voucher Dial 555 from your prepaid phone Set up Optus AutoRecharge online
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Optus billing and payments

For Optus broadband and SIM-only plans, customers can pay their Optus invoice in different ways. If you need more time to pay your Optus bill you can request a payment extension on the My Optus app or, for more help, call 1300 308 839 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 7:30pm & Saturday 9am to 6pm to find out all financial help options available.

Optus payment methods
Optus payment method How to pay your Optus bill
Direct debit Set up direct debit on the My Optus app or via My Optus account online
Online with credit or debit Pay your Optus bill online immediately
BPAY Pay through your financial institution using your account number and Biller Code found on your latest Optus bill
Over the phone 1300 309 909
In person Bring your Optus bill payment slip to any Australia Post Office and pay with cash, EFTPOS; cheque, or money order

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