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Origin Energy Review: Is Origin Any Good?

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There’s a lot to consider when switching energy providers and Selectra’s Origin Energy Review is here to make your decisions a little easier. As one of the biggest energy providers in Australia, Origin Energy might be a household name, but is Origin any good? Read about Origin Energy plans, what they offer, and find out what Origin Energy customers think below in this Origin Energy review.

Origin Energy Review of Plans & Rates

Origin Energy offers a variety of energy plans, meaning there is something for everyone, though Origin Energy does not offer its electricity and gas services in every state.

Curious to see if Origin Energy is available in your area? Check out our Origin Energy review of electricity and gas availability by state below:

Origin Energy Services by State
State Electricity Gas
New South Wales    
South Australia    
Western Australia    

Below, you can find a review of each Origin Energy plan available, along with any discounts available by state. It’s important to remember that the discount will vary by location and energy distributor and these are subject to change.

Origin Broadband Origin Broadband is available for fibre and NBN connections. Origin Energy customers can get a $10/month discount off their Origin broadband bill when they bundle energy and internet.

Origin Go Review

Origin Go guarantees the same, fixed rates for 12 months with a discount on both supply and usage costs.

Origin Go customers can add their Everyday Rewards number to earn additional Everyday Rewards points and enjoy 25% GreenPower at no extra cost. Below, you can find a summary of Origin Go discounts by state.

Origin Go Review of Discounts
  Electricity Discount
New South Wales 15% discount off the reference price
ACT 17% discount off the reference price
Victoria 9% discount off the reference price
Queensland 11% discount off the reference price
South Australia 13% discount off the reference price

Origin Everyday Rewards Review

Origin Everyday Rewards is the same as Origin Go, but Everyday Rewards customers can get additional bonus points when they add their Everyday Rewards account to their Origin Go plan.

Origin Everyday Rewards has the same rates and discounts as Origin Go, but Everyday Rewards customers can also get:

  • Up to 10k bonus Everyday Rewards points during sign up
  • 1 point for every $1 charged for usage and supply on your Origin Energy bill
  • 25% GreenPower and 100% Green Gas at no additional cost

Origin Flexi Rate ePlus Review

Origin Flexi Rate ePlus gives you a bit bigger of a discount off the reference price than their other plans, but you need to agree to eBilling and correspondence during sign up.

Origin Flexi Rate ePlus comes with variable rates and a 12-month benefit period. Below, you can find the current Origin Flexi Rate ePlus discounts available:

Origin Flexi Review of Discounts
  Electricity Discount
New South Wales 18% discount off the reference price
ACT 30% discount off the reference price
Victoria 12% discount off the reference price
Queensland 11% discount off the reference price
South Australia 14% discount off the reference price

Origin Basic Review

Origin Basic offers the same variable gas and electricity rates as the reference price for your distribution network.

Origin Basic is a no-frills energy plan, with no benefit period and no lock-in contract. You can sign up for Origin Basic and then “set and forget” without needing to renew your energy plan every year.

Origin Solar Plans Reviews

Origin offers two solar plans for customers who have invested in solar energy.

  • Origin Solar Boost if you already have a solar PV system
  • Origin Solar Boost Plus if you are investing in solar and purchasing a solar PV system through Origin Energy

Both Origin Solar Boost plans offer a higher feed-in tariff than their standard rates, but you won’t get as big of a discount off the reference price compared to Origin Go and Origin Flexi.

Origin Solar Reveiws

Origin Energy is a major solar retailer in Australia, and offers solar products no matter if you’re investing in solar panels for the first time, or are looking to get more back from your current solar PV system.

Origin Solar includes:

  • End-to-end solutions as an accredited solar installer including solar panels, battery storage, and full solar packages
  • Two Origin solar plans and three solar feed-in tariffs available, depending on your situation
  • A Virtual Power Plant for customers with battery storage

Depending on your own solar panel situation and chosen Origin Energy plan, you have three available solar feed-in tariffs available through Origin. As stated above:

  • Standard Origin Feed-in Tariff: Available on all Origin Energy plans
  • Origin Solar Boost Feed-in Tariff: For customers who already have a solar PV system but want a higher solar FiT
  • Origin Solar Boost Plus Feed-in Tariff: For customers who invest in a solar PV system with Origin Energy, with the highest available solar FiT.

Below, you will find a summary of Origin solar feed-in tariffs by state and plan:

Origin Energy Feed-in Tariffs
State Standard FiT Solar Boost FiT Solar Boost Plus FiT
For Origin Solar Systems over 7kW
Solar Boost Plus FiT
For Origin Solar Systems under 7kW
NSW 5c / kWh 10c / kWh 14c / kWh 20c / kWh
ACT 7c / kWh 8c / kWh 14c / kWh 20c / kWh
Vic 6.7c / kWh 10c / kWh 14c / kWh 20c / kWh
Qld 5c/ kWh 10c / kWh 14c / kWh 20c / kWh
SA 6c / kWh 10c / kWh 14c / kWh 20c / kWh

Valid January 2022.

Origin Energy Reviews: What do Customers Say?

In our research into customers’ Origin Energy reviews from across the web, customers appear to be quite satisfied with Origin Energy.

On ProductReview, 6,876 Origin Energy reviews give the power company 3.8 out of 5 stars. This includes 4,344 five-star ratings and 1,905 one-star reviews.

However, on TrustPilot, 85% of the more than 10,000 Origin Energy reviews are 5-stars, which gives Origin Energy 4.7 out of 5 stars.

There are many reasons customer’s cite as reasons for rating Origin Energy so highly. Customers who review Origin Energy particularly like how attentative the customer service is.

  • Origin Energy customer service is efficient, understanding, and going above and beyond to assist customers.
  • Customers name customer service agents by name, showing the personal touch Origin Energy customer service gives their callers.

Courtney, a resident of South East Queensland, says in her verified 5-star review: I called regarding replacing an empty gas bottle at the rental that I am about to move out of next week. I did not have an account but need to replace the gas bottle before leaving the property as part of the rental agreement.
Kent was sooo friendly, helpful and really understood my situation. Even when there wasn't a spot available for my gas to be delivered tomorrow he has gone out of his way to leave a message for them to try to work around my schedule which I appreciate more than you can know….
…Kent is a rare gem in customer service these days with his friendly attitude but professionalism and knows what he's doing which gives me confidence in returning to Origin.
He is a great value to your company and team.
Thank you.

However, not all customers are pleased with their Origin Energy service. Some reasons customers cite in their 1-star Origin Energy reviews include:

  • Lack of transparency with billing, rates, and discounts
  • Getting transferred between departments when trying to contact Origin Energy customer service
  • Particular complaints with Origin LPG deliveries and refills

Says Grant Proctor, a verified Origin LPG customer in South East Queensland, in his 1-star review: Had a leaky gas bottle, told them not to fill it. My wife received a notification they were coming to fill the gas. (I did not get one) She cancelled the order and our service online as we were moving out the following week. We received a bill for filling two 45kg gas bottles. She rang Origin and complained. First call was good and the gentleman said we wouldn't have to pay because he could see that she cancelled the service. Now we're told it's too bad, and u just have to pay it. Apparently there's no record of the previous call although they record all calls.
Liars and scammers. Will never use their service for gas or electricity ever again.
Mediation had started through Product review with an initial contact and then no further contact. Total service nightmare, do not use them

As with anything, everyone’s experience is different and it’s important to do your own research when comparing energy plans and providers. People are more likely to write negative reviews rather than positive ones and we don’t always know where these reviews, particularly unverified ones, come from.

Origin Energy Review Verdict: Is Origin Energy Any Good?

It’s hard to say if Origin Energy is any good, as everyone’s experiences differ and all energy customers have different needs.

Origin Energy Pros and Cons

Origin Energy Review: Pros

  • Competetive electricity prices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Higher than average FiT
  • Electricity, gas, LPG, & solar

Origin Enrgy Review: Cons

  • Not available in all states
  • Complaints about Origin solar
  • No commitment to renewable energy
  • Not the cheapest provider around

Despite Origin Energy’s solar offers, the power company is not committed to the transition to renewable energy. Says the Green Electricity Guide which, in its Origin Energy review gives them a 1.6/10, Origin Energy is Australia’s 4th biggest climate polluter and is committed to continuing to burn coal and push for gas fracking expansions.

However, if you’re looking to invest in solar, Origin Energy does offer end-to-end solar solutions with generous feed-in tariffs, particularly as more and more energy providers are reducing their FiT rates.

All in all, it’s up to you to decide whether Origin Energy is right for you. As one of the biggest energy retailers in Australia, Origin Energy is a safe choice for an energy provider, though neither the cheapest nor greenest available. Selectra always encourages you to do your own research when switching energy providers, and comparison services like Selectra can help.

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