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Origin Energy LPG Bottled Gas

Origin Energy logo with LPG bottle and gas flame

Origin Energy is well known for its electricity and gas plans, but did you know they also sell LPG bottled gas? Unlike natural gas, which connects to your home, Origin LPG is very customizable, to fit your LPG needs whether it's just for summer BBQs or total-home use. With Origin Energy LPG you can decide on the amount of LPG you want and whether you want regularly scheduled refills or replacements, so continue reading below to find out more about Origin LPG and how you can get started today.

What is LPG bottled gas?

LPG (liquified petroleum gas) is a form of fuel commonly used in residential homes and businesses. While in other parts of the world, LPG is often a mix of propane and butane, in Australia it is 100% propane gas which is pressurized into a liquid form. Most home appliances can run on either LPG or natural gas, and it’s important to know which your home is set up for.

What is the difference between LPG and natural gas?

Natural gas is extracted deep from the earth, and is a mix of ethane, propane, butane, and pentane. In Australia, natural gas is most often used to heat water, run appliances, and heat your home.

LPG, on the other hand, can either be produced during the oil refining process, or is extracted during natural gas extraction. When placed under pressure, LPG turns from gas to liquid, making it easier to transport. Unlike natural gas, LPG burns more cleanly due to the absence of sulphur, and is easily portable. With Origin Energy LPG, you have the choice of LPG bottle size, so you can use it for everything from BBQ in the summer to heating your home in the winter.

What can LPG be used for?

LPG is a multipurpose fuel, useful for everything from BBQs, to cooking, to hot water and heating. Origin Energy offers small LPG bottles, able to easily be exchanged at many retailers, which can be easily transported for outdoor living use as well as big bottles that hook up to your home for total-home use. In addition, LPG is a popular option for businesses who use forklifts or other machinery.

Origin Energy LPG and summer BBQs

One of the most common, and popular, uses of residential LPG is for summer BBQs and outdoor living. Origin Energy makes it easy to purchase and swap BBQ-sized LPG bottles with their Quick Swap program, available at retailers across the country. With Origin Energy’s LPG Quick Swap program, you can purchase a new LPG cylinder, switch an empty bottle for a full one, or swap sizes if you need a bigger or smaller bottle.

Origin Energy LPG bottle sizes for BBQs Origin Energy has two bottle sizes for BBQing: 9kg bottle filled with 8.5kg of LPG and a smaller, 4kg bottle filled with 3.7kg of LPG.

In addition to BBQs, Origin Energy’s 4kg and 9kg bottles can also be used for caravan or boat living, as an easily transportable fuel choice, and for outdoor patio heaters to heat your outdoor living space.

Origin LPG and autogas

While not a well known option, many petrol engines in cars can be converted to LPG, as either single or dual fuel. LPG is a cheaper fuel alternative to petrol, and most gas stations have LPG for cars.

If you’re considering LPG autogas, it’s important to consider the benefits and drawbacks. Converting your car to LPG might be expensive upfront, as it needs to be done by a licensed installer, but can be an attractive option to save on fuel and potentially increase the resale value of your car.

Origin Energy LPG for your home

If you’re interested in LPG for your home, Origin Energy has many options available for residential use. Origin LPG bottles come in sizes as small as 3.7kg for BBQs and caravans that can be swapped out at many retailers across the country, up to 210kg for on-site home supply with regular refills.

If you’re using LPG for your home, Origin Energy offers both LPG bottle exchanges, and regularly scheduled refills. Origin Energy LPG bottle exchange is best for those who use low to medium levels of LPG, and allows you to order more when you need it. LPG refills are better for those who use a steady supply of gas. With Origin Energy LPG refills, you won’t need to monitor your gas levels, as deliveries are based on your average consumption and when an Origin Energy LPG delivery truck will be in your area.

Bottle Exchange or Bottle Refills?
LPG Bottle Exchange LPG Bottle Refills
  • Order LPG when you need it
  • Two 45kg bottles are perfect for smaller spaces
  • Best for low to medium gas consumption
  • Order LPG online or over the phone
  • Regularly scheduled LPG refills
  • Choose between 45kg bottles up to 210kg bottles
  • Good for those who use a steady supply of LPG
  • Delivery is scheduled to your average usage

Unsure of what type of LPG service you need? Contact Origin Energy and speak to their LPG team to find the best option for you.

Origin Energy LPG sizes

Origin Energy offers 10 different LPG bottle sizes, ranging from 3.7kg for outdoor living and BBQs and available to purchase at many retailers, up to 210kg for high-consumption total-home use. Origin Energy’s most popular LPG bottle size, 45kg, often comes in pairs and can be either refilled or exchanged depending on your consumption habits.

Origin LPG bottle sizes
Size Benefits
3.7kg & 8.5kg
  • Portable
  • Ideal for casual use (ex: BBQ, caravans, boats)
  • Available at petrol stations or camping stores
  • Best for warmer climates
  • Single-use (ex: gas cooking)
  • Good for low-consumption users
15kg - 20kg
  • Mainly industrial use for forklifts
  • Occasionally for residential, low-consumption, use
Recommended plan
  • Most popular choice
  • Usually come in pairs
  • Can either be refilled or replaced
  • Great for high consumption but small space for a tank
  • Regular refills
190kg & 210kg
  • Largest LPG bottles available
  • Perfect for high-use consumption
  • On-site supply
  • Regular refills

Moving out with Origin LPG If you’re moving out of a home that uses Origin LPG, you will need to close your account online. If your new home also uses LPG, you can also choose when to have Origin call you and organize your LPG services for your new property.

How do Origin Energy LPG bill payments work?

The cost of LPG varies depending on the market, so the price is not set in stone. However, it’s important to note that how you are charged depends on whether your LPG is refilled or replaced.

  • Refills: If your LPG is refilled regularly you will be charged per litre refilled. After a refill, Origin Energy will leave a delivery docket in a safe place, letting you know how much was refilled.
  • Replacements: If you choose to have your LPG bottles replaced, you will be charged per bottle

Once your LPG has been either refilled or replaced you can pay your Origin Energy LPG bill online, either in full or in part, using your LPG customer number and a credit card.

How to order Origin Energy LPG

Whether you’re an existing customer in need of a bottle exchange, or a new customer who needs to sign up for the first time, you can order your Origin LPG bottles, or sign up for regular LPG deliveries, online by simply filling out an Origin LPG form.

Prefer to call? Call Origin Energy LPG by dialling 13 35 74 for help figuring out what LPG services would be best for your household.

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