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Qld Electricity Rebates & Gas Rebates | Full List of 2022 Qld Energy Rebates

Energy rebates Queensland

Queensland residents experiencing financial difficulties have access to a number of government energy rebates and assistance programs to help with electricity and gas bills. If you’re in need of a little help or want to find out if you qualify for an energy rebate or concession in Queensland, you can find more information by reading below.

Queensland Government Energy Rebates - 2022
Qld Government Rebate Amount* Recipients
1. Qld Electricity Rebate & Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate Electricity: $340.85 / year
Gas: $74.92 / year
Pensioners, seniors, veterans, Health Care Card Holders, Low Income Health Care Card Holders, and asylum seekers
2. Electricity asset ownership dividend $50 / year Residential Queensland customers who are separately charged for their electricity
3. Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession $340.85 / year People with difficulty regulating body temperature due to a medical condition
4. Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme Up to $720 every 2 years Certain households experiencing a substantial decrease in income

*Rebate amount depends on your specific conditions and eligibility criteria. You could receive more depending on your eligibility for other combinable rebates. You could receive less depending on your specific eligibility criteria.

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1. Queensland Electricity Rebate & Gas Rebate

Queensland seniors and pensioners, as well as other eligible cardholders, may be able to receive electricity and gas rebates from the Queensland government.

With these Queensland government rebates, you could receive the following amount:

  • Electricity Rebate: $340.85 / year
  • Gas Rebate: $74.92 / year

Eligibility for the Qld Electricity & Reticulated Natural Gas Rebates

The Queensland electricity and gas rebates are available to seniors, pensioners, and eligible cardholders.

Energy rebates are available for the following cardholders:

Electricity and Gas
  • Queensland Seniors Card
  • Services Australia Health Care Card (electricity only)
  • Services Australia Pensioner Concession Card
  • DVA Pensioner Concession Card
  • DVA Gold Card who receive the War Widow/er Pensioner or TPI Pension
  • Asylum Seekers with ImmiCard (electricity only)
  • Low Income Health Care Card
  • Ex-Carer Allowance Health Care Card

Currently, Foster Child Health Care Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Cardholders are not eligible for the Queensland electricity rebate.

If you hold one of the cards or statuses listed above, you must also be the energy account holder for your primary place of residence and either live alone or share your residence with (only):

  • Your spouse
  • People who are wholly dependent on you
  • People who do not pay rent but live with the cardholder to provide care and assistance
  • Other Services Australia, Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card, or Queensland Seniors Cardholders
  • Other Services Australia income support or families payment recipients who do not pay rent
  • Other DVA income support recipients who do not pay rent

How to Apply for the Qld Electricity & Reticulated Natural Gas Rebates

Application for the Queensland energy rebates is relatively easy.

You will need to contact either your gas retailer (for the reticulated gas rebate) and/or your electricity retailer (for the electricity rebate) directly. You can ask to apply for these energy rebates over the phone or request an application form be sent to you.

When you apply for these energy rebates you will need to be sure you have some personal information, copies of your energy bills, and your valid concession card to verify your eligibility.

Once you apply for the Queensland electricity or gas rebates, they will be automatically deducted from your energy bill if the application is successful.

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2. Queensland Electricity Asset Ownership Dividend

Wallet with money

If you’re a residential electricity account holder, and use less than 100MWh per year of electricity, you’re eligible to receive $50 every year in the form of an asset ownership dividend.

The electricity asset ownership dividend is thanks to the Queensland government’s Affordable Energy Plan and has been running since 2018.

This asset ownership dividend is automatically deducted from whichever electricity bill you receive after the date the assets are issued. In 2021, asset ownership dividends began to be credited after 13 August 2021, and residential customers in 2022 can expect to see it again later this year. You don’t need to do anything except be the holder of an active residential electricity account in Queensland.

You can find out whether the dividend has been applied to your bill by looking for the following message “Important – You’ve received the $50 Queensland Government asset ownership dividend as a credit on this account. For details visit ergon.com.au/dividend”.

3. Queensland Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession

The Queensland Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession is available to Queensland residents with qualifying medical conditions that are exacerbated by changes in temperature.

Eligible applicants can receive $340.85 per year to go towards medical heating or cooling ($85.22 per quarter) paid into your bank account.

Note: If you receive the Queensland Electricity Rebate or another energy concession, you are still able to apply for the medical cooling and heating concession.

Eligibility for the Qld Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession

The Queensland Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession is specifically designed for Queensland residents who require medical heating and cooling to prevent the worsening of a medical condition.

Qualifying medical conditions for the heating and cooling rebate include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Compromised mobility in extreme temperatures
  • Autonomic neuropathy or dysautonomia
  • Loss of skin integrity or sweating capacity
  • Hypersensitiveuty to extreme environmental temperatures which can increase pain, discomfort, or increase risk of complications

You must live in your primary place of residence, which must have air-conditioning or a heating unit in order to qualify. If multiple people with qualifying conditions live in the same group home with one electricity account, each qualifying person can apply separately.

In addition, either the applicant and/or legal guardian of a minor with a qualifying condition must:

  1. Hold either a Services Australia, DVA Pensioner Concession Card, or Services Australia Health Care Card and;
  2. Be financially responsible for paying the electricity bill

The Queensland Medical Cooling and Heating Concession needs to be reviewed every two years depending on your circumstances and whether your medical condition is permanent or temporary.

How to Apply for the Qld Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession

You and your medical specialist are required to fill out the Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession application form in order to be eligible for the concession.

You can download and print the Medical Cooling and Heating application PDF online, or

Once you and your medical specialist have completed the application form, you will need to return it by post to the address listed on the top of the application.

4. Queensland Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme is a one-off Emergency Assistance Payment available to Queensland households experiencing a sudden financial crisis that results in trouble paying their energy bills.

Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme applicants can receive up to $720 every two years.

Eligibility for the Qld Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

Energy bill

In order to qualify for the Queensland Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme you must:

  • Be a concession cardholder, or
  • Have an income equal to or less than the Australian Government’s maximum income rate for part-age pensioners, or
  • Be part of a payment plan or hardship program through your energy provider

In addition, you will need to either be experiencing a sudden and substantial decrease in household income or sudden high expenses on essential items. Certain situations, such as decreases in income that started over 12 months ago, purchases of appliances, school expenses, or ongoing hardship (ie: income below the cost of living) are not eligible.

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How to Apply for the Qld Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme

Application for the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme is a three-step process.

  1. Contact your energy provider, who will assess your eligibility and give you an application number necessary to complete the online application
  2. Complete the online application form using your application number
  3. Your application will be assessed and your energy provider will receive the one-off payment directly if successful

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