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AGL vs EnergyAustralia: Which is Better, Cheaper?

Person comparing AGL and EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia and AGL are two of the biggest energy providers in Australia and members of "The Big 3". Together their services cover around 38% of the energy market in Australia, but are they any good? – What is the difference between AGL and EnergyAustralia? We answer these questions, and more, below. Read on to compare rates, plans, prices and customer service.

Where Do They Operate? EnergyAustralia vs AGL

As you know, depending on where you live in Australia you will have access to some services and not others.

Thanks to their massive size, these two companies operate in the majority of locations across Australia with some exceptions.

For example, AGL does not operate in ACT, Tasmania or the Northern Territory. Likewise, EnergyAustralia lacks operations in Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Here's a table that shows where AGL & EnergyAustralia operate to help you get a clearer picture of which services are available in your area.

Where Do EnergyAustralia And AGL Retail?
  EnergyAustralia AGL
  Electricity Gas Electricity Gas
New South Wales        
South Australia        
Western Australia        
Northern Territory        

AGL vs EnergyAustralia Plans and Offers

As we mentioned above, your location will determine what services are available to you through each company.

Some plans may not be available in your area, such as gas plans through EnergyAustralia being unavailable in Queensland.

However, you are sure to be able to get service through one of these companies if you live in the more populous regions of Australia.

In the sections below, we detail the types of plans and tariffs available through EnergyAustralia and AGL.

If you prefer to jump directly into the differences in pricing of AGL vs EnergyAustralia plans, you can skip ahead to the next section where we compare their 2 cheapest electricity and gas plans.

AGL Gas and Electricity Plans

AGL has three standard energy plans you can choose from and 1 solar feed-in tariff.

AGL's cheapest plan on offer is the Super Saver plan.

As not every plan is available in each state remember to check above and see what offers are available for your location.

Here is a full list of AGL's Energy Plans:

AGL Energy Plans
AGL Energy plan name AGL Energy plan description
Flexible Saver Low, variable rates with an ongoing benefit period with flexible billing methods
Go Variable Variable rates on a 12-month benefit period with a discount off the reference price
Super Saver Fixed rates for 12 months with the biggest discount available. E-billing required
Solar Saver No discount off the reference price but a higher solar feed-in tariff

EnergyAustralia Electricity and Gas Plans

EnergyAustralia also has three standard energy plans and 1 feed-in tariff. Like AGL, not every plan is available in each state.

If you are looking for the cheapest electricity plan, your best bet is to go with the EnergyAustralia Total Plan.

You can see a full list of Energy Australia plan offerings in the table below:

EnergyAustralia Plans
EnergyAustralia plan name EnergyAustralia plan description
Basic Home The default market offer with no discounts, benefit period, or exit fees
No Frills Get simple, low rates for 12 months
Total Plan The biggest discount off the reference price, with a guaranteed discount on your total energy bill
Basic Feed-in Tariff This is a standard-rate feed-in tariff offering little over the minimum value.

EnergyAustralia vs AGL: Which One is Cheaper?

Now that you have had a look at where each company operates and the different plan offerings, let's take a look at which company comes out to be cheaper when comparing energy plans.

For our price comparison of AGL vs Energy Australia, we decided to separate the tariffs between electricity and gas to offer a clearer picture for those who might only have access to one fuel type.

Below, you can find the cheapest electricity plans for AGL and EnergyAustralia, which includes the annual cost and the discount off the reference price

AGL vs EnergyAustralia Electricity Prices
State AGL
Super Saver
Total Plan
New South Wales 18% discount
$1,142 / year
16% discount
$1,170 / year
ACT N/A $1,910 / year
Victoria 13% discount
$1,105 / year
13% discount
$1,105 / year
Queensland 18% discount
$1,193 / year
14% discount
$1,251 / year
South Australia 6% discount
$1,610 / year
6% discount
$1,613 / year

Source: AGL and EnergyAustralia websites. Valid July 2021. Discounts and annual cost based on the reference price and average usage from each capital city. Comparison does not include all offers available.

  • Who Has The Cheapest Electricity?
  • In New South Wales, AGL's electricity is cheaper than Energy Australia's
  • In ACT, AGL doesn't offer electricity, so Energy Australia is the only option.
  • In Victoria, AGL & Energy Australia offer the same price for electricity.
  • In Queensland, AGL offers cheaper electricity than Energy Australia.
  • In South Australia, AGL's electricity plan is slightly cheaper than Energy Australia's

Compare Gas Prices: AGL vs EnergyAustralia

Below we have compared the cheapest gas plans from EnergyAustralia and AGL to find out which company offers the better deal.

Compare EnergyAustralia and AGL gas prices
State & average usage AGL
Super Saver
Total Plan
New South Wales
18,542Mj / year
$739 / year $730 / year
38,544Mj / year
N / A $1,360 / year
58,035Mj / year
$1,260 / year $1,260 / year
7,154Mj / year
$550 / year N / A
South Australia
10,987Mj / year
$710 / year $750 / year
Western Australia
(Plan: Set & Forget)
4,015Mj / year
$360 / year N / A

Source: AGL and EnergyAustralia websites. Valid July 2021. Estimated annual cost is based on the Basic Plan Information Document for each capital city in each available state or territory. Discounts and annual cost based on the Basic Plan Information Document. Comparison does not include all offers available.

  • Who Has The Cheapest Gas?
  • In New South Wales, Energy Australia offers cheaper gas than AGL.
  • In ACT, AGL doesn't offer gas. only Energy Australia is available.
  • In Victoria, AGL & Energy Australia offer the same price for gas.
  • In Queensland, Energy Australia doesn't offer gas. AGL is available.
  • In South Australia, AGL offers cheaper gas than Energy Australia.
  • In Western Australia, Energy Australia doesn't offer gas. AGL is available.

AGL vs EnergyAustralia: Solar Feed-in Tariffs

If you’re planning on investing in solar energy, or you’ve already had solar panels installed on your home, you'll want to take a look at the solar feed-in tariffs available through AGL & Energy Australia.

AGL is an end-to-end solar retailer and Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer, and offers a solar-specific electricity plan with a higher feed-in tariff to customers in New South Wales and South Australia. This means you can purchase, install, and receive an FiT deal all through AGL.

EnergyAustralia, however, does not currently offer solar installation, and only offers a standard single-rate solar feed-in tariff.

Heres a table showing the solar feed-in tariffs available through AGL and EnergyAustralia.

Compare Solar Feed-in Tariffs: EnergyAustralia vs AGL Energy (c/kWh)
  NSW ACT Vic Qld SA
AGL Solar Savers FiT 17c N / A N / A N / A 16c
AGL Basic FiT 7c N / A 6.7c 6c 8c
EnergyAustralia Basic FiT 9.5c 9.5c 10.2c 8.5c 10.5c

Valid July 2021.

When comparing solar FiT, it’s important to remember that energy companies will often offer a higher solar FiT in exchange for a lower (or no) discount off the reference price. For customers with smaller solar PV systems, it might be better to choose the higher discount, even if it means a lower feed-in tariff.

Which is Better: AGL or EnergyAustralia?

Choosing between AGL and EnergyAustralia really comes down to what it is you’re looking for in an energy plan and provider.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest electricity, best gas plan, good customer service, or something else, both AGL and EnergyAustralia offer something for every household.

If price is your deciding factor, AGL electricity is cheaper in all the states it operates, unless you live in Victoria, where you will find that both companies offer the same price for gas and electricity. In terms of gas, AGL was cheaper in all states except for in NSW.

Therefore, in terms of price, you have a better chance of saving money with AGL. However, price shouldn't be your only deciding factor for switching.

AGL clearly beats out Energy Australia in terms of customer service. According to the AER market report which tracks customer service and complaints, AGL has an average call wait time of only 34 seconds. That means you can expect to wait on hold with EnergyAustralia for more than a minute longer on average.

AGL also has a very low number of complaints with only 3% of customers filing complaints. However, when looking at the total amount of customer complaints, EnergyAustralia wins out as they only had 17,806 customers complain vs 41,703 customer complaints received by AGL.

If you are basing your decision on green energy, both companies rank fairly low as is reflected in their Greenpeace ratings and offer the exact same amount of Green Power options. However, AGL does offer better variety for solar feed-in tariffs with higher payout rates as well as options for purchasing solar panels.

Here's a table showing an overall summary of AGL vs EnergyAustralia:

EnergyAustralia vs AGL
  EnergyAustralia AGL
GreenPeace Green Electricity Guide Rating 2018 1.35 / 10 1.2 / 10
Average wait time for customer calls* 101 seconds 34 seconds
Calls answered within 30 seconds* 66% 80%
Customer complaints: Total number and percentage of customers* 17,806 complaints
2% of total customers
41,703 complaints
3% of total customers
GreenPower percentages 10%, 20% or 100% 10%, 20% or 100%
Solar energy Solar panels: No
Solar FiT: Yes
Solar panels: Yes
Solar FiT: Yes

*Source: AER Retail Market Report 2019-2020

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