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As one of the major telecom providers in Australia, and one of three networks available (the other two being Telstra and Vodafone), Optus provides customers with a variety of products and services to suit their broadband and mobile needs. Optus provides services to more than 10 million customers across the country. Continue reading below for all the details about Optus, and the services it provides and let Selectra help you find the perfect mobile and broadband provider

Overview of Optus

Optus, founded in 1981 as AUSSAT, is the subsidiary of Singaporean company Singtel. As the second-largest telecommunications company in Australia, it provides both retail and wholesale business to customers and clients across Australia.

When Optus was originally founded in 1981, it was known as the government-owned AUSSAT Pty Limited. AUSSAT initially provided military and civilian satellite services for communication and television and is credited for greatly improving communications in the Australian outback.

In 1992, the Australian government sold AUSSAT to Optus Communications as a private company to provide direct competition to the then government-owned Telecom Australia (now Telstra). In 2001, Singtel bid to take over Optus and successfully won, becoming the sole holding company.

Presently, Optus is both a retail and wholesale seller of telecommunications. In addition to the many broadband, mobile, landline, and television offers through it’s “Yes” brand available to residences and businesses, Optus also owns its own network infrastructure which it then sells to other service providers such as OVO and Amaysim.

With Optus’s telecommunication market share at approximately 25%, it is the second-largest telecom company in Australia after Telstra.

Optus network coverage

Optus Coverage Map
Optus Coverage Map

For most customers in the bigger cities, Optus offers ample network coverage for 3G and 4G plus. The majority of their coverage is focused along Adelaide, to Melbourne, and up past Brisbane, with coverage in Tasmania and along the Western Australia coast, which in total covers approximately 98.5% of the Australian population. In addition, pockets of coverage can be found along the Northern Territory.

Within the next 6 months, Optus predicts to expand 4G outdoor coverage with its biggest expansion in Western Australia outside of Perth, with additional expansion in various pockets along South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland.

What does Optus offer?

Thanks to Optus’s position in the telecommunications market, it is able to provide a wide variety of telecom services to residential and business clients, including mobile and SIM options, broadband, and landlines.

Optus mobile phones and plans

Optus offers its customers a wide variety of mobile options to suit every need. These include a SIM Only plan for customers who have their own phone and are looking for a SIM contract, a Phone and Plan service for customers in the market for a new phone, and prepaid SIMs for customers looking for flexibility and freedom from month-to-month contracts.

SIM-only plans

Optus’s SIM Only plans are great for when you have the phone you want, you’re looking for a new service, and you want lots of data with the option of additional deals and bundles including Apple Music, Optus Sport, or National Geographic.

SIM Only plans come in 12-month contracts, starting at $39 a month for 10GB of data, up to $79 a month for 120GB of data. All plans come with unlimited standard talk and text, with premium plans also including international minutes, and roaming.

Phone and plan (new phones + service)

If a new phone is what you’re after, Optus provides a phone repayment plan with data. The data portion of the plan starts at $45 per month for 4GB of data and goes up to $125 per month for 200GB of data.

All plans come with unlimited standard talk and text, with premium plans also including international minutes, and roaming. Similar to the SIM Only plans, Phone and Plan customers also have the option of including Apple Music, Optus Sport, and National Geographic to their contracts.

It should be noted that the data price for the plan does not include the monthly cost of the mobile phone.

Optus has all current phones available including the latest iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note10+. Monthly instalments for phones start at $49 per month for the Galaxy A50, up to (currently, since the iPhone 11 has not been released yet) $119 for the iPhone XS Max.

Prepaid SIM cards with Optus

For customers looking for flexibility, or those who don’t want or need a SIM card for a year, Optus offers prepaid SIM cards. Optus has four prepaid SIM groups; Optus Epic Data, Optus Epic Value, Daily Plus, and Long Expiry.

  1. Optus Epic Data is exactly what it sounds like: plans with big data. These SIMS start at $10 for 5GB (for 5 days of use) up to $50 for 55GB (for 28 days of use) for the first 3 recharges and then $50 for 30GB from the 4th recharge onward. It should be noted that aside from the $10 SIM card, all other Epic Data plans run on a 28-day cycle, not .30-day cycle. All Epic Data SIMS also have data rollover, an extra 10GB for data TV streaming services, and national call and text, and all but the $10 plan have extra credits for international calls and messages, roaming, and premium SMS service.

  2. Optus Epic Value SIM cards are great for those looking for lots of national calls and text but aren’t big data users. The most basic is a $10 plan, which comes with 500MB of data and unlimited standard national calls and texts for 21 days, as well as data rollover. Most other Epic Value plans run for 42 days, except for their $180 plan which gives you 60GB of data and unlimited standard national call and text, for a full 365 days.

  3. Optus Daily Plus SIM cards work a little different. There are two options, both with unlimited talk and text. The $10 MyCredit option for 30 days, and the $30 MyCredit option for 180 days. $2 is deducted from your MyCredit account for 500MB of data and you can use a total of 1.5GB of data per day ($6 total). This plan also includes low international calling rates which are deducted from your MyCredit account.

  4. Optus Long Expiry prepaid SIM cards start at $10 of MyCredit, for 45 days, up to $50 of MyCredit for 186 days. These SIM cards don’t come with data, talk, or text, but charge per MB, minute of talk, or MMS/SMS sent.

Optus also offers prepaid phones starting at $39. Unlike the phone plans, these phones don’t require monthly instalments. Until 31/3/2020, Optus is offering two free recharges for any phone bought with a $30 Epic Data plan or higher.

Optus internet plans

No matter the broadband connection you need, Optus has it. From traditional ADSL and cable to NBN, and wireless broadband options, all of which can be bundled with entertainment options and phone services.

ADSL, cable, and NBN with Optus

Optus provides the same prices and bundles regardless of if you use NBN, ADSL, or cable for broadband, all of which come with unlimited Data, a 24-month contract, $99 set-up fee, and free AC modem.

Bundles start at $70 per month, which comes with pay-as-you-go calls.

Additional calling packs can be added for an extra $5 or $10 per month. Optus Sport can be bundled for an additional $14.99 per month, and Fetch Mini can be included for $5 per month.

For included Optus Sport and a Fetch Mighty set-top with premium channel pack, Optus offers a $90 bundle.

Choosing unbundled broadband costs $85 per month, and comes with Optus Sport. If you are an NBN or ADSL user, you can choose to upgrade your broadband speeds from basic (ADSL) or NBN 50, to Boost Max or NBN 100 for an additional charge.

Optus wireless data SIMS

Optus has wireless data SIMS which come in three levels: $15 per month for 5GB of data, $25 per month for 25GB of data, or $50 per month for 75GB of data. These data SIMs can be put into any device that uses cellular network and come with Optus Sport and National Geographic included.

Wireless broadband

Optus offers wireless broadband on a month-to-month or 24-month contract. Both contracts are available in 200GB per month for $65 monthly or 500GB per month of data for $85 monthly. The only difference is with a month-to-month contract, the required modem is an additional upfront cost of $192 while that fee is waived for the 24-month contract.

5G wireless broadband - the next generation of home broadband

Optus is beginning to roll out their 5G home broadband services to select areas. 5G home broadband is available on a 24-month (with $0 start-up fee) or month-to-month (with $200 start-up fee) contracts and comes with unlimited data and includes a Nokia 5G modem. With Optus 5G, customers are guaranteed 50Mbps download speed satisfaction.

Optus landlines

Outside of the bundled plans available with Optus broadband, Optus also offers a no-frills landline contract at $22 per month for 24 months. This does not include calls, which cost per call for local calls and 13/1300 calls, per minute with a $2 cap for standard national calls, and per minute for international calls.

Reviews of Optus

Like all telecom companies, Optus’s reviews are mixed. Here are Optus customer options from around the internet.

  • Great online chat - The 24/7 chat service helps get your problem or question solved quickly
  • Good coverage in major metropolitan areas - Due to the size of Optus, it’s coverage is great in major cities
  • Customer service is inefficient - A phone call will often leave you on hold, or transferred to multiple departments
  • Billing Issues - Bills sometimes don’t honour offers or discounts after signing up for a service

Contact Optus customer service

Optus offers numerous ways to contact customer service for mobile, and broadband enquiries.

You can find all the ways to get in touch with Optus customer service in our Contact Optus guide.

How to contact Optus customer service

Optus Customer Service Team Customer Service Phone Number Hours Available
General 133 937 8am-7pm weekdays
9am-5pm Saturday
Sales Staff (Mobiles and Phones Plans) 1300 133 731 8am-7pm weekdays
9am-5pm Saturday
Broadband Specialist 1800 501 133 8am-7pm weekdays
9am-5pm Saturday

How to sign up to Optus

You can sign up for Optus online or in-store

To sign up for all plans, you need to follow the 100 point rule which includes at least one form of primary identification worth 70 points (for example; a passport, drivers license, or proof of age card with a photo) and at least one form of secondary identification worth 30 points (for example; a credit or debit card in your name, an Australian marriage or citizen certificate, or medicare card). You can find a full list of accepted identification here.

The Australia government adds that all prepaid mobile phone services need valid ID, as well as a residential address, and you may be required to provide the number of any other prepaid phone service you have if you pay by credit card. If you do not use a bank card or have more than five prepaid phones in use, you may be asked for additional identification.

Providers can verify identification through an online verification service, financial transaction, existing postpaid account, or a visual document check. More information can be found on the Australian government website.

Looking to cancel your Optus service?

You can cancel your Optus subscription through their online chat service, or by calling general support at 133 937.

Be advised that any contract may have a termination fee, and if you have a monthly phone payment you will need to pay off the remainder of your phone prior to cancelling.

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