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Energy Locals

Energy Locals is a new player in the Australian energy market, offering carbon neutral energy and renewable energy projects to customers in VIctoria, Queensland, NSW, the ACT, and South Australia. Here you can find information on how to contact Energy Locals, including phone numbers, email addresses, information on how to pay a bill, and Energy Locals social media.

Call Energy Locals: Phone Numbers and Hours Available

Energy Locals, headquartered in Victoria, has phone numbers for all the states and territories it services, as well as a general 1300 number you can call. Energy Locals is available from 8:30am to 6:30pm during the week.

Energy Locals Customer Service Phone Numbers
Location Phone Number
General 1300 693 637
Queensland (07) 4079 4016
NSW & ACT (02) 8294 2302
South Australia (08) 7078 8082


In Case of Emergency or Power Outage

In case of life-threatening emergency, dial emergency services 000

Customers of Energy Locals who experience power outage, accidental disconnection, fallen electrical wires, or other non-threatening emergencies should call their local energy distributor. You can find out who your local energy distributor is on your energy bill, or online.

Energy Locals Email and Postal Address

The Energy Locals Customer Service can be emailed at All postal mail can be sent to Energy Locals headquarters in Victoria:

Energy Locals
132 Cremorne Street
Richmond, VIC 3121

Pay a Bill with Energy Locals

Energy Locals recommends direct debit for paying your energy bill, as customers can choose to pay smaller increments monthly, or fortnightly, to avoid bill shock. Customers can set up direct debit from a bank account online. For customers interested in setting up direct debit with a debit or credit card, call the Energy Locals helpline using your state’s Energy Locals number.

In addition to direct debit, Energy Locals offers a pay online now feature in order to pay your bill using a valid credit card and customer account number.

Energy Locals also allows customers to pay using BPay. Energy Locals uses different biller codes depending on the type of customer. In addition to the biller code, you will need your reference number, which is your account number plus a check digit, located on your Energy Locals invoice.

Energy Locals BPAY Biller Codes
Customer Type Biller Code
Normal Customers 260364
SAVPP Customers without Tesla Powerwall 260364
SAVPP Customers with Tesla Powerwall 301879
Tesla Energy Plan Customers 301879


Subscribe to an Energy Locals Electricity Plan

Customers interested in subscribing to Energy Locals can do so online. For a full guide on electricity plans available through Energy Locals, visit Selectra's Energy Locals guide. When signing up online, customers will be asked to provide valid identification for a credit check to prove eligibility.

How to Contact Energy Locals to Move House

Energy Locals can help you move house with same-day connections available weekdays if you sign up before 11am. New customers can indicate their connection day and new address when signing up online while existing customers can book their move online or, for urgent same-day or next-day connections, by phone at 1300 693 637.

Customers in every state serviced by Energy Locals, except Queensland, do not need to be home when connecting to a new address. Customers in Queensland, however, are required to be home as Queensland distributor, Energex, does a full visual inspection of the property prior to connecting.

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