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Origin Solar Plans, Feed-in Tariff, and Solar Panels

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Whether you already have solar energy, or are interested in investing in solar panels, Origin Energy solar team has you covered. From purchase and installation, to solar plans and feed-in-tariff, Origin Energy offers everything you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar PV system. So for more information about how Origin Energy can help you benefit from solar energy, keep reading more below.

Origin Energy Solar Plans

Depending on your situation, the best Origin Solar plan can vary. 

If you already have a solar PV system, you're eligible for the Origin Energy Solar Boost Plan which offers a higher solar feed-in tariff than Origin's standard FiT. 

If you want to purchase solar panels, you can purchase a solar PV system with Origin Energy, and get the highest Origin solar feed-in tariff possible with Origin Solar Boost Plus.

Keep reading to find out more about Origin Energy solar plans.

Origin Solar Boost Plan

If you already have a solar PV system, Origin Energy Solar Boost will give you the best solar feed-in-tariff of any Origin Energy electricity plan.

With Origin Energy Solar Boost, you don’t get a discounted electricity rate like you would with their other energy plans, but if you have a big enough solar PV system, your solar feed-in-tariff should give you a better discount.

  • Higher solar FiT or bigger discount?
  • If you have a smaller solar PV system and use most of your energy during the day, or have battery storage, you’re probably better off choosing an electricity plan with a bigger discount and smaller solar feed-in-tariff
  • If you have a bigger solar PV system (over 5kW), and don’t use most of your energy during the day, you should consider a higher solar feed-in-tariff

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If you choose Origin Energy Solar Boost for your electricity plan, your Origin solar feed-in-tariff will depend on where you live in Australia.

Origin Solar Boost feed-in-tariffs are:

  • NSW: 12c/kWh
  • ACT: 11c/kWh
  • Victoria: 14c/kWh
  • Queensland: 9c/kWh
  • South Australia: 13c/kWh

Origin Solar Boost Plus

If you want to invest in solar energy, Origin Energy makes it easy to purchase a new solar PV system and get even more benefits with Origin Solar Boost Plus.

Origin Energy Solar Boost Plus is only available to customers with solar PV systems purchased through Origin, but it offers one of the biggest solar feed-in-tariffs available on the market. Like Origin Solar Boost, you don’t get discounted electricity, but the solar FiT might be worth it for some, especially those with bigger solar systems that export a lot of energy to the grid.

  • NSW: 22c/kWh
  • ACT: 20c/kWh
  • Victoria: 20c/kWh
  • Queensland: 18c/kWh
  • South Australia: 21c/kWh

Origin Solar Feed-in Tariff

Origin Energy solar feed-in tariffs are available to all solar energy customers, regardless of which plan you choose.

Origin Energy’s standard solar FiT is available on their regular electricity plans (Origin Go, Origin Flexi, and Origin Home Support). Whether you want a higher feed-in-tariff or a bigger discount depends entirely on your solar PV system, and energy consumption habits.

Origin Feed-in Tariff
State Standard Origin feed-in-tariff Origin Solar Boost feed-in-tariff Origin Solar Boost Plus feed-in-tariff
New South Wales 7c / kWh 12c / kWh 22c / kWh
ACT 7c / kWh 11c / kWh 20c / kWh
Victoria 10.2c / kWh 14c / kWh 20c / kWh
Queensland 6c / kWh 9c / kWh 18c / kWh
South Australia 8c / kWh 13c / kWh 21c / kWh

Want to know more about Origin Energy? Find out if Origin Energy is right for you with Selectra's Origin Energy review.

Origin Solar Panels and PV Systems

Origin Energy offers many different solar PV system packages, with panels, inverters, and batteries to make sure you get the most out of your Origin Energy solar. Whether you’re new to solar energy and want a no-fuss system, or want a top-of-the-line package with all the works, Origin Energy has something for everyone.

Origin Solar Packages

Origin Energy has three ready-to-go solar packages, which include everything you need to start generating solar energy. Their three solar packages; Advantages, Premium, and Premium Plus. If you don't have solar panels, or have just moved to a house without solar panels, all plans come with solar panels and an inverter so you don’t need to worry about getting all the pieces together on your own.

Origin Energy solar packages
Solar package What it comes with
Starting at $3,595
  • Goodwe inverter or Zeversolar inverter
  • JA 330W solar panels
Starting at $4,395
  • Fronius inverter
  • JA 330W solar panels
Premium Plus
  • Fronius inverter
  • Trina 370W solar panels

With Origin Energy solar packages, you can either choose to pay upfront (once your solar PV system is installed) or take advantage of Origin Energy’s 24-month interest-free payment plan with $0 deposit.

Get a solar quote If you're interested in solar energy with Origin, you can contact Origin Energy by calling 1300 791 468 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday

Origin Solar Panels

Origin Energy offers two solar panel brands to customers in Australia; JA Solar 330W and Trina Solar 370W. While the JA Solar 330W solar panels offer reliable, no-fuss, green energy, the Trina Solar 370W panels deliver maximum power, perfect for residential use. 

Origin Solar Panels
  JA Solar 330W panel Trina Solar 370W panel
Manufacturer's warranty 12 years on materials and workmanship 12 years on materials and workmanship
Linear warranty 25 years 25 years
Module efficiency 19.6% 20.2% on average
Packages available Advantage and Premium Premium Plus

Origin Solar Intervers

Inverters are what allow you to take the energy you generate and use it in your home, and are an equally important part of your solar PV system.

There are three available inverters through Origin Energy, available in Origin solar packages.

Origin Solar Inverters
  Zeversolar inverter Goodwe inverter Fronius inverter
Manufacturer's warranty 5 years on both parts and labour 10 years on parts, 5 years on labou 10 years on parts, 5 years on labour
Weight 7.3kg 7.5 kg to 26 kg 16kg to 43 kg
Max efficiency 96.3% to 97.5% 96.5% to 98.3% 97.8% to 98.1%
Max current output 15 Amps 7.5 Amps to 22.8 Amps 4.8 Amps to 31.9 Amps
Packages available Advantage, depending on location and system size Advantage, depending on location and system size Premium and Premium Plus

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Origin Solar Battery Systems

Adding a battery to your Origin solar PV system can potentially maximise your solar energy usage.

Batteries allow you to store the excess energy your system generates during the day, so you can use it when the sun isn’t shining. If your battery fills up, any additional energy generated is sent back out to the grid, allowing you to also benefit from a solar feed-in tariff. Origin Energy offers two batteries, the Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem Resu, both of which are among the most popular choices for solar battery storage.

Origin Energy Battery Storage
  Tesla Powerwall 2 LG Chem RESU
Retrofit installation From $14,995 From $10,795
Part of an Origin solar package From $19,390 From $13,295

Origin Energy Virtual Power Plant

Origin Energy customers in Victoria can take advantage of the Victorian Government’s Microgrid Demonstration Initiative, a virtual power plant that connects solar PV and battery storage systems to create a new electricity network.

Whether you have a solar PV system, or want to install one, you’ll receive a heavily discounted 6.5kWh LG Chem RESU battery to connect you to the VPP.

  • A 6.5kWh LG Chem RESU battery for $5,895
  • 24 month interest-free payment plan
  • Full installation with Sungrow Hybrid inverter
  • Guaranteed $300 back in credit within the first year

In order to be eligible for the Origin Energy VPP and LG Chem RESU battery, you need to be an Origin Energy electricity customer for the five-year trial period, and grant Origin Energy access to the power in your battery to charge and discharge it.

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