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Organise Your Energy Connection When Moving House

energy connection when moving house

Most of the time, we avoid dealing with our energy provider like the plague. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is if you’re moving house you’ll need to let them know to avoid paying for your energy connection at your old house, and ensure you have an energy connection at your new home. The good news? It’s a simple process to relocate your energy services to a new address, regardless of whether you want to stick with your current energy company or switch to a new one. For everything you need to know about relocating your energy services and organising your move, keep reading below.

Relocating with your energy plan

If you’re happy with your current energy provider, and they provide electricity and/or gas to your new address, relocating your energy service is a simple process. All you need to do is go to your energy provider’s website, or give them a call, and let them know when you’re moving and where you’re moving to.

Some energy providers can offer same-day or next-day connections if necessary (usually accompanied with additional connection fees), but most need at least a weeks’ notice. It’s best to organise your move with your energy provider as early as possible, to ensure you have everything set up the day of your move.

Switching energy providers when moving house

Moving house is the perfect time to compare energy plans and find a cheaper and better deal for your new house. Whether you need to switch energy providers because your current provider doesn’t retail to your new address, or you just want to shop around for a better deal it’s a simple and straightforward process.

 Contact your current energy provider, and inform them that you want to cancel your current energy contract on a specific date. It’s best if you set this date for the day after you move, so you’re not left without electricity or gas on moving day. You will continue to receive your energy supply until then.

 Compare energy plans and find a new provider. You can usually either sign up for a new energy plan either online or over the phone. When you sign up, you’ll be asked if you’re moving to a new address (which you are), and what your move-in date is. When you move in, you should have your energy all set up and ready to go.

Energy plans for frequent movers and renters

If you’re someone who moves house frequently, such as someone who rents their house, you probably don’t want to worry about connection and disconnection fees every time. The good news is that there are a few energy providers that offer energy plans for frequent movers, depending on where you live.

Lumo Energy Movers

Available in Victoria and South Australia, Lumo Energy Movers waives your standard connection and disconnection fees when you move house for electricity and gas. With Lumo Energy Movers, there is no contract term for gas or electricity, and no exit fees if you need to cancel your service.

Lumo Energy Movers electricity
  Victoria South Australia
Discount off the reference price 11% discount 2% discount
Daily supply charge 105.589c / day 115.808c / day
Usage rates 18.61c / kWh 34.045c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,130 / year $1,785 / year

Source: Lumo Energy. Victoria rates are based on 4000kWh per year on a single rate tariff within Citipower distribution network. South Australia rates are based on 4000kWh per year on a single rate tariff within SA Power Network. Actual costs may vary.

Lumo Energy Movers gas
  Victoria South Australia
Daily supply charge 84.689c / day 106.4c / day
Usage rates 1.921c to 2.178c / MJ 3.841c to 2.057c / MJ
Estimated annual cost $1,282 / year $1,712 / year

Source: Lumo Energy. Victoria rates are based on 49MJ per day within AGN Central distribution network. South Australia rates are based on 49MJ per day within AGN Metro distribution network. Actual costs may vary.

Momentum Regular Movers

Momentum Energy has one movers plan available in Victoria which waives standard connection fees when you move into a new house, and offers flexible billing and payment options.

Momentum Energy Regular Moves in Victoria
  Regular Movers electricity Regular Movers gas
Discount off the reference price 2% discount N / A
Daily supply charge 107.636c / day 87.12c / day
Usage rates 21.175c / kWh 2.86c to 1.87c / MJ
Estimated annual cost $1,240 / year $1,429 / year

Source: Momentum Energy. Electricity rates based on 4000kWh per year on a single rate tariff within Citipower distribution network. Gas rates based on 50,000MJ per year within AGN Central distribution network

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Gas and electricity connection and disconnection fees

When moving to a new house, there are often connection and disconnection fees you will need to pay. Unfortunately, it is not your energy provider that sets these fees but rather your energy distributor. Energy distributors are the ones who actually get your electricity and gas to your house, and set these fees which are passed on from your energy provider to you.

You can find your electricity and gas distributors on your most recent energy bills, with connection and disconnection fees varying depending on who your distributor is. Connection and disconnection fees can be as little as under $10, up to $80.

Electricity connection and disconnection fees
Electricity distribution network Standard electricity connection / disconnection fee
Ausgrid $12.24
Endeavour $41.58
Essential Energy $19.29
Energex $11.58
Ergon Energy N/A
EvoEnergy $86.21
SA Power Networks $50.05
Citipower $41.33
Powercor $63.87
Ausnet Services $21.48
Jemena $63.73
United Energy $53.12
Western Power $31.10
Natural gas connection and disconnection fees
Gas distribution network Standard gas connection / disconnection fee
Jemena $16.28
Australian Gas Networks Albury $13.86
Australian Gas Networks Murray Valley $13.86
Australian Gas Networks (NSW) $55.67
Central Ranges Tamworth $51.66
Australian Gas Networks (QLD) $12.10
APT Allgas $23.88
Australian Gas Networks (SA) $11.88
EvoEnergy $18.92
Multinet $7.35
Australian Gas Networks ( VIC Metro) $10.12
Australian Gas Networks ( VIC Non-Metro) $13.86
Australian Gas Networks Mildura $11.88
Ausnet Services $10.16
Atco Gas Australia $20.71

New connections For new builds, you will need to organise an electricity and/or gas connection to the property. Often, there are upfront costs associated with new connections, outside of standard connection fees. These might vary depending on the work needed to connect your new build to the grid.

Energy connection when moving interstate

The energy market in Australia is a bit complicated, with some states allowing for full retail contestability (meaning you are free to choose your energy provider and plan) and other states having a regulated and/or non-contestable market (meaning you are not able to choose your energy provider). If you live in a state or territory that allows you to switch energy providers, moving to a state where you cannot choose might come as a bit of a shock while likewise, moving somewhere where you suddenly have choices can be overwhelming.

 New South Wales: Full retail contestability for both electricity and gas

 ACT: Full retail contestability for both electricity and gas, however the market is regulated and there are not as many energy providers to choose from in the territory

 Victoria: Full retail contestability for both electricity and gas

 Queensland: Full retail contestability for electricity and gas in South-East Queensland, however regional Queensland residents have their energy supplied by Ergon Energy

 South Australia: Full retail contestability for electricity and gas

 Western Australia: Retail contestability for natural gas, but electricity is regulated

 Tasmania: Technically there is full retail contestability for electricity and gas, however the only two energy providers in Tasmania are Aurora Energy and 1st Energy

 Northern Territory: Technically deregulated, but with limited choice in energy providers

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