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Kogan, first founded in 2006, is a portfolio of retail and service businesses including mobile phone and internet plans in Australia. Kogan Mobile, first started in 2012 and relaunched in 2015, offers simple prepaid mobile phone and mobile broadband SIM cards. Kogan Internet was first launched in 2017 with month-to-month no lock-in NBN plans. If you’re interested in learning more about Kogan Mobile or Kogan Internet NBN plans, keep reading below.

Kogan Mobile prepaid plans

Kogan Mobile offers multiple different prepaid mobile phone plans on either 30-day, 90-day, or 365-day expiry. New customers can either choose to purchase a SIM card + plan (which gives you a free Kogan SIM card) or first purchase a new SIM card for $2 and decide on your prepaid mobile plan later.

Kogan Mobile SIM card You can buy a $2 Kogan Mobile SIM card either in-store or online (with free shipping). Once you have a Kogan SIM card, you can activate it online with either a passport, drivers license, or medicare card.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new phone, Kogan offers many of the latest mobile devices from Google, Apple, and Samsung, as well as their own Kogan-brand devices. These include new handsets, as well as previously owned and refurbished devices.

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30-day Kogan prepaid plans

Kogan 30-day prepaid mobile plans are their shortest plan option. Every 30 days, you will need to recharge your Kogan service online or with a voucher. All 30-day Kogan prepaid mobile plans come with unlimited standard calls and text.

Kogan Mobile prepaid plans - 30 days
3GB of data
13GB of data
20GB of data
40GB of data
$16.90 / 30 days $29.90 / 30 days $36.90 / 30 days $49.90 / 30 days

90-day Kogan prepaid plans

Kogan prepaid 90-day plans give you the same amount of data per month as their 30-day plans, but at a discount when you pay for the full 90 days upfront. Every month, your data allowance will be renewed so you can enjoy another month with Kogan prepaid, along with unlimited standard calls and text.

Kogan Mobile prepaid plans - 90 days
9GB of data
3GB / 30 days
39GB of data
13GB / 30 days
60GB of data
20GB / 30 days
120GB of data
40GB / 30 days
$46.90 / 90 days
Only $15.64 per 30 days
$79.90 / 90 days
Only $26.64 per 30 days
$99.90 / 90 days
Only $33.30 per 30 days
$139.90 / 90 days
Only $46.64 per 30 days

365-day Kogan prepaid plans

Kogan Mobile’s longest expiry plans are available for 365 days. Kogan Mobile offers their 365-day plans which are similar to the 90-day plans where you pay upfront for a whole year, and get a block of data every month at a lower rate, or their 365-day Flex plans, which give you the whole amount of data upfront so you can use it as you want, in addition to unlimited standard national call and text.

Kogan Mobile prepaid plans -365 days
200GB of data
17GB / 30 days
280GB of data
24GB / 30 days
500GB of data
42GB / 30 days
Only $16.44 per 30 days
Only $20.55 per 30 days
Only $27.91 per 30 days
Kogan Mobile prepaid plans - 365 Day Flex
100GB of data
200GB of data
280GB of data
500GB of data
$150 $200 $250 $335

Kogan prepaid mobile plan add-ons

If you’re already a Kogan Mobile customer, you can get add-ons to your prepaid mobile phone plan, including roaming packs, data add-ons, and international call packs.

  • International Roaming: Get 1GB of data, 100 standard texts, and 30 minutes of standard calls for $15 for 24 hours of roaming
  • Data pack: Get 3GB of data for either $5 per two additional days, or $10 for a full week
  • International Call Pack: Get 250 minutes to call to selected countries. Simply choose whether you want to be able to call 10 selected countries, 15 countries, or 20 selected countries.
Kogan prepaid mobile add-ons and packs
International Roaming
$15 / 24 hours
Data Pack
3GB of data
International Call Pack
250 minutes to selected countries
1GB of data
100 standard texts
30 minutes standard calls
$5 for 2 days
$10 for 7 days
10 countries: $5 / 30 days
15 countries: $10 / 30 days
20 countries: $15 / 30 days

Kogan Mobile prepaid mobile broadband plans

If you’re looking for a mobile broadband plan for your tablet or mobile hotspot, Kogan Mobile offers two prepaid options. Simply choose between Small or Medium, and decide if you want to pay every 30 days, or pay upfront for the whole year and have your data allowance automatically renewed every 30 days.

Kogan mobile broadband plans
8GB of data / 30 days
30GB of data / 30 days
$29.90 / 30 days
$329.90 / 365 days
$49.90 / 30 days
$549.90 / 365 days

Kogan Mobile recharge

Kogan mobile customers can recharge their prepaid mobile phone plan online, or by texting the appropriate SMS code to 12612. You can find a complete list of Kogan Mobile prepaid recharge codes online. In addition, you can recharge your prepaid mobile phone service directly online, through your Kogan Mobile Account.

Kogan Internet plans

Kogan offers numerous unlimited data NBN plans, available where there is an NBN connection. With Kogan NBN, all plans are month-to-month meaning no lock-in contracts or exit fees, and you can choose to bring your own NBN-compatible modem or purchase a Kogan Internet Modem for an additional $69 upfront cost. Kogan NBN plans start at NBN25 Standard Speed, and can go up to NBN250 Superfast and NBN1000 Ultrafast where a connection is possible.

Kogan NBN plans
Kogan NBN plan Kogan NBN plan features
$57.90 / month first 6 months
$63.90 / month after
NBN25 Standard
23Mbps typical evening speed
$63.90 / month first 6 months
$71.90 / month after
NBN50 Standard Plus
46Mbps typical evening speed
$78.90 / month first 6 months
$88.90 / month after
NBN100 Premium
85Mbps typical evening speed
$94.90 / month first 6 months
$128.90 / month after
NBN250 Superfast
200Mbps typical evening speed
$104.90 / month first 6 months
$148.90 / month after
NBN1000 Ultrafast
250Mbps typical evening speed

All Kogan NBN plans are paid with direct debit, from your nominated credit card. If you want to change your Kogan NBN payment method, you can call Kogan customer service any day of the week between 8am and 8pm by dialling 1300 010 400.

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Kogan contact

While you can usually find most of the answers to any questions you might have about Kogan Mobile or Kogan Internet either on your My Kogan Account or through the Help Centre, you can also get in touch with Kogan customer service directly using one of the phone numbers below. Kogan customer service, for both internet and mobile phone, is available 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Kogan contact numbers
Kogan Internet Kogan Mobile
From your Kogan Mobile device
Kogan Mobile
From any device in Australia
1300 010 400 12612 1300 056 426

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