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Australian company Boost Mobile has been providing customers with prepaid mobile phone plans since 2000. Find out everything you need to know about their plans, and more, by reading below or discover your new favourite mobile or broadband provider with Selectra.

Boost Mobile overview

Boost Mobile, Australian telecommunications company, was first founded in Australia and New Zealand in 2000 by Peter Adderton. Up until 2013, Boost Mobile was provided mobile network services under the Optus Network. Following 2013, however, Boost became an MVNO of Telstra. In Australia, Boost Mobile is owned by Boost Tel Pty Limited.

In 2001, Boost Mobile expanded into the USA under Nextel Communications which was acquired by Sprint Mobile in 2005.

Boost Mobile network coverage

Boost Mobile gives you 3G and 4G coverage under the Telstra Network, Australia’s most expansive mobile network which covers over 98% of the population. Most of their 4G network covers major cities, while Telstra 3G covers much of the regional areas.

Telstra plans on phasing out their 3G coverage by 2024, with plans to replace their 3G network with 4G infrastructure which will offer similar reach and size. In order to continue to access the Telstra Network, you will need a 4G-enabled device.

Boost Mobile prepaid and refurbished offers

Boost Mobile offers a number of prepaid SIM-only plans for customers in Australia, whether you need your plan for a week, a month, or a year. These SIM-only plans include unlimited standard calling, as well as call and text internationally to a number of selected countries across the globe. With Boost Mobile customers can also purchase a number of refurbished iPhone and Samsung-brand phones.

28-day prepaid SIM cards

Boost Mobile offers five SIM-only mobile phone plans on a 28-day expiry period. Each of the 28-day plans from Boost come with a number of additional features including data rollover to use during your next recharge, unlimited national standard calls and text, and international calls and texts to a number of selected countries.

28-day SIM-only plans with Boost Mobile
Data / 28 days 5GB 34GB
20GB + 14GB*
30GB + 14GB*
40GB + 14GB*
65GB + 14GB*
Price / 28 days $20 $30 $40 $50 $70
Unlimited international call and text 20 countries 20 countries 25 countries 25 countries 30 countries
Additional international minutes +100 minutes and text to 35 destinations +100 minutes and text to 35 destinations +200 minutes and text to 30 destinations +200 minutes and text to 30 destinations +300 minutes and text to 25 destinations

*Additional 14GB on first three recharges. The first recharge must be before March 30 2020, and last two recharges by 31 May 2020

7-day SIM plan?Boost Mobile offers one 7-day SIM-only plan to customers. For $10, you have access to 3GB of data, unlimited standard national call and text, unlimited international calls to 20 countries, and data-free music streaming through Apple Music.

6 and 12-month prepaid SIM cards

Boost Mobile’s long-expiry prepaid SIM cards are available to customers in Australia looking for long term options for their mobile phone plans. Boost Mobile long term plans come with the same benefits of their 38-day expiry plans including unlimited national call and text, and international calls to selected countries as well as data-free music streaming with Apple Music.

Long-expiry SIM-only plans with Boost Mobile
Data 60GB 120GB
80GB + 40GB bonus
150GB 240GB
Price $100 $150 $200 $300
Expiry 6 months 12 months 6 months 12 months
International Unlimited call and text to 20 selected countries + 600 minutes to 35 additional destinations Unlimited call and text to 25 selected countries + 1200 minutes to 30 additional destinations Unlimited call and text to 25 selected countries + 1200 minutes to 30 additional destinations Unlimited call and text to 30 selected countries + 3600 minutes to 25 additional destinations

Refurbished phones to buy

Boost Mobile offers a number of refurbished phones from big-name companies like iPhone and Samsung. iPhone’s start at $179 for the iPhone SE, and include all the next iPhone models up to the iPhone XS Max starting at $899. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available starting at $349, and all other subsequent Samsungs are available up to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for $479.

When purchasing a refurbished phone through Boost Mobile, you will also get a free $30 SIM card, which comes with 35GB of data, a 28-day expiry, unlimited standard national call and text, unlimited international call and text to 20 countries, and data-free Apple Music streaming. In addition, Boost Mobile offers data-rollover to use on the next recharge if you recharge before the expiry.

How to sign up to Boost Mobile and activate a SIM

Customers can purchase their Boost Mobile SIM card or refurbished phone online. When signing up, as per Australian law, customers have to agree that they own less than five prepaid devices and this device will only be for personal use.

Once you’ve received your SIM card by mail, you can activate your SIM card online. When activating a Boost Mobile SIM card, you will need the SIM serial or service number and a valid form of identification.

Your SIM should be activated within 4 and 24 hours if requested during business hours. However, if you request an activation outside of business hours (Sundays and public holidays included) the request will be processed next business day. If you are porting your number from a previous service, you will be able to continue to use your number until the activation is complete.

Porting a Telstra number? If you’re moving your number from Telstra to Boost Mobile you will need to contact 1800 100 933 between 8am and 9pm, any day of the week to request a blank Boost Mobile SIM (next day delivery for customers in any major capital city if the request is made before 4PM). Once you receive your blank Boost SIM, call the same number (1800 100 933) to activate it.

Recharge a Boost Mobile plan

Boost Mobile offers five ways to recharge a mobile plan:

  • In-app for Andriod or iPhone
  • By dialling #111# from your Boost Mobile phone
  • Online
  • On your phones mobile browser, data-free
  • Auto recharge through any of the above-mentioned methods and selecting “auto recharge” with your payment details

Cancel your Boost Mobile service

Since Boost Mobile plans are contract-free, customers are free to cancel their service anytime they wish. Simply call 125 8881 any day between 8am and 9pm to request your service be cancelled. In addition, you can also live-chat with Boost Mobile customer service 24/7 online.

Contact Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile customer service is available to contact over the phone by calling 125 8881 or email. In addition, Boost Mobile live chat is available 24/7 to speak with a Boost Mobile customer service member. Written complaints with your full name, date of birth, and Boost Mobile phone number can be sent to:
429, 5 Lime Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Boost Mobile customer reviews

Across the web, Boost Mobile reviews are mixed. Customers like the service once they are activated and appreciate that Boost Mobile uses the Telstra Network to provide prepaid options to Australian customers. However, many customers cite difficulty when it comes to actually receiving their SIM card, stating multiple delays in receiving it. In addition, customers who decide to request a refund because they did not receive their SIM cards say that they have to chase after customer service in order to actually get refunded.

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