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Ergon Energy is the historic energy provider and distributor in Queensland, providing electricity to 740,000 customers. As a government-owned company, Ergon Energy's prices are set by the Queensland government. As of 2018, regulations prohibiting customers from returning to Ergon Energy have been lifted, giving customers more freedom to leave Ergon Energy and come back as they like. For more information about Ergon Energy, continue reading below or discover all energy providers in Australia with Selectra. 

Overview of Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy is the subsidiary company of Energy Queensland Limited. First founded in 1999, it is a government-owned energy distributor and retailer of electricity throughout Queensland. 

In addition to distributing and retailing electricity to Queensland citizens, Ergon Energy also manages the generation of 33 stand-alone power stations which provide rural and regional communities in Queensland not connected to the main energy grid with power, reducing their need for at-home, diesel-powered generators.

Unlike other energy retailers, Ergon Energy prices are set by the Queensland government.

Ergon Energy electricity offers

Ergon Energy has three electricity plans available to customers in Queensland; Standard Offer (with prices regulated by the Queensland government), EasyPay Rewards, and Clean and Green. All plans with Ergon Energy are 100% Queensland owned, with customer service locally based. 

Ergon Energy electricity plans
Standard Offer EasyPay Rewards* Clean and Green
  • $50 dividend from the Queensland Government
  • Base offer
  • Various tariff options
  • E-bills or standard mail
  • Online My Account.
  • Includes everything in Standard Offer
  • Reward of up to $75 a year in quarterly instalments
  • Fixed payments: Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly
  • Direct debit, Centrepay, or BPAY only
  • E-bills only
  • Includes everything in Standard Offer
  • Pay a little extra to support clean and renewable energy
  • Choose between 10% - 100% clean energy subscription options
  • Quarterly subscription price between $14 and $140

*As of 31 December, Ergon Energy is no longer accepting new customers for their EasyPay Rewards plan

Ergon Energy electricity rates

Ergon Energy electricity rates are set by the Queensland government, meaning electricity rates in regional Queensland are regulated. However, regional Queensland residents do have the ability to choose what type of electricity tariff they want. Ergon Energy offers three of the most common residential electricity tariffs (single-rate, time of use, and demand tariff), as well as additional controlled load tariffs.

Ergon Energy electricity rates - basic tariffs
  Tariff 11
(Flat-rate tariff)
Tariff 12A
(Time of Use tariff)
Tariff 14
(Demand tariff)
Daily supply charge 99.74c / day 82.60c / day 52.18c / day
Usage rates 23.93c / kWh Peak: 20.99c / kWh
Off-peak: 61.56c / kWh
17.056c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,260 / year $1,310 / year N / A - Annual cost depends
on demand usage

Rates based on Kingsthorpe, QLD (postcode 4400). Rates may vary with location. Estimated annual cost based on average usage of 8.8kWh per day (3,212kWh per year). Prices valid February 2021

Controlled load tariffs, such as below, can be added in conjunction with any of the standard tariffs above. These are cheaper rates for separate appliances like hot water systems or pool pumps, or other home appliances that don’t need a constant supply of electricity. However, the operating time of these tariffs are managed by Ergon Energy so for appliances that need to be connected to power when you want (for example, air conditioning or a home heating system), these tariffs are not recommended.

Ergon Energy electricity rates - controlled load tariffs/caption>
  Tariff 31
(8-hr controlled load)
Tariff 33
(18-hr controlled load)
Usage rates 16.425c / kWh 17.964c / kWh

Rates based on Kingsthorpe, QLD (postcode 4400). Rates may vary with location.

Ergon Energy contact

As both a distributor and retailer, Ergon Energy has phone numbers for customers to not only set up a new electricity plan but also phone numbers to call in case of a power outage or fault. For any life-threatening emergency, dial emergency services 000.

Report an Ergon Energy power outage

Ergon Energy Network is responsible for the building and maintenance of the distribution network, restoring power in case of power outages, and establishing new connections to homes and buildings. Should you experience any disconnection with your service, or power outage, Ergon Energy has a 24 / 7 outage helpline which can be dialled at 13 22 96. In addition to calling them for any problems with your power, including fallen wires or outages, you can also go online to check for scheduled maintenance or reported, wide-spread blackouts.  

Ergon contact information for retail customers

Ergon Energy Retail can help you find the best plan for you and open an account, manage your electricity usage, and change or update your plans or subscriptions. Depending on your query or concern, you can find the best way to contact Ergon Energy below.

Ergon phone numbers
Enquiry Phone Number Hours Available
Life-threatening emergency 000 or 13 16 70 24 / 7
Outage or Fault 13 22 96 24 / 7
Residential Retail Customer Service 13 10 46 7:15am - 5:45pm weekdays
Customer Assist Programme 1800 670 352 8am - 5pm weekdays
Overseas Retail Enquiries +61 7 3069 4100 7am - 5:30pm weekdays
Network General Enquiries 13 74 66 7am - 5:30pm weekdays
Overseas Network Enquiries +61 7 3069 0800 7am - 5:30pm weekdays

Manage your Ergon Energy account: Subscribe, move or cancel

10-Day Cooling Off Period After signing up for a new energy provider, Australian energy customers are legally entitled to a 10-business-day cooling off period. During this time customers can cancel their service at any time with no penalty.

Existing Ergon Energy customers looking to move house with Ergon Energy, or close their account, can do so online. Ergon Energy recommends setting up your moving date as soon as possible (three weeks prior is the recommended time), to ensure a seamless connection to your new property. 

New Ergon Energy customers can use the same form as existing customers to sign up for a new account, whether they want a connection in their current home, or they are moving to a new address.

Ergon Energy bill payment

Ergon Energy customers have several options when it comes to paying their energy bill, including over the phone, online, by mail, or in person. 

How to Pay Your Ergon Energy Bill
Method of Payment Where to Pay What You Need to Know
BPOINT (No login required) Pay Online This is an external website, not connected to Ergon Energy
Online via My Account Go to My Account You need to register for an account before proceeding
BPAY Contact your financial institution Both the Biller Code and Reference Number are available on your bill
Phone 1300 363 214 Visa or Mastercard accepted
Mail Send cheque or money order, plus bottom of your bill, to the address shown Remember a cheque may take 3 - 7 days to clear
In-Person Go to any Queensland post office Find your nearest Queensland post office

Through the Queensland government, Ergon Energy also offers many support programs for struggling households. These include programs for farmers facing drought, programs to help households reduce and understand their electricity bill, and energy rebates for low-income households or households experiencing financial difficulty.

Customers should contact Ergon Energy to find out if they qualify for any assistance programs.

Ergon Energy login & Ergon My Account management

Ergon Energy gives customers the ability to manage their entire account online via Ergon Energy’s My Account. Through Ergon Energy My Account, customers can update account details, view and pay bills, and add people to their account. Customers who have not registered for an Ergon Energy Account can do so online, with the account number located in the top right-hand corner of their energy bill.

Reviews of Ergon Energy

There aren't many reviews of Ergon Energy available, and the ones available are mixed. ProductReview customers give Ergon Energy 1.6 out of 5 stars, with the biggest complaint from customers being that since the majority of Queensland's electricity is regulated, they don't have a choice when it comes to their provider and can't leave Ergon Energy. 

However, customers do say that Ergon Energy is quick to respond to emergencies such as power outages or failures, and that the call center staff are helpful and quick to try and resolve issues. 

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