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Red Energy review

If you're thinking about switching to a new energy provider in Australia, our Red Energy review can help. As one of the largest energy providers in the country, and backed by renewable energy generator Snowy Hydro, Red Energy offers electricity and gas plans with incentives and benefits for everyone. Find out if Red Energy is a good energy company with our Red Energy review below. 

Review of Red Energy Plans

Red Energy plans are a little different compared to most other energy providers.

Unboxed Energy

All Red Energy plans available within a certain distribution network come with the same electricity and gas rates. The only difference is the additional benefits or incentives you can get with your Red Energy plan.

These are the Red Energy plans available for electricity and gas. You can click on the plan name to jump directly to a summary of that Red Energy plan.

Below, you will find a table showing which Red Energy plans are available in each state.

Red Energy Plans by State

Living Energy Saver

Qantas Red Saver

Red EV Saver

Red Taronga Flex

Red Solar Saver

New South Wales     
South Australia     

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Red Energy is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

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Red Energy

Red Energy is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

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Looking for a more in-depth review of Red Energy plans? Keep reading below.

Red Energy Living Energy Saver

Red Energy Living Energy Saver is a simple electricity and gas plan that comes with great rates.

Living Energy Saver doesn’t offer many additional incentives but does come with flexible billing and payment choices, an ongoing contract with no exit fees. In addition, you can earn additional Red Energy rewards with your electricity or gas plan, and Red Energy promises to match every unit of energy you consume with electricity generated from a renewable source.

Qantas Red Saver Plan

Qantas members can earn bonus Qantas Points when they sign up for the Qantas Red Saver plan.

Get 5,000 Qantas Points when you sign up for Red Energy gas, or 10,000 bonus Qantas Points when you sign up for Red Energy electricity, as well as 2 points for every $1 on your Red Energy bill when you pay on time. In addition, Qantas Red Saver offers flexible billing and payment options and is on an ongoing contract with no exit fees.

Red Taronga Flex

Customers in New South Wales can get unlimited, 365 days at the Taronga Zoo for one adult and kids with a Zoo Friends Family Flex annual membership, which includes discounts on Taronga Zoo food and drinks, and Zoo Shops, with Red Taronga Flex for electricity and gas.

Red Taronga Flex comes with no contract term and no exit fees, and you have the option of eBilling or paper bills as well as flexible payment options.

In addition, all energy consumed on your Red Taronga Flex plan is guaranteed with a renewable matching promise which will match your energy consumption with electricity from renewable sources.

Red Solar Saver

Solar panel

Solar energy customers in New South Wales can get a higher feed-in tariff with Red Solar Saver.

Rather than the standard 6c/kWh Red Energy electricity customers get with the other Red Energy plans, Red Solar Saver gives households with solar panels an increased 18c/kWh for the first 5kWh of solar energy exported back to the grid.

Red Solar Saver also includes a renewable energy promise. Every unit of energy consumed will be matched by electricity from a renewable source. In addition, Red Solar Saver doesn’t include a contract term and has no exit fees so you’re free to leave at any time, as well as flexible billing and payment methods.

Red EV Saver

Electric vehicle owners can benefit from free electricity use between 12pm and 2pm on Saturday & Sunday with Red EV Saver.

Red EV Saver is available to electric vehicle owners with a smart meter. There’s no contract term for Red EV Saver and you’re free to leave at any time with $0 exit fees. Red EV Saver comes with flexible billing and payment options and is matched by Red Energy’s renewable matching promise.

Red Energy Solar Review

Red Energy has a solar feed-in tariff available for households with solar panels in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. Currently, there is no Red Energy solar FiT available in the ACT.

Red Energy has a standard feed-in tariff available to all solar energy households, as well as an increased solar FiT for households in New South Wales on their Red Solar Saver plan.

It’s important to note that solar feed-in tariffs are decreasing across the country, but Red Energy still offers one of the higher standard feed-in tariffs in New South Wales and Queensland.

Below, you will find a table of the available Red Energy solar feed-in tariffs for your state.

Red Energy Feed-in Tariff by State


Red Energy Feed-in Tariff

New South Wales6c/kWh
Red Solar FiT: 18c/kWh first 5kWh exported
Queensland11.5c/kWh first 5kWh exported
South Australia3c/kWh

Valid March 2022


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Red Energy is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

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Red Energy

Red Energy is Among the Cheapest Energy Providers in Australia!

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Red Energy Reviews from Customers

Like most energy providers, our research of Red Energy reviews show mixed results.

Out of the 838 Red Energy reviews on ProductReview, 587 were one star, giving the energy provider 1.9 out of five stars total.

On TrustPilot, there are only four Red Energy Reviews, which give the energy provider 3.2 out of 5 stars. However, 75% of those Red Energy reviews are 1-star.

Jim, of Sydney, NSW says in their verified 5-star Red Energy Review:

Have been with red energy for approximately 6 months now and haven't had any issues. Never had to wait long to call them and all my requests were dealt with in a timely manner. Being renewable and Australian owned is a massive thing for me so this is a great company to support. Most companies are foreign owned in Aus!
Only request is that they develop and app like other companies so you can manage bills, view usage ect.
Definitely recommend

Customers frequently cite the following reasons for their 5-star Red Energy reviews:


  • Red Energy is 100% Australia owned and operated
  • The only Red Energy call centre is located in Melbourne
  • Red Energy rates tend to be some of the cheapest
  • Red Energy customer service is easy to deal with

However, some there are also some reasons why customers leave a 1-star Red Energy Review:

  • Red Energy sign-up tactics can be misleading
  • Difficulty contacting Red Energy customer service
  • Billing and connection issues

Chris Andriawan in Sydney says in their verified 1-star Red Energy review:

I have requested that my gas and electricity bills to be terminated since I moved house; however, only electricity bills that are terminated. Red Energy just gave me bills for extra 9 days in which I have already moved out, which means they asked me to pay another tenant bill. Thank you very much Red Energy for your professionalism and 'good' service. I hope you learn from the mistake and improve your service in the future.


Red Energy Verdict: Is Red Energy Any Good?

In our Red Energy review, the energy provider shows to be a reliable choice when switching to a new electricity and gas plan.

Red Energy Review: Pros

  • Incentives and benefits no matter your interest or lifestyle
  • Ongoing contracts and $0 exit fee
  • Owned by renewable energy generator Snowy Hydro
  • Renewable matching promise at no extra cost
  • One of the highest FiT in NSW and Qld
  • 100% Australian-owned and operated

Red Energy Review: Cons

  • Premium solar FiT only available in NSW
  • All Red Energy rates are the same across plans
  • Snowy Hydro still operates gas power generation
  • Solar FiT not available in the ACT
  • Difficulty getting in contact with Red Energy
  • No longer sells solar panels

Overall, Red Energy is a long-standing, 100% Australian energy company backed by a major renewable energy generator, making it a safe choice for any Australian household.

Red Energy offers energy plans and rewards to help Australia transition to renewable energy such as their renewable matching promise, solar feed-in tariff, and electric vehicle plan. However, Red Energy isn’t as green as it claims, as Snowy Hydro is still operating, and in the process of expanding & building, gas-powered generators. There are much greener energy providers in the country.

When comparing and switching to a new energy provider, it’s important to consider many factors to find the best energy company for you. Comparison services like Selectra can help, and you can find guides for all your energy needs below.

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