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Powerclub: Wholesale Energy, Powerclub App, Contact, Reviews

Powerclub, a new player in the Australian NEM field, takes an innovative approach to retailing energy by offering customers wholesale electricity prices for a membership fee. By blending technology and wholesale energy, Powerclub helps give consumers the power to control their electricity. Read more below to discover all Powerclub can offer, or find out if another Australian energy provider is a better choice. 

Overview of Powerclub

Powerclub joined the Australian NEM in 2017 and offers a different approach to electricity retail. Through an innovative membership programme, customers have access to wholesale electricity pricing.

Powerclub aims to bring together the energy and digital worlds in order to help customers really understand how they are using their energy and where the money is going.

Powerclub Electricity and Solar Offers

Powerclub is all about wholesale pricing delivered to the customer, whether it’s through their Powerclub electricity plan, or their solar feed-in tariffs. With an annual membership programme, Powerclub is able to give their customers the best pricing available.

Powerclub: How Does it Work?

Powerclub is able to deliver wholesale electricity prices to its customers through a membership programme of $39 annually. To ensure customers don't get caught off guard if, and when, wholesale prices spike, Powerclub has also designed a number of safety nets so customers can avoid bill shock.

  • Powerbank: At sign-up, customers deposit a certain amount of money into their Powerbank which is used when prices spike so customers are never hit with bill shock at the end of a billing cycle. The amount deposited depends on your location and daily energy usage, and Powerclub helps you to calculate how much you should deposit at sign-up.
  • Powerwatch: Powerclub's app is designed to alert consumers when wholesale electricity prices are high, so customers can act to reduce energy consumption to avoid price spikes. This helps ensure customers don’t deplete their Powerbank funds and avoid bill shock later on.

Powerclub assures customers the money in their Powerbank is theirs, and if a customer chooses to cancel their Powerclub service, their Powerbank funds will be refunded back.

Powerclub Tariff Options

Powerclub’s service is available on a flat rate tariff (Powerclub Flat) or time-of-use tariff (Powerclub Flex). Powerclub Flex requires either a smart meter or a standard meter which supports time-of-use tariffs. Powerclub recommends a smart meter, however, as this allows their app to best suggest ways to reduce energy consumption during a wholesale price spike. All Powerclub members have no exit fees and are free to leave at any time.

Solar Energy and Feed-in-Tariff with Powerclub

Powerclub offers a standard feed-in-tariff to solar energy customers, which varies depending on the location. However, in keeping in line with their wholesale promise, at the end of the year, Powerclub reviews the wholesale energy value of your solar exports. Usually, the wholesale value is more than the FiT you received and they will pay you back the difference.

In addition, when wholesale prices spike, Powerwatch alerts customers so they can reduce their electricity usage and sell more solar energy back into the grid for the premium wholesale price.

For customers on the Government Premium FiT, Powerclub will continue to honour the tariff rate in addition to their standard rate.

Powerclub App: Powerwatch

Powerwatch is Powerclub’s app to help monitor energy usage, as well as the wholesale price of electricity. When prices spike, Powerwatch alerts you so you can reduce your usage and save more money. If you have a solar energy system, this can also allow you to sell more solar power back into the grid and earn more per kWh. The Powerwatch app is available to all Powerclub customers on the App Store and Google Play.

Contact Powerclub

Powerclub customer service is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Customers can call Powerclub at 1300 294 459. Powerclub is also available by email or post:

Level 2
696 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

How to Subscribe to Powerclub

New customers interested in Powerclub’s wholesale pricing scheme can sign up online. When signing up, customers can indicate if they have solar panels and batteries, or a controlled load and then choose the plan they want (Flat or Flex). After, customers will be prompted to choose their Powerbank deposit, depending on where they live and how big their household is.

Once their deposit is chosen, customers will then be asked to put in their standard details and identification. Customers may be subject to a credit check to ensure eligibility.

Looking to Change Your Provider?

Cooling Off PeriodIn Australia, energy customers are entitled to a 10-day cooling-off period. After signing up for a new energy plan, customers get 10 business days to cancel their new plan at any time for any reason, without penalty.

Existing customers looking to move house with Powerclub, or cancel their existing Powerclub membership, can do so by contacting Powerclub directly. Powerclub is available between 9am and 5pm weekdays by phone, email, or post.

To contact Powerclub to move or cancel, customers can call 1300 294 459, email or send their request by post to:

Level 2
696 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

How to Pay Your Powerclub Bill

Powerclub members can pay their Powerclub bills and membership fees through direct debit. When you sign up for Powershop, you will be requested to provide bank account or card details and fill out a direct debit form.

Reviews of Powerclub

Due to their relative newness in the Australian electricity market, Powerclub does not have many customer reviews available. The only available reviews of Powerclub at the moment are through Google, and those are overwhelmingly positive. Customers cite the fact that they’ve saved money through Powershop, as well as their helpful customer service.