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Before we go anywhere, let's get on the same page. Bright Spark is a company for EV owners. However, this doesn't mean that you can't sign up for their plans without an EV. Read on to learn what Bright Spark offers in terms of plans & rates and what customers think of Bright Spark Power services. 

NOTE: After reaching out to Bright Spark Power contact team, they told us they are not taking new electricity customers at this time. If you are interested in learning more about Bright Spark Power future electricity plans, we recommend you contact them through the contact information below.

Who is Bright Spark Power?

Bright Spark is a 100% Australian-owned power company for EV owners in New South Wales & Queensland.

Bright Spark Power is another of the new providers in the Australian energy market and, like many of them, has decided to focus its brand on a specialized product: EV charging.

Of course, they also provide home electricity plans that Bright Spark bundles with their EV charging services to offer their customers the full service.

Bright Spark Power offer the following EV charging installations:

  • Home solar EV chargers
  • Home electric car charger installation
  • Apartment car space EV charger installs
  • EV charging for business

Bright Spark Power Bundle: If you are a Bright Spark Power electricity customer, you can get your home EV charger + the installation for $1450.

Bright Spark Power claims to be green-oriented and wants to eventually source most of their electricity from renewable sources. They aim to source 50% of their electricity from sustainable energy 5 years from now and 100% in 10 years.

What We Like About Bright Spark Power

Many of the current retailers in the Australian market try to cater to every type of customer, but that is not the case with Bright Spark Power. Although they offer electricity plans that anyone can sign up for, but they are primarily oriented towards EV owners.

We like that Bright Spark Power has a very clear idea of who their target audience is, and if you are looking for an electricity provider that will offer curated services for EV owners (or anyone interested in purchasing an EV) you will feel right at home on their website.

We also appreciate that Bright Spark Power is 100% committed to provide sustainable power and, even if we are sceptical about them being able to reach their goals in 10 years while maintaining cheap rates, it is still a step in the right direction.

Lastly, we value when small providers like Bright Spark Power manage to offer competitive rates (which they do), as this brings a breath of fresh air to the Australian energy market.

Is Bright Spark Power Right for Me?

Bright Spark Power’s brand is oriented to electric vehicle owners, but people without an EV can benefit from their plans as well.

This is a list of the different advantages and disadvantages you will find with Bright Spark Power:

Bright Spark Power - Pros & Cons
 Cheap rates  Only NSW gets time-of-use off-peak rates
 Efficient & professional EV-charging service  Only available in 2 states
 Familiar customer service  Does not yet provide gas yet


Bright Spark Power offers simple, straightforward and sustainable electricity plans together with a range of EV-charging installation and EV management services. If you are the kind of person looking for a new provider that is capable of offering fair rates while also taking care of your EV needs, then Bright Spark should be a strong candidate for you.


Our Verdict on Bright Spark Power: Bright Spark Power is one of the strongest options to go for in NSW and QLD. They are one of the few small providers capable of competing with the “Big 3” (Origin Energy, AGL & Energy Australia) and tier 2 retailers (Powershop, Powerclub...). They are 100% Australian-owned and offer a very interesting range of EV-charging services. They are also a brand committed to offering sustainable energy and directing their growth towards providing both cheap and sustainable electricity.

Bright Spark Power Reviews

This is how customers rate Bright Spark across some of the most popular review sites as of July 2022:

Tas Gas Reviews
Review Site Score Number of Reviews
Google Reviews 4.8 / 5 22 5 / 5 3
Trustpilot 5 / 5 2

Negative comments about Bright Spark Power's are almost nonexistent. Most Bright Spark Power reviews speak about their cheaper rates compared to other providers and praise their EV installation team and customer support. 

We took a look around the web to find you some of the most relevant customer reviews on Bright Spark Power:

In this verified 5-star Tas Gas review from Graeme Davy, we can read the following:

After being with the same power company for 40 years in Albury, NSW, I decided to change Energy providers as fees with the old company had increased. Changing was surprisingly simple and hassle-free. Being able to talk to an Aussie at Bright Spark Power within 2-3 rings is an exception these days. I am extremely happy with my bill and look forward to many years with Bright Spark Power.

A common trend in Bright Spark Power customers is that they decided to switch to them after their previous company significantly increased their bill charges. This is a recurrent scenario, and given the ongoing energy crisis, many people are on the lookout for new providers that can offer the rates that they once enjoyed with their previous retailer.

Here is another example of a verified 5-star Tas Gas review from Grahame Smith addressing the same issue:

I went looking for better rates on my electricity costs because the company I was with was charging me 98 cents a Kw, then I saw all the other costs, daily supply charge etc. I chose bright Spark because they had the best rates I could find on the market. I live alone, since my move to Bright Spark my power bills have dropped dramatically, and I can afford to buy other things that I "need".

One of the main challenges for the newer, small providers is to develop positive feedback early on that can compel new users to trust in their services. This also applies to Bright Spark Power from what we have seen. However, we encourage you to delve deeper into more reviews and feedback from previous customers and share your thoughts on Bright Spark with us.

Bright Spark Power Plans & Rates

NOTE: Currently, Bright Spark plans cannot be accessed through their website or Energy Made Easy. If you want specific information about Bright Spark offerings and plans, we encourage you to reach them directly by calling their contact number. With that being said, treat the information below historically.

Bright Spark Power only provides one market offer in both NSW and QLD. The offer is pretty straightforward and it's named “Aussie Flat Rate”.

The plan has peak and off-peak rates, but Bright Spark Power ensures a 19-hour off-peak period plus full off-peak on weekends in New South Wales. This means that you should choose carefully when you use your more power-hungry appliances because they will cost less to use​​​​​​​ during off-peak hours.

Bright Spark Power plans also are fixed-rate with no connection fees, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t find unexpected bill hikes. Also, they have no connection or disconnection fees, so you won't get charged for signing up or switching companies.

On top of that, the Bright Spark Power plan includes a “Best Rate Guarantee” policy whereby if the market offer is reduced to a lower rate, those new rates will be automatically applied to your plan as well.

Bright Spark Power Contact Information

Did we mention Bright Spark is 100% Australian-owned? 

As such, the Bright Spark Power contact team is 100% based in Australia and is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. However, you can email Bright Spark Power during off-hours to request a callback.

Here's how you can contact Bright Spark Power:

Bright Spark Power also has a contact service oriented to non-English speakers and people with hearing difficulties: