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Lebara Mobile: International Offers, Contact and How to Subscribe

Lebara, a prepaid mobile service provider in Australia, offers several mobile services to its customers. Lebara positions itself as an international mobile service provider, connecting families separated across the globe with aims to have over one billion customers by 2020. Read more to find out if Lebara is a good choice for you among all of Australia's mobile phone and broadband providers

Overview of Lebara

Lebara was first founded in 2001 as a way to keep families separated across the world in contact with each other, and is currently headquartered in London, England. In 2009, Lebara expanded to Australia under Vodafone’s infrastructure.

In 2016, Lebara sold it’s Australian branch to Vodafone. Lebara also operates in many major European countries including Spain, France, and the United Kingdom, as well as many Middle Eastern countries.

Lebara Network Coverage

Lebara is an MVNO under Vodafone and has the same coverage as Vodafone. Vodafone currently covers approximately 96% of the population in Australia with plans to expand and improve coverage in major cities over the next three months.

Mobile Offers from Lebara

Lebara is a mobile-only telecommunications provider and offers a wide variety of short and long term mobile phone and data plans to suit all customer’s needs.

30-Day Lebara Mobile Plans

Lebara offers a range of 30-day mobile phone plans, all of which come with unlimited standard national talk and text, with no lock-in contract and the ability to bring-your-own number. Lebara also offers data banking and data gifting:

  1. With data banking, any unused data is stored for future use, up to 200 additional GB.
  2. With data gifting, Lebara customers can send up to 2GB of data to another Lebara customer, up to five times per month. 30-day plans start at 3GB / month for $14.90, which includes 300 international minutes to select countries, as well as $3 international credit towards other countries.

The largest data plan comes with 78GB / month, for $69.90, and includes unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited international talk to 60 countries, and $15 additional international credit to talk and text other countries. Lebara customers can also choose a standard PAYG plan (with 365-day expiry) starting at $10 / month, where customers are charged for each MB, minute of talk, or text, used.

Lebara often has recharge bonuses including extra data or additional data bank GB, so make sure to check term conditions when signing up for a new Lebara plan

Long Term Lebara Prepaid Mobile Plans

Customers who may prefer a 6-month or one-year plan can choose one of Lebara’s long-term mobile phone plans. Customers can choose between 180 or 365-day plans, which automatically reload the same amount of data every month after you pay the initial payment. All long term plans come with unlimited national standard talk and text, with no lock-in contract.

Long-term mobile phone plans start at $135 for 6GB every month for 6 months and include unlimited talk and text to 20 countries as well as $5 additional credit to other countries for talk and text.

Lebara’s long-term plans go up to a one-year plan, which includes 22GB of data every month, for an initial payment of $420 and include unlimited talk and text to 45 countries and an additional $10 credit to other countries. Long-term plans also come with data banking and data gifting.

Unused data gets stored into the customer’s data bank for future use, up to 200GB, which customers can use themselves or gift in 2GB increments to other Lebara customers, up to five times a month.

Add-Ons for Your Mobile Lebara Plan

If you run out of data, Lebara has additional data and international call add-ons for a small fee. Lebara customers can send an SMS to 126172 to add additional data or international minutes to their mobile phone plan.

Lebara Add-Ons
  Small Medium Large International Call Pack
Price $5.00 $10.00 $25.00 $5.00
Add-On 1GB / month 3GB / month 10GB / month $6 additional international call credit

Mobile Broadband from Lebara

Lebara offers three data-only mobile broadband plans for customers to use in their tablets or wifi dongles. Plans range from one-month to three-month expiry and include data banking of up to 200 additional GB of unused data. All mobile broadband SIMs come with no lock-in contracts.

Lebara Mobile Broadband Plans
  Small Medium Large
Data 15 GB / month 30 GB / two months 40 GB / three months
Price $20 / month $35 / two months $45 / three months

International Roaming with Lebara

Lebara has two choices for international roaming plans to multiple countries worldwide. These international roaming plans are available to the top 50 destinations and come without a lock-in contract.

  Economy Roaming First Class Roaming
Price $15.00 $50.00
Data 500MB 2GB
Expiry 2-day expiry 5-day expiry
Standard Talk Minutes 15 minutes 90 minutes
SMS / MMS 50 SMS / MMS 200 SMS / MMS

How To Sign Up to Lebara

Customers can sign up to Lebara online to have a SIM card sent to their house or go to any number of shops including Woolworths, Coles, and WHSmith.

Once a customer receives their SIM card, they can activate their data plan online. In order to activate their SIM card online, customers will need to provide valid identification, which can include information such as their date of birth, and any additional prepaid mobile plans they already have.

Depending on how many prepaid phone numbers a customer has, they may need to provide additional information in order to activate their new SIM card. For more details about Australia’s laws regarding prepaid mobile phones and identification, go to the ACMA website.

How To Cancel a Lebara Service

Customers looking to leave Lebara can contact Lebara customer service for assistance. If a customer would like to port their number to a new service, their account will be automatically terminated once the number has finished porting. Any remaining balance on a customer’s Lebara account will not be refunded.

Contact Lebara Customer Service

Lebara customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, and weekends 9 am to 6 pm Sydney time, except on the 16th of November when hours may differ. Customers of Lebara can call 12 61 22 from their Lebara phone for free, or 1300 126 122 from any other fixed-line or mobile phone. Overseas customers can call +61 28622 6500 to reach Lebara customer service.

Customers who prefer to email Lebara can do so at

Recharge a Lebara Prepaid ServiceCustomers who need to recharge their Lebara prepaid mobile service can do so online

Reviews of Lebara

Lebara customer reviews are generally mixed. Customers like the fact that Lebara offers great international calling plans but cites that customer service is not always the most helpful.