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Compare Energy Providers: Origin Energy vs Simply Energy

Origin Energy and Simply Energy are two of the biggest energy providers in Australia. If you’re thinking about switching energy providers, you might be curious to know how different energy providers compare to each other. Here, you can find a comparison of Origin Energy and Simply Energy, and quickly see the difference in rates, plans, and offers from each energy provider. To read more about these two energy providers, continue below.

Origin Energy vs Simply Energy: Where do they retail?

Energy providers don’t necessarily sell their electricity and gas in every Australian state, so it’s important to check and make sure the energy provider you want to switch to is available where you live. Simply Energy and Origin Energy don’t all retail in the same states so keep reading below to find out where Simply Energy and Origin Energy retail in Australia and what fuel types are available.

Where do Simply Energy and Origin Energy retail?
  Simply Energy Origin Energy
  Electricity Gas Electricity Gas
New South Wales        
South Australia        
Western Australia        
Northern Territory        

Origin Energy vs Simply Energy plans and offers

Energy providers often offer multiple energy plans, with different incentives and discounts. Choosing the best energy plan for you depends on a number of factors, which not only includes cost but other incentives such as solar feed-in-tariff for solar PV users, rewards and membership programs, and flexibility in billing and payment options.

Origin Energy electricity and gas plans

Origin Energy has five available electricity and gas plans in Australia, some of which have eligibility requirements or are not available in every state. Below you will find a summary of all Origin Energy electricity and gas plans available in Australia.

Origin Energy electricity and gas plans
Origin Energy plan name Origin Energy plan description
Origin Go Get a simple discount off the reference price and earn Everyday Rewards
Origin Flexi Flexible billing and payment methods in addition to discounted energy rates
Origin Home Support + Origin Basic Gas Get 24/7 home support for one year with Allianz Global Network, which includes two home callouts of up to $300 each
Origin Solar Boost Get a higher solar feed-in-tariff with electricity rates the same as the reference price
Origin Solar Boost Plus For customers who purchased their solar PV system through Origin Energy - some of the highest solar feed-in-tariffs on the market

Simply Energy electricity and gas plans

Simply Energy offers a number of electricity and gas plans to customers in Australia, though not every plan is available in every state and some require additional eligibility requirements such as membership to rewards programs. Here you can find a summary of each Simply Energy plan available, to help you make a better decision if Simply Energy is right for you.

Simply Energy electricity and gas plans
Simply Energy plan name Simply Energy plan description
Simply NRMA NRMA members receive better rates and a high discount off the reference price
Simply Energy Saver Guaranteed discount on a simple energy plan
Simply Blue Get free NRMA membership for 12 months
Simply Movies Get 2,000 Village Vrewards points every month, when you switch
Simply RAA RAA members receive better rates and a high discount off the reference price

Origin Energy rates vs Simply Energy rates

While choosing your next energy provider often includes looking at several factors it can’t be denied that cost, and finding the cheapest energy provider, is one of the most important.

Find a complete review of Origin Energy rates and Simply Energy rates, including daily supply and usage charges, to help you make the best informed decision about your energy provider with Selectra

Here you can find a comparison of Simply Energy and Origin Energy’s cheapest energy offers, for their basic plan without eligibility requirements. Discounts and estimated annual cost based on the reference price for each capital city distribution network. Find more information about the Default Market Offer and reference price here.

Compare cheapest electricity plans with Origin Energy and Simply Energy
  Origin Energy
Origin Go
Simply Energy
Simply Energy Saver
New South Wales 17% discount
$1,199 / year
20% discount
$1,151 / year
ACT $967 / year N / A
Victoria 14% discount
$1,221 / year
16% discount
$1,192 / year
Queensland 16% discount
$1,252 / year
20% discount
$1,206 / year
South Australia 13% discount
$1,576 / year
14% discount
$1,574 / year

Simply Energy vs Origin Energy solar energy and solar plans

Whether you already have solar panels, or are interested in investing in solar energy, choosing an energy provider that can help you make the most of your solar PV system is important.

 Origin Energy offers end-to-end solar solutions to residential customers, as a registered Clean Energy Council approved Solar Retailer. Customers can purchase their solar PV system through Origin Energy, or bring their own, and get access to above-market solar feed-in-tariffs

 Simply Energy partners with Clean Energy Council approved solar installers, so customers can invest in solar energy. In addition, Simply Energy offers one solar feed-in-tariff across their energy plans in each state

Origin Energy has three possible solar feed-in-tariffs available, depending on your electricity plan. While all their plans offer the basic solar FiT, in addition to any other incentives or discounts, both their Solar Boost and Solar Boost Plus electricity plans do not come with a discount off the reference price, but do offer some of the biggest solar feed-in-tariffs on the market.

Origin Energy solar feed-in-tariffs
Basic FiT 7c / kWh 7c / kWh 10.2c / kWh 6c / kWh 8c / kWh
Solar Boost FiT 12c / kWh 11c / kWh 14c / kWh 9c / kWh 13c / kWh
Solar Boost Plus FiT* 22c / kWh 20c / kWh 20c / kWh 18c / kWh 21c / kWh

*Solar Boost Plus is only available to customers who purchase their solar PV system through Origin Energy

Unlike Origin Energy, Simply Energy does not have solar energy electricity plans available for those with solar PV systems. Instead, they offer one feed-in-tariff to all customers in a state, no matter which plan they choose.

Simply Energy solar feed-in-tariffs
Solar FiT 8c / kWh 10.2c / kWh 10c / kWh 10c / kWh

Origin Energy vs Simply Energy review

Find Selectra’s Review of Origin Energy and Simply Energy Review for a full breakdown of each energy provider.

In addition to things such as electricity and gas plans, rates, and solar offers, it can be helpful to look at other parameters when choosing your energy provider. Here is a summarized review of how Origin Energy compares to Simply Energy.

Simply Energy vs Origin Energy
  Simply Energy Origin Energy
Green Electricity Guide Rating 2 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5 stars
Average wait time for customer calls (2019-20) 35 seconds 145 seconds
Calls answered within 30 seconds (2019-20) 82% 53%
Customer complaints (2019-20) total number and percentage of customers 9,876 complaints
7% of total customers
26,598 complaints
1% of total customers
Average customer review (various sources on the web) 1.4 out of 5 stars 1.4 out of 5 stars
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