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Compare Electricity in Queensland: Cheapest and Best Plans and Providers

Compare electricity Queensland

The energy market in Queensland is a bit complicated. For those living in South-East Queensland, stretching along the Gold Coast and Brisbane, electricity is deregulated meaning residents are free to compare energy providers and switch to a better offer. If you live in South-East Queensland it’s important to occasionally shop around and compare energy prices, to make sure you’re getting the best energy deal on the market. While finding something that works for you can seem overwhelming, with Selectra you can easily compare electricity plans find your new favourite energy provider in Queensland and start saving on your next energy bill.

Compare electricity providers in Queensland

If you live in South-East Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you’re able to compare and switch energy providers when you want to find the best deals and plans in the state. Below, you can find a comparison of electricity providers in Queensland, to help find your next electricity plan.

Electricity providers in Queensland

With over 25 electricity and gas providers in Queensland, it can be difficult to compare all the available options, plans, discounts, and deals. Below, you’ll find a list of selected energy providers in South-East Queensland, along with their best electricity plan and discount based on the Energex distribution network reference price, and estimated annual cost.

List of electricity providers QLD
Provider Plan name Discount off the reference price Estimated annual cost
ReAmped Energy ReAmped Advance 26% discount $1,111 / year
Mojo Power All Day Breakfast 25.45% discount $1,124 / year
Nectr Friends Clean 17% discount +
$100 credit for new customers
$1,149 / year
Sumo Sumo Assure Advantage 20% discount $1,201 / year
Powerclub Powerbank Home Flat 20% discount $1,208 / year
Energy Locals Online Member 14% discount +
3% pay on time discount
$1,140 / year
OVO Energy The One Plan 17% discount $1,250 / year
AGL AGL Essentials 17% discount $1,252 / year
Simply Energy Simply RACQ 17% discount $1,252 / year
Click Energy Click Flora 15% discount $1,282 / year
Powershop Shopper Mega Pack 15% discount $1,285 / year
Alinta Energy Home Deal 14% discount $1,297 / year
EnergyAustralia No Frills 13% discount $1,305 / year
1st Energy 1st Saver 12% discount $1,320 / year
Amber Electric** Amber Plan 12% average discount $1,313 / year
Amaysim Energy Subscription Medium Plan 12% discount $1,320 / year
Origin Energy Max Saver Online 12% discount $1,278 / year
Elysian Energy Simple Plan 7% discount +
3.3% pay on time discoun
$1,353 / year
Diamond Energy Everyday Renewable Saver 2% above the reference price +
7% pay on time discount +
3% Direct Debit discount
2% above the reference price + 7% pay on time discount + 3% Direct Debit discount
Red Energy Living Energy Saver 6% discount $1,410 / year
Dodo Market Offer 2.32% discount $1,452 / year

Source: Providers websites and Basic Plan Information. Rates valid for postcode 4000 in Energex distribution network. Annual estimated cost includes conditional discounts, Rates may change depending on your location. Valid September 2020.
*Due to the nature of Amber Electric’s wholesale pricing, average discount might change

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Compare the cheapest electricity providers in Queensland

Oftentimes, people are looking for the cheapest electricity in Queensland, with the lowest rates or highest discounts. Here, you can find a breakdown of the cheapest electricity in South-East Queensland, based on the lowest estimated annual cost. All rates and prices below are based on the reference price for the Energex distribution network, within postcode 4000.

ReAmped Energy Queensland

ReAmped Energy takes the cake as one of the cheapest energy providers in Queensland. With their ReAmped Advance plan, you can get up to a whopping 26% discount off the reference price if you pay fortnightly and with direct debit.

ReAmped Advanced electricity rates Queensland
  Discount off the reference price Daily supply charge Usage rates Estimated annual cost
ReAmped Advance 26% discount 94.05c / day 16.70c / kWh $1,111 / year

Mojo Power Queensland

Mojo Power calls itself “Australia’s Fairest Energy Deal” and they’re not wrong. Mojo Power prides itself in keeping usage rates low with a slightly higher daily supply charge, so they don’t profit if you use more electricity. Their All Day Breakfast plan comes with a steep 25.45% discount for Brisbane residents, plus a free smart meter so you can monitor your energy usage.

Mojo Power All Day Breakfast electricity rates Queenslan
  Discount off the reference price Daily supply charge Usage rates Estimated annual cost
All Day Breakfast 25.45% discount 105.60c / day 16.06c / kWh $1,124 / year

Nectr Energy Queensland

If you’re looking for something new and exciting in the Australian energy market, Nectr offers green energy with an attractive discount. Nectr Friends Clean is 100% carbon-offset with fixed energy rates for 12 months, so you know your plan won't change anytime soon.

Nectr Friends Clean electricity rates Queensland
  Discount off the reference price Daily supply charge Usage rates Estimated annual cost
Friends Clean 17% discount +
$100 credit
96.69c / day 19.47c / kWh $1,149 / year

Still need help with energy bills?If you're having trouble keeping up with your energy bills, check to see if you're eligible for energy rebates in Queensland or check out Selectra's tips for reducing your energy usage at home.

Best electricity providers in Queensland

What defines “the best electricity provider in Queensland”? It really depends on the individual and their lifestyle. For some, it might be the cheapest electricity provider available, but for others it could be choosing one of the most well-known providers, best rated energy provider, or one of the greenest providers on the market. Read below to find the best energy provider in Queensland, whatever that might mean to you.

Best electricity deals QLD: Is wholesale electric right for you?

If you’re a tech-savvy energy user, you might do best with a different sort of energy deal. Rather than choosing a discounted energy plan, maybe you want something like wholesale electricity from a provider that helps you take charge of your energy usage. There are a few wholesale energy providers in Queensland, namely Amber Electric and Powerclub. For a small membership fee, they give you wholesale electricity plus up-to-the-minute rates via their energy phone apps so you know when to power down your energy usage, saving money during spikes in wholesale electricity pricing.

Compare AGL, Origin Energy, and EnergyAustralia in Queensland

The Big Three are the largest energy providers in Australia. AGL, Origin Energy, and EnergyAustralia all make up the Big Three, taking up over 60% of the total market share in the country. While they might not offer the cheapest rates in Queensland, their name recognition and total-home utility services mean you can be sure you’re choosing a provider that will remain in the market for a long time. Below you’ll find the cheapest deals for AGL, Origin Energy, and EnergyAustralia.

  Discount off the reference price Daily supply charge Usage rates Estimated annual cost
AGL Essentials 17% discount 91.476c / day 19.943c / kWh $1,252 / year
Origin Energy Online Max Saver 12% discount 98.12c / day 21.07c / kWh $1,278 / year
EnergyAustralia No Frills 13% discount 80.30c / day 22c / kWh $1,305 / year

Best rated energy providers in Queensland

Looking for energy providers that go above and beyond in the name of customer service? We’ve searched the web for the energy providers in Queensland with the best rated customer reviews.

 Click Energy: With a whopping 4 out of 5 stars on ProductReview, out of over 5,000 total customer reviews, Click Energy offers highly rated customer service on top of a generous discounted energy plan. Customers like that Click Energy customer service is quick to solve problems, and getting your electricity set-up is hassle-free.

 Diamond Energy: Not only one of Australia's greenest energy providers, but one with outstanding customer reviews. 66% of customers give Diamond Energy a 5-star review, for a total of 4 out of 5 stars on ProductReview. Customers say they like that not only are calls answered “by real Aussies” but the ethical company goes above and beyond renewable energy generation.

 Energy Locals: As a newer provider on the energy market, Energy Locals doesn’t have many reviews on the web. However, customers give the energy provider 3.8 out of 5 stars, with 68% of the reviews being 4-star or higher on ProductReview. Customers like that issues are resolved quickly, and that Energy Locals offers Aussie-based support.

Greenest energy providers in Queensland

With the current state of the world, it’s more important now than ever to choose an energy provider that takes the step towards green and renewable energy initiatives. GreenPeace Australia and Total Environment Centre have come together to release their Green Electricity Guide in 2018, offering insights into the greenest energy providers in Australia. If you’re looking for the greenest energy providers, or energy providers that focus on renewable energy, you can find more information about the best and greenest, below.

 Powershop: Rated 5 out of 5 stars by GreenPeace, Powershop takes the cake as the Greenest Energy Provider in Australia. Not only do they own renewable assets, but they don’t have any contracts with fossil fuel power stations and hold a strong public position against investment in fossil fuels. In addition, they are heavily involved in community and local energy trading and community energy projects.

 Diamond Energy: Coming in at a close second for Greenest Energy Provider, Diamond Energy is well known for its solar generation and strong residential solar energy support. They don’t generate any electricity from fossil fuels, and hold a strong public position against the practice.

 Energy Locals: At number three, Energy Locals takes 4 out of 5 stars on GreenPeace’s Green Electricity Guide. Their strong support for community energy support and local energy trading, as well as above-average solar export prices, landed them this #3 spot.

Want to invest in solar energy?The Queensland government has solar energy rebates available to help you start to benefit from solar power

Ergon Energy: The historic energy provider in Queensland

Ergon Energy, the government-owned energy provider in Queensland, both retails and supplies electricity to those living outside of South-East Queensland. Regional Queensland residents don’t need to worry about exorbitant electricity costs, thanks to government regulation of Ergon Energy, but do have the options of choosing either a flat-rate tariff or time-of-use tariff, with or without a controlled load, as well as farming tariffs for rural Queensland customers, so their electricity plan fits their lifestyle.

Ergon Energy electricity rates QLD
  Daily supply charge Usage rates
Flat-rate tariff 99.744c / day 23.932c / kWh
Time-of-use tariff 82.60c / kWh Peak: 61.563c / kWh
Off-peak: 20.992c / kWh
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