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Compare Energy Providers: EnergyAustralia vs AGL

AGL and EnergyAustralia, along with Origin Energy, are known as The Big Three energy providers in Australia, taking up around 65% of the total energy retail market share in the country. When it comes to these big-name energy providers, it can be difficult to see what exactly the difference is between them, however, when it comes to everything from where they sell electricity and gas, to rates and plans, solar offers, and customer satisfaction, there is a lot to consider and compare. If you are considering EnergyAustralia or AGL, and want to know more about these energy providers, continue reading below or find any of Selectra’s energy comparison guides to help you make a better and more informed decision when switching energy providers.

EnergyAustralia vs AGL: Where do they retail?

Your choice in energy provider might be more or less limited depending on where you live in Australia. If you’re considering a switch to AGL or EnergyAustralia, it’s important to first check to see if they’re actually available in your state, for the fuel type you want. Here, you can find out where these energy providers retail both gas and electricity.

Where do EnergyAustralia and AGL retail?
  EnergyAustralia AGL
  Electricity Gas Electricity Gas
New South Wales        
South Australia        
Western Australia        
Northern Territory        

AGL vs EnergyAustralia plans and offers

No two energy providers offer the same gas and electricity plans, and AGL and EnergyAustralia are no different. When it comes to the type of discount, additional incentives, fixed or flexible rates, and benefit period, AGL and EnergyAustralia offer a number of different options for you to choose from.

AGL gas and electricity plans

There are four electricity and gas plans available in Australia through AGL. All AGL plans come with flexible billing and payment options, a 12 month benefit period, and new customers can get a $50 bill credit per fuel type when they sign up.

AGL electricity and gas plans
AGL plan name AGL plan description
AGL Essentials Get a total discount with fixed rates for 12 months
AGL Essentials Saver Variable rates on a simple home energy plan
AGL Solar A smaller discount off the reference price with a higher solar feed-in-tariff
AGL Electric Vehicle Plan Exclusive for EV owners. Get discounted energy rates and additional credits (up to $480 over two years) to help save while charging your car

EnergyAustralia electricity and gas plans

In addition to their Default Market Offer, EnergyAustralia has two discounted energy plans. All of EnergyAustralia’s electricity and gas plans come with flexible billing and payment options, 100% carbon-neutral offset at no extra cost, and a $25 bill credit for each fuel type when you sign up.

Origin Energy gas and electricity plans
EnergyAustralia plan name EnergyAustralia plan description
Basic Home The Default Market Offer with no discount
No Frills Simple, low, rates for 12 months
Total Plan A total discount off your energy bill with fixed rates for 12 months

On by EnergyAustralia On by EnergyAustralia is a new, innovative, service currently in trial stages in parts of Australia. On by EnergyAustralia is testing offers that include solar energy options, prepaid electricity, and electric vehicle plans, so if you’re someone who wants more from your energy provider check and see if On by EnergyAustralia is currently available in your state.

EnergyAustralia rates vs AGL rates

Saving money on your energy bills is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to choosing your energy provider. Finding the cheapest electricity or gas rates, with the biggest discount, can help lower your energy bill by hundreds of dollars. Here, you can find a comparison of EnergyAustralia rates and AGL rates, for their cheapest electricity plans. Discounts and estimated costs are based on the reference price for each capital city distribution network. Find more information about the Default Market Offer and the reference price here.

Compare cheapest electricity plans with Origin Energy and AGL
  AGL Essentials EnergyAustralia
Total Plan
New South Wales 17% discount
$1,214 / year
16% discount
$1,213 / year
ACT N / A $1,162 / year
Victoria 11% discount
$1,264 / year
11% discount
$1,263 / year
Queensland 12% discount
$1,327 / year
13% discount
$1,312 / year
South Australia 14% discount
$1,576 / year
6% discount
$1,721 / year

EnergyAustralia vs AGL: Solar plans and feed-in-tariffs

While EnergyAustralia currently does not offer solar panel installation, AGL can help you start to invest in solar energy. If you already have solar panels, or choose to have a solar PV system installed by a third-party Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer, you might be interested to see how EnergyAustralia and AGL compare when it comes to their solar feed-in-tariffs. Below you can find the different solar feed-in-tariffs for both providers.

EnergyAustralia solar feed-in-tariffs
Feed-in-tariff before 1 Feb 2021 9.5c / kWh 9.5c / kWh 12c / kWh 8.5c / kWh 10.5c / kWh
Feed-in-tariff from 1 Feb 2021 9.5c / kWh 9.5c / kWh 10.2c / kWh 8.5c / kWh 10.5c / kWh
AGL solar feed-in-tariff
Basic FiT 9.5c / kWh 10.2c / kWh 8c / kWh 12.4c / kWh
Solar Savers FiT 17c / kWh N / A 15c / kWh 16c / kWh

AGL vs EnergyAustralia review

Want a more in-depth review? Read Selectra’s review of AGL and review of EnergyAustralia for more information about each energy provider.

There are a lot of factors, outside of cost, that can influence your decision to switch to a new energy provider. Here is a summarized comparison of EnergyAustralia and AGL, including customer reviews and satisfaction, customer service, and green energy ratings.

AGL vs EnergyAustralia
  EnergyAustralia AGL
Green Electricity Guide Rating 3 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5 stars and “Most Improved”
Average wait time for customer calls (2019-20) 101 seconds 34 seconds
Calls answered within 30 seconds (2019-20) 66% 80%
Customer complaints (2019-20) total number and percentage of customers 17,806 complaints
2% of total customers
41,703 complaints
3% of total customers
Average customer review (various sources on the web) 2.8 out of 5 stars 1.5 out of 5 stars
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