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Nectr Energy Electricity Reviews, Plans & Rates, and Contact Information

Green energy

Nectr is one of the newest Australian energy retailers on the market, serving customers in New South Wales and South-East Queensland, while offering competitive and green energy plans backed by global solar energy company Hanwha Group. Discover more about Nectr’s energy plans, find out how to sign up to Nectr, and information about contacting Nectr, by reading more below.

Nectr energy offers

Nectr first started retailing energy to residents in New South Wales and has recently expanded into South-East Queensland. Nectr promises simple sign-up when joining their company, with zero hidden or exit fees, local Australian-based customer support, a technology-focused customer experience, and no disruption to your energy supply.

Nectr Friends Clean or Nectr GreenPower?

Nectr has two available plans to residents of New South Wales and South-East Queensland. While both Nectr Friends Clean and Nectr Greenpower offer 100% carbon neutral energy, with fixed electricity rates for 12 months, and monthly billing, Nectr Friends Clean offers a steeper discount, while Nectr GreenPower offers 100% included GreenPower credits.

Nectr energy plans
  Nectr Friends Clean Nectr GreenPower
Rates type Fixed rates for 12 months Fixed rates for 12 months
Billing period Monthly billing Monthly billing
Payment types Direct debit or recurring credit/debit card Direct debit or recurring credit/debit card
New customer bonus $100 credit on your second bill
+ $50 credit if you sign up using a Refer a Friend link from an existing Nectr customer
$100 credit on your second bill
+ $50 credit if you sign up using a Refer a Friend link from an existing Nectr customer

Nectr electricity rates for NSW and QLD

Nectr utilizes technology to offer a personalized quote to customers. Simply plug in your address, and based on your meter type and historical market information, Nectr shows you your monthly and annual rates based on the average energy usage in the area. As such, prices below are estimates and may differ depending on your location, meter, and tariff.

Nectr electricity rates in South-East Queensland
  Nectr Friends Clean Nectr Greenpower
Discount off the reference price 17% discount 4% discount
Daily supply charge 96.69c / day 99.99c / day
Usage rates 19.47c / kWh 23.65c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,149 / year $1,353 / year

*Rates valid for postcode 4000 within Energex distribution network on a single-rate tariff. Estimated annual cost based on average usage of 4,600kWh/year. Valid July 2020.

Nectr electricity rates in New South Wales
  Nectr Friends Clean Nectr Greenpower
Discount off the reference price 20% discount 8% discount
Daily supply charge 99.99c / day 99.99c / day
Usage rates 20.57c / kWh 25.30c / kWh
Estimated annual cost $1,067 / year $1,252 / year

*Rates valid for postcode 2000 within Ausgrid distribution network on a single-rate tariff. Estimated annual cost based on average usage of 3,900kWh/year. Valid July 2020.

Currently, Nectr does not offer a feed-in-tariff to solar PV customers, but plans to include a feed-in-tariff for its customers in the future. Customers who are interested in green energy but can’t or haven’t yet incorporated solar PV systems into their home might find Nectr a better choice than other green energy suppliers who might charge more for their daily usage and supply rates while offsetting those higher rates with higher feed-in-tariffs.

Overview of Nectr

Nectr is one of the newest green energy retail companies to enter the Australian market. First founded in 2019, with retail operations beginning in early 2020, Nectr aims to bring competitive rates and a strong green energy focus to the Australian energy market. Nectr is currently available to customers in New South Wales and, more recently, South-East Queensland.

Nectr is the retail arm of Hanwha Group, a South-Korean based solar energy manufacturer with strong solar energy investment in Australia. Hanwha Group already has a strong presence in Australia, with multiple solar farm investments in Queensland and Victoria, and plans to expand into Wagga Wagga with a 47MW solar farm. In addition, Hanwha Q Cells, Hanwha Energy, and Hanwha Energy Retail already play in the Australian market.

Nectr has a strong focus on diversity within its company. Hannah Heath, Chief Strategy Officer for the company, was awarded the Clean Energy Council’s 2020 Women in Renewables Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) scholarship in February.

Solar panels

Nectr electricity and green energy

Nectr is backed by South Korean-based solar and renewable energy company Hanwha Group, and has big plans for renewable energy solutions in the near future. Hanwha Energy Australia has already co-invested in two operational solar farms in Victoria and Queensland and is currently in the process of constructing two new solar farms in New South Wales with enough generating capacity to supply energy to 50,000 homes. In addition, Nectr is in the process of launching a solar PV experience to customers with the intention of installing a Virtual Power Plant with P2P energy sharing

Sign up with Nectr

Customers can easily sign up to a Nectr energy plan online. When signing up you will need to provide your personal details including name and address, date of birth, and a form of identification which can be a:

  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Medicare card

In addition, you will need to nominate a direct debit account or credit card for monthly payments.

Move home with NectrNectr currently does not offer a dedicated way to move house with them. If you’re moving and wish to keep your Nectr account, contact Nectr customer service by phone, email, or post.

Cancel your energy plan with Nectr

In order to cancel your Nectr plan, you will need to contact Nectr customer service by phone, email, or in writing. As in all cases with energy contracts, you have the right to cancel your energy agreement within 10 business days of signing or receiving a copy of the agreement with your energy retailer. In addition, Nectr has no exit fees when it comes to cancelling your plan with them, You just need to send in a Nectr Cancellation Notice or if you’re switching to a different energy provider, your new provider will cancel your current agreement with Nectr on your behalf.

Contact Nectr customer service

Nectr offers multiple ways for customers to contact customer service including email, phone, and by post. Customers should contact Nectr customer service for any issues or questions they might have including moving home, billing enquiries, and cancellations.

Nectr energy contact information
Contact method How to contact
Post PO Box 1957
North Sydney
NSW 2059
Phone 1300 111 211
Solar enquiries

Pay your Nectr energy bill

Nectr bills come out monthly, to help you avoid bill shock. Because of this, Nectr only accepts direct debit or credit for bill payments, which is set up when you sign up for a Nectr energy plan. If you wish to change your direct debit or credit account, you will need to get in touch with Nectr by phone or email.

If you need to stop or defer a direct debit payment, or make any changes, Nectr requires a 7 working day notice by phone or email before the direct debit is due. For any cancellations or deferment of a direct debit charge, you will need to arrange an alternative payment method.

Nectr electricity review

As one of the newest small energy retailers on the Australian market, Nectr does not yet have many customer reviews. However, TrustPilot customers a 4 out of 5 star rating, with 88% of customers giving Nectr a 5-star review and not a single review under 4 stars. Customers love Nectr because of their 100% renewable energy plan which comes at more competitive rates than other energy retailers. In addition, customers say that signing up to Nectr was “incredibly easy to switch to” and Nectr customer service is responsive and easy to get in touch with.